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Jun 2, 2022
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Zumiez Apk Download

Youve been asking us to trade our app! … So we did! Now we want your assist to make it yours. The more you operate it and supply comments, the more it evolves to be custom to what you want to see! And you could nonetheless benefit get entry to to The Zumiez Stash rewards you could’t get anywhere else, however now you may additionally shop the first-rate manufacturers and merchandise we know you love.

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As constantly, as a member of The Zumiez Stash, you’ll gain get right of entry to to extraordinary one-of-a-type rewards, limited version merchandise, and as soon as-in-a-lifetime experiences from your preferred Zumiez manufacturers. Log in and start getting points for doing the belongings you already do with Zumiez; shopping in-save or on-line, answering a laugh questions and surveys, attending Zumiez activities, interacting with Zumiez everywhere, and extra!

* Shop a custom designed feed of manufacturers and merchandise just for you
* Redeem and get right of entry to rewards we realize you’ll love
* Easily manipulate your factors
* Help us hold to conform the app: via reacting to merchandise and rewards, answering questions and with the aid of sending comments.
* Scan and input receipts for factors
* Quick get entry to to zumiez.Com, our consumer care group, find a keep and search jobs
* If you’re nonetheless studying this you should come work with us


40 comments on "Zumiez Apk Download"

  1. Witt Sutcliff says:

    I cant select any of the rewards other than the first 3. Its been happening for a while now and I figured i had bad signal or something. Nope, my signal is fine, the app isn’t working properly. Please fix asap. I want to get that Zion board.

  2. Maridith Cadena says:

    This app is logical and has an easy flow to it. Every button and menu was well placed and thought out. I’m not a fan of shopping apps, but this one is the bomb-diggity! And no skater can afford to miss out on these rewards!

  3. Banbridge Dorothee says:

    Well, I first wish I could even access the app. Every single time I even try to sign up and enter my phone number, the app crashes. Thats it, cant do anything but have the app crash for me so far.

  4. Jenaya Dayner says:

    I don’t really know what to say for the app. I just started going to the store because my children want to buy Thrasher sweatshirt and hoodies. I think they are kind of expensive however the champion stuff in the store is reasonable. you have to do a lot of clicking to see it a bunch of points and I don’t think the reward is anything special good luck everyone

  5. Jenee Fleur says:

    It’s aiight. Not exactly user friendly. A bit of a disconnect between the store experience and the app. Points should be used for user choice, shoppable merch. Not what the app decides is available.

  6. Dwyane Nellie says:

    nice app! only problem is when im looking on the website the page keeps jumping so its pretty dam impossible to look at stuff & if you want to order something it doesnt give you the tax amount youll be paying. zumies app needs some updates

  7. Kalyn Derrian says:

    Love Zumiez, but the app simply won’t work at all on Pixel phones. App asks to log in, which I do, then gets sent to the screen of doom. It goes to the loading screen, then never loads. Both mine and my boyfriend’s phone have experienced this problem. I’d really like to be able to see my points and rewards without needing to buy an apple phone.

  8. Mylo Aelita says:

    I give this app 1 star because I cant even get into it. Every time I would try making my account it would say the app has stopped. I tried again and it said the account has been made already so I tried logging in instead but it still says the app has stopped working or something.

  9. Moss Hamnet says:

    The app will not allow you to log in at all. I’ve tried all three ways and at different times, even reset and cleared the cache on my device. The app is unfortunately broken or something, I love Zumiez otherwise tho.

  10. Bearn Daryll says:

    App immediately crashed as soon as I tried to login. Based on other reviews, it seems that the same problem happens over and over, meaning that Zumiez doesn’t support their own apps and programs. Don’t even bother. To devs: PLEASE FIX!!!

  11. Britiney Aefre says:

    the was running well for me never had any kinds of problems with it, until I just recently went on vacation, I decided to check my app and it logged me out and I’ve tried logging back it countless times and it wont let me, it just continually says “invalid login credentials”, I’m really annoyed now because I recently made a big purchase at a store and now I have no way of accessing my points

  12. Karia Lynelle says:

    Love shopping the stash, but Everytime I am going through the pages they start jumping so bad that I can’t even look at a single item or page for more then a second maybe 2 if I’m lucky. It’s very frustrating.

  13. Erna Aydon says:

    Not Quite Sure I met some friends that are good at tricks I’m trying to learn but I can’t figure out my comfort position on how to jump the momentum on how to pop the board i think an 8.25 with those venture White and blue truck’s with Some riser’s the thinnest I might be able to get the hang of it everything else ight fasho

  14. Badan Celtic says:

    I like a lot of brands you can really only find in zumiez unless you shop online, figured this app would basically be like a store card with some additional functionality but its bad. Constantly having to log in whenever the rare occasion that the app has something to offer… who has time to remember Zumiez account information? Am I really worried someone is going to take my zumiez points? I’d rather just sign up for a loyalty program through the site cuz I feel like the app is a huge miss.

  15. Kassy Cort says:

    Won’t ever let me log in. I’ve desperatley now made over a handful of accounts trying to log in and I simply can’t no matter what I do. All I see is a loading screen after I KNOW I’ve typed the correct information in and I am never able to actually log into the app. Very very dissapointed. I love Zumiez as a store but I have to say I really hate the app bc of all the problems I’m having. I also noticed others are having same/similiar problems to me. Please take this into consideration.

  16. Dionne Suzy says:

    Major hassel just to setup an account, tells me my phone number is taken, my username isn’t valid, my street name is wrong, and on an on, when you finally get it done, it takes it upon itself to change your info anyways. Totally deleting this app. And probably never shop at Zumiez again.

  17. Janella Teressa says:

    What happened to all of my points? Shouldn’t they be linked to my phone number? I had around 15000 or so and now it’s down to 1025 (after watching the new video). Purchased a pair of shoes yesterday in-store, and the receipt has ‘already been used’, but no points show up. What’s going on here??

  18. Nikky Ludlow says:

    Update 04/09/2020: The app is again broken. Unable to log in. Have used correct password and have reset password with no success. Why keep adding features that dont work? Just fix the app so that I dont lose my points that I have saved up. The app is having issues since the last update.

  19. Darlina Beowulf says:

    Really disappointed with the design of this app. Overall, it is very hard to navigate, the menus are placed in wierd locations and there seems to be multiple versions of a settings page. When clicking on notification banners for the app, the app opens and immediately crashes or does not take you to the correct page. Now, I cannot get the app to open at all, it crashes countless times.

  20. Lucasta Marlenne says:

    The app was decent until the last 2 weeks or so. Every time I try to log on, it says that it isn’t working and closes. EVERY TIME. No matter what time of day/night. I’ve probably lost out on 70,000 + points connecting with the Stash and doing activities. The developers need to fix this.

  21. Nainoa Scott says:

    This app is stright up ASS. I have so many stash points saved but can’t log in. Rest my password 4 times and still no luck even with the recent update. Seriously zumies is a big company id think the app would function better BUT NO IT DOES NOT. This app Is stright ass even the a lot of the items you can redeem are WHACK. Only worth items to cop are the posters

  22. daf. says:

    Getting a bit better, but the app still crashes when you click on a notification. Really upsetting when I’m trying to join in on the livestreams to get points.

  23. Lee Torres says:

    This app is trash. When I try to submit my “in-store receipt” to my stash it’ll prompt me to a small screen informing me that someone has already claimed that receipt even after the purchase was made a few minutes ago. Why not have a QR code you can scan with the phone camera? I guess that would be too easy on everyone. Aside from being very glitchy, overall I try my best to avoid this garbage app because I knew it would be more of a headache. Also it runs in the background on your phone.

  24. anthony malcolm says:

    This is a amazing app but to me it has one down side if you have enough points for something most the time is sold out before you even get notified about the new reward you can get that’s even with the notifications on so basicly you have to be ine the app 24/7 to be able to get anything cool that you dont have to enter a contest for

  25. Lindsay Whorton says:

    Love getting the stash points. Also love the merchandise especially the sale items. Just wish that there were more items you could get for the stash points. And every time I find something I can afford they’re sold out faster than they can get on display. Love the donation match for points!! Definitely think hard towards that option! Thanks ZUMIEZ!

  26. L Zhang says:

    The new version is very buggy. It is very unpredictable, and sometimes the code redeemer icon doesn’t show up for a twitch stream.

  27. S Jackson says:

    Another 1 here. When I signed up my password was 6 letters. Now it says it has to be at least 7. Weird thing is I can log in with my 6 letter just fine on a computer, so now I can’t use the app because I can’t sign in. Because Zumiez is another one of those annoying apps where I can’t stay signed in or the ones that log u out every time it updates. I hate apps like that becssue I have to remember a zillion passwords & they never give u a hint to the complicated password requirements!😡

  28. Mctana Bunnag says:

    I made an account in the past, the app said error when I tried to recover password. Tried making a new account, wouldn’t let me create a new one. And you can’t even shop without logging in or creating an account. Fix the app so people can shop, especially on Cyber Monday. HORRIBLE

  29. kierin says:

    It could be more organized and I’m just saying this because I am a very organized person. It would be nice if I didn’t have to click on a button that takes me to the website to shop instead of shopping in the app. The buttons are confusing. Other than that; I mean, if they made these changes, it would be a 5 star from me. I love the “skatergirl” style and this is the perfect shop to shop at as well as to shop for skateboard decks!! I am trying to learn to skateboard.

  30. Bizzenson says:

    Not gonna lie, the app sucks. No categories tab? Also let us add a picture to our account. I kept getting an error when trying to update my shipping address details. I had to update my address thru the Zumiez website instead. I’m glad you guys have an app now but it needs some work. Almost there, you got this.

  31. Emmanuel Sevilla says:

    This app is trash, user interface is so difficult to use. Everytime you click on item to look at when hit back takes you all they way back to menu and got search everything all over again.

  32. capn deaneo says:

    Really disappointing. Literally only see two items for sale and no options to browse. Was really hoping to see skateboards and more clothing (etc) but only saw 1 hoodie and a pair of shoes. I don’t get it

  33. Joe B says:

    It shows a few select items and has zero navigational ability. You can’t even search for something that you want to buy.

  34. Karen Smith says:

    Can’t even get past the login screen. It comes up with a “failed” error message. Very disappointing.

  35. Ray Hicks says:

    HORRIBLE app! I deleted it immediately because it wouldn’t allow me to do anything until I either joined their reward program, or gave pre-existing account info… Why not just use the website then?

  36. Cesar Martinez says:

    You might as well just use the desk top version because that’s basically what this is. Don’t bother downloading until they make it user friendly.

  37. Samantha Carroll says:

    First time downloading this app to enter the back to school drawing and after installed it’s just a picture. There’s like no app to enter or go into it just pulls up a picture and that’s it? Super weird.

  38. Akira Miyuki 07 says:

    I can’t seem to sign in the app, I can sign in through the browser but the app is not letting me for some reason. I’ve resetted my password but still can’t sign in. This need to be fixed.

  39. David Junkins says:

    A marriage of outdated Magento and Drupal garbage. This thing is a total mess.

  40. wax shatter says:

    if yall are going to post things to the stashe that sell out in less than a week maybe remove them once they’re sold out? no reason to keep them up if nobody can get anymore of them? or, make more??? huh?

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