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May 11, 2022
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Wordly – unlimited word game Apk Download

Meet Wordly – the sensational word puzzle recreation is now to be had to your phone. Train your mind with a trending phrase puzzle project. We have advanced the classic sport and provide numerous modes:
1) Daily free phrase assignment. Guess a brand new phrase each day and compete with your friends in the variety of guesses. You can find out new words every day or play with previous dates.
2) Unlimited Wordly undertaking. No want to await a new day to wager the brand new phrase puzzles. Play a vast quantity of instances in a row and bet new words. We referred to as this mode «Random words». Guess random 4, 5, or 6 letter words.
three) Journey mode.

Wordly – unlimited word game Apk Mod

Pass all ranges and emerge as Wordly guru. Hundreds of phrases are looking ahead to you. Moreover, now you can pick the difficulty and play with four, 5, or 6 letter phrases

Wordly policies:
The policies are quite simple: the participant is given six attempts to bet a word. Any phrase have to be entered inside the pinnacle line.
If the letter is guessed correctly and is in the correct place, it will be highlighted in green, if the letter is inside the phrase, however within the wrong area, it is going to be yellow, and if the letter isn’t within the word, it’s going to remain gray.

Wordly functions:
1) Unlimited phrases to wager
2) Multilanguage (English, Spanish, French, Russian, Deutch, Portuguese, Indonesian)
3) Multiple recreation modes
4) Easy to begin. The recreation is much like Scrabble, crosswords, scramble and other phrase puzzles
five) Clear facts. Save your progress in each game and compete along with your friends.

The unique game changed into created via Briton Josh Wardle. At the stop of 2021, the puzzle received popularity on social networks and every day there are increasingly players around the arena.


40 comments on "Wordly – unlimited word game Apk Download"

  1. Christa D says:

    Love this little time waster. Ads are short and unobtrusive and I actually watch them. Quite a few options to keep it interesting. Also like that the results can be shared.

  2. Brad Kathrins says:

    UPDATED! They actually made a colorblind mode! It now gets 5 stars as promised! Most of these games have a colorblind mode. This one does not. The orange and green are basically indistinguishable from one another for those of us with red green deficiency. Would gladly increase the rating if this simple fix was added.

  3. Jack Dre says:

    If I fail to guess the correct answer I’m not told what it was. If I come away from the app during a puzzle it resets to an entirely different game. I have to watch an ad to try again, and users are expected to pay £4.30 A MONTH for an ad free experience. I think you guys have some work to do on this…

  4. Selena Pierini says:

    Very nice interface with a large selection of games, I really liked that they included most languages, it is very helpful since I am learning other languages ​​and with that option it is simple.

  5. Halil Ibrahim says:

    Someone else mentioned this, please give us the ability to hit enter when we have decided upon the word we want to try, automatically accepting it is frustrating, especially if I make a mistake, or I just hit a letter unintentionally, I end up losing a turn. Please please allow us to choose when we want to confirm the word! Otherwise it’s a great game!, Thanks.

  6. Lamz says:

    We can’t go back and see our previous games. Once a wordle is solved, you won’t see it again, which is a shame. Also, an added internal dictionary that show meanings of each words as they are solved would have been a great addition.

  7. ash ash says:

    seems fun, but ads after every game get very very very annoying, and whats worse, i cant even close the ads! i have to close the entire app to get back to the game! i dont know whats happening but it sucks and it makes me want to stop playing

  8. Priscilla Chastain says:

    Game is fun… Very close to actual Wordle. However, I have already come across a few words that were misspelled that made it difficult to figure out the answer because it was a non-existent word. There is also way too many ads, and I’m not paying a monthly subscription of $4 to remove them. Considering removing the app due to these issues, but other than that, the game is fun to play and helps pass time!

  9. L C says:

    It’s okay, the only things that infuriate me are the predictable ads (either Wolt, Glovo or PayPal) especially them appearing after every round, the invalid word prompt takes up half of the keyboard, and sometimes you can get hard answers that people with basic vocabularies won’t get. Other than that, there’s not much of a problem. 3 stars.

  10. Adeeba Nowshad says:

    It is a really good game. Time passing, fun, like the actual wordle etc. The only thing is that some words are just kinda different and hard to find which is kind of raging. But overall I really like the game.

  11. Jeff Grimes says:

    Good version that being red/green colour blind works well. My only complaint is the automatic checking of a word as soon as the last letter is entered so finger trouble causing the wrong letter to be entered wastes a turn. Please add an enter key to allow me to decide when I actually try a word.

  12. D M says:

    Buggy and Ad laden. The game gets stuck on the 10th March Daily Puzzle, which won’t progress to the next line. Maybe a one-off payment might tempt me but not a subscription when there are so many free Wordle games out there. Also, it’s way over priced. A failed guess doesn’t show the word like other Wordle games, seems a cynical way to earn Ad revenue. Do some market research.

  13. Julia Paschoal says:

    Hey! I love the game, but there’s a glitch in the daily March 10th puzzle. The fifth letter won’t appear, and I tried a lot over several days. I cleared cache, force-stopped, restarted my phone, and nothing. This doesn’t happen in any other game, daily challenge or otherwise. What’s up with that?

  14. Tanxil RockZz says:

    If I fail to guess the correct answer I’m not told what it was. If I come away from the app during a puzzle it resets to an entirely different game. I have to watch an ad to try again, and users are expected to pay £4.30 A MONTH for an ad free experience. I think you guys have some work to do on this…

  15. Jacqueline Bonell says:

    I would rate higher but am now sick of the amount of words that have too many options on the Journey, once you progress to over 40. Having got 4 letters right, picking through several final letters it could be is not a skill, eg PLO_S. It’s a game of chance that you happen to choose the right one before you run out of tries. Often answers are US slang words unfamiliar to UK. V bored with these words now and having to watch a 30 second video before I can resume. Please fix as otherwise good.

  16. סנדרה לוי says:

    Was pleased to have unltd. daily opportunities but now hsve wasted half a day to see whats missing on “hu-s”. Went through all possibilities in websters dictionary but found none. Very frustrating. Why not allow solution to come up after so many tries? Reading other reviews thought may be mistaken non-existent word

  17. Chris Pope says:

    I totally agree with the previous reviewers complaining about the ridiculous words. It’s neither fun nor challenging guessing possibly logical combinations of letters. (To prove the point my last three words were JIRDS, RUMEN and ARMIL. Is this really English?!) A shame as it would otherwise be a great game. The developers should change the list to words that are actually used, allowing repeated letters, rather than delving into the unknown outer reaches of the English vocabulary.

  18. Никита Иноземцев says:

    The game is bugged. I keep getting the same word multiple times in a row when solving the Daily Challenge for the past dates. The “Word does not exist” notification pops up repeatedly when you accidentally tap a few buttons or begin typing the new word without deleting the previous one, which is annoying. Random games often include strictly regional words, which are nice to learn but detrimental to the game experience. Other than that, I enjoy the game and would love to see those things fixed.

  19. Kippa Chee says:

    on correct guess, does not confirm or deny. will not show previous game or historical wins/losses. on fifth letter, does not wait for enter/submit.

  20. Trisha says:

    I’ve played it several times and tonight, for 1st time, I’ve had 2 non-existent words. You need better editors.

  21. wolfie xo says:

    Way too many ads and forcing you do watch ads/pay coins in case you don’t manage to complete a word. The greed here is disappointing

  22. Peter Gibson says:

    I’m enjoying it but wish I knew what I could do with these coins that I keep saving. Would also like an enter button after entering letters to avoid any mistaken words being entered.

  23. S says:

    6 letter words are obscure/ridiculous. There are plenty of common 6 letter words, why go for obscurity? Ex: aorist, jabiru, sayest, huckle. Also, ads — same ones over and over; when you open the app, before & after each puzzle = too much.

  24. Saeed Hasan says:

    It’s a very amazing app.this game is one of best game for my life.this game interface is look Assam. This game contain usefull subject. I am recommended this app.

  25. morteza hassanitabar says:

    This game has a good user interface and is beautifully designed.Awesome game to fill your leisure time.

  26. Jeremy Mathew says:

    The game is great with interesting modes and options. Ads are annoying, obviously. They could improve the game experience by avoiding placing plural form of words to find, or at least an option that does so. Also, please avoid placing words from other forms of English like Archaic English.

  27. Miti Vadhar says:

    See this game is really horrible….like playing wise it is good the idea is fine but to restart a level everytime you have to pay coins and you dont reveal the word either…like seriously and for the coins you have to watch ads…means wow you directly do a collab with the ads only no….why making games and making users angry. Also certain words are literally from nowhere😮‍💨

  28. Terence J. Colhoun says:

    So now we have 4, 5 or 6 letter puzzles. Perhaps you could explain how the 6 letter answer is OSTIA. You can’t even enter it as you have to enter 6 letters for it to be accepted.

  29. EROJE FAITH says:

    I downloaded this game because of an ad I watched and the game was meant to be a kind of fill in the gap game which would teach me how to use words better then I download it, open it and see that it’s a guess word game. Ads aren’t meant to be a medium to lie to people

  30. Terriona Laynette says:

    I’m very good at these games..when they make sense. I just guessed a word that I would’ve never even thought of…”Dika”. and that’s only after trying other options. Wth even is that?!? Like c’mon. At least use common words people actually say!! And why do I start the game with no coins? At least give 100 to start instead of forcing us to watch ads right off the bat. Other than that the concept is cool. The game is definitely challenging and I like that.

  31. Dom C says:

    Low effort ‘journey’ mode, often the words aren’t even defined on Google, this is the worst part, you’re left scratching your head like what??. You get a rough idea of where some letters are before you have to brute force your way to a win. Like there’s gotta be a better way to choose the words

  32. Женя Рудницкий says:

    I can’t guess these words even with 4 yellow and 1 green letter. Onery? This word is not even legit. In some dialect of US English you skip r in “ornery”(which is clothing). And some words are plural of 4 letter words like forks flies etc… Can we get normal words for rebuses.

  33. Thomas says:

    Not too many ads, and can skip them in seconds. Good game

  34. Maya says:

    I have learned a lot by playing this game. New words can be learned. And along with fun music, it makes studying better.

  35. Rabeya Hossain says:

    It will sharpen our brain more and more.Thanks to this game app creator.

  36. Sameera Jayasinghe says:

    Very good app.we can improve our english knowledge

  37. Heinz Thiem says:

    I think if you had more ads popping up and less time for me to play the game I would have liked it more. Please more ads I downloaded this game to watch ads.

  38. Sohanur Rahman says:

    Really good,makes me think and is very easy to pick up and just play one round for five minutes .Also the fact that there’s no hints is good as it means you have to just work at it until you figure it out…..

  39. Itsme Youknowwho says:

    Started off enjoying this game but then quickly lost appeal. Impossible to guess words that don’t exist! “DWINES” NO WAY! “Dwine” is a word…NOT DWINES! The other thing I dislike immensely about this game, THEY DON’T PROVIDE THE ANSWERS if you fail!?? Ex. “_USH”, only 6 tries. My first guess was “RUSH” but ‘R’ was not in the word. PUSH, BUSH, LUSH, MUSH, HUSH all wrong!!? WHY NOT PROVIDE THE ANSWERS OR HINTS??? I’m sure the answer was ANOTHER word that doesn’t exist! “QUSH”. Uninstalled

  40. RASHEL MIAH says:

    Amezing game for me, especially for Learning.

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