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May 13, 2022
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Wordling! Daily Word Challenge Apk Download

Wordling! Gives you a loose new word mission every day!

Train your brain, relax your thoughts and wager the precise word in this relaxing word game.

How to play?
• Every day youll get a new word to guess
• Choose the letters in the appropriate order to locate the hidden keyword
• Use the coloration of every letter as a touch to find the proper phrase!
• Guess the phrase in 6 attempts or less. Each bet have to be a valid phrase

The challenges are to be had in 3 one of a kind difficulties:
• four letter word challenges
• five letter phrase demanding situations
• 6 letter word demanding situations

Wordling! Features:
• Daily new word to wager in 3 extraordinary phrase lengths and problems
• Daily mind education: acquire letters and spell phrases on this phrase recreation
• Relaxing: get within the region at the same time as looking for the proper phrase
• Over a thousand Levels of day by day phrase puzzle
• Learn new phrases and educate your brain to turn out to be a phrase grasp
• Play the viral daily word puzzle recreation. Its a challenging phrase recreation for lovers of any phrase sport like crosswords, scramble and different phrase puzzles!
• Play OFFLINE or ONLINE – each time, anywhere.

Wordling! Daily Word Challenge Apk Mod 2022

Lovers of conventional phrase games like crosswords or anagrams will love this word hunt and spell vocabulary game. You can percentage your results together with your buddies and mission them to overcome you anyplace you’re! Become the Word Master and bet all the phrases.

Wordling! Is FREE to down load and FREE to play.


40 comments on "Wordling! Daily Word Challenge Apk Download"

  1. Wild Heart says:

    Hmmmm, is this THE Wordle, or just an imitation? I’d heard that the original is Web Based, not an App. That said, I quite like this, although I typed in a definite word “oaths,” which it wouldn’t let me use. Also, I hate Ads and would always happily pay a small fee to be rid of them, but there seems to be no option to do so. The annoyance (as it has done with so many other Apps, Scrabble, for instance) will eventually drive me away!

  2. Francine SF says:

    Good game. Not sure why “rode” and “wore” would be considered “invalid word” in the English version. That happened this morning with the Easy clue. Not sure 3 levels are needed, and the interruption of ads will become annoying quickly. I do like that I can go back to a previous day if I missed a day. Overall good take on the original.

  3. Jason O'Quinn says:

    Wordle, with a nearly identical interface, and same once-a-day limitation, but you can play it in six languages, three different word lengths (the “classic” 5 letters, “easy” 4, or “hard” 6), and can play previous challenges as well! All this, with only one small static ad at the bottom of the game screen. Well done!

  4. steve forsyth says:

    Not sure if this is the official Wordle or not. After downloading it shows up as Wordler..haha. But at any rate, looks and plays almost exactly the same. Love that they added more words you can do at any time, and the expansion to four and six letter words. Ironically the four letter is listed as easy but in my experience it’s much harder because you are eliminating less letters each guess. The six is easier.

  5. Carol A says:

    Similar to Wordle, but with more options such as easy, medium & hard word choices, and you can go back and play previous day’s words that you hadn’t already played. After completing a word, it throws an ad at you, but just one, and they aren’t terribly intrusive.

  6. Laurence Ashbridge says:

    Had to delete this game because of the stupid ads, especially the advert ribbon at the bottom of the screen, which is very intrusive. Also needed improvements. 1. have an ENGLISH version of English, not AMERICAN English. There is no such language as American English. 2. Ability to put in blank letters while trying to work out what the word is. And yes I did have the updated version.

  7. Hatchet Smith says:

    An ad after every. Single. Game. Some of these ads require you to click it three separate times to close it. On top of all of this, you have to pay to play more than one game per difficulty level. That’s three games maximum before you’re kicked out for 5.5 hours. The developers clearly designed a miserable game to play unless you pay. At that point, why not just charge $2 upfront at the app store?

  8. Liam Lauren says:

    Update: This was a 2 star app until they fixed the dictionary problem a month or so (?) ago. There are still a few small issues like British spelling sneaking in, but it is better. Not sure I like or agree with “easy” mode being 4 letter words… it may be easier to think of the words, but too many options make (wake rake take sake fake lake cake bake) it too easy to run out of guesses. I’ve missed 2 or 3 of the 4 letter words this way and have never missed a 6 letter word… 6 is the easy mode.

  9. Cyndi Rodgers says:

    Love the game, love the different levels and that you can play more than one a day. Don’t mind that there’s an ad after every word. I understand needing ads, though I’d rather just buy the app. However, they’ve gone from one 20-30 second ad that you then click out of to having to click multiple times, go to the install page and back and forth. It takes more time to get out of the ads than play the game. It just keeps getting longer and longer to deal with. Not worth my time, other options.

  10. Josh Vogel says:

    So I would currently rate it 3 stars, but I gave it a one due to a slur as an answer. They apologized and expressed their regret, and I couldn’t edit my old one, so am leaving this for balance. I love the different length options, but I can never navigate back to the menu when switching. I always end up having to close and relaunch. And since ads with loud audio start playing, I often can’t close out fast enough. Lose the audio and improve the navigation/,switching please.

  11. Stuart Allen says:

    I enjoy this game, almost identical to Wordle. Unfortunately for some reason today the app has frozen on loading after months of playing. Have tried deleting and reinstalling but to no avail. Help! Thank you for your quick response it’s working fine now. I just wish I had contacted you before I deleted and reinstalled as all my stats have gone, but hey ho will start again.

  12. Marjolein B says:

    I like the game and the 4,5,6 letter options, but the ads have become too interfering. Please make an option to automatically turn off sound on all ads. Since recently, it also gets stuck on a black screen after every ad, so I have to close the whole app and restart if I want to play another word.

  13. Danielle Fenton says:

    This game is amazing. Why it is not 5, is because, You can’t choose the difficulty, I’m just used to being able to chose the difficulty! But, if lots of other games have that, then it would be normal if this game could let you chose, but you can’t. And, I’m kinda worried because there is NO ads, mabey a few after days, or even weeks. But, I want them to make a bit of money! So, I am trying to find some stuff to buy, if you don’t have any, then please add some! Thank you!

  14. Marilyn Lehman says:

    Similar to Wordle, but you have a 4 letter word option and a 6 letter word option as well daily. With the addition of “infinity”, you can play as many times as you like. I really enjoy this app.

  15. Julie Sobutka says:

    best version. you can do past ones if you miss them, challenge your friends, and do different number of letter puzzles. it exceeds all the other versions by far, including wordle

  16. Marie Nagy says:

    As much as I like this worde imitation with extras occasionally it freezes and even restarting at later date I will not be able to play that particular game. Today it froze on the 5 letter word, though I was able to play the 4 and 6 letter quizzes just fine.

  17. Casey d says:

    Ahh, I really enjoyed this game but the newest appearance and format is so clunky and ugly. It looks like the beta version of the game. The keyboard is smaller and there are more steps to get to the actual gameplay. Plus, it just looks bad. It’s still fun, but I don’t understand why they tried to fix what wasn’t broken.

  18. Adrian James says:

    This game is good but all progress was lost once I switched phones. They need to update the game so that we can sign in and our progress can carry over on multiple devices.

  19. Mark B says:

    You can NOT turn off Notifications from this app! You will get a daily reminder. I have blocked them multiple times and this app turns them back on. Plus, of all the word apps, this one has by far the most ads. I give it 2 stars because the game itself is very good with more options than most.

  20. Anson B says:

    Overall, it’s a good game, but a number of words have been inappropriate. A couple pejoratives, proper names, archaic words, and English words used outside the U.S. It would be reasonable to have a button for “rules” or “instructions” to tell people what to expect from the game.

  21. Diann Ran says:

    Played it all day yesterday, no problems, today everytime I solve a puzzle and want to do the next one (I’m several months behind) it kicks me off and I gave to reload it all over. So frustrating because it wasn’t like that yesterday. Oh technology 🤣

  22. Mike Paulson says:

    Wordling has somehow swittched to spanish. Does not accept common english, and my history is lost. I can play all previous days. Advertisements are incredibly bothered sometimes they are always moving. If I want other games I will add them myself Wordling has somehow swittched to spanish. Does not accept common english, and my history is lost. I can play all previous days.

  23. Jon says:

    It’s good, but I have one bug bear – it’s really offensive to many British/English people when the American flag is used for an English option. It might be better to not have flags at all, as I see you’ve done the same for Portuguese with the Brazilian flag. Edit: Updated and increased from 3 stars to 4 for the flag which now strikes a balance between American spelling and British.

  24. Frank Daigre says:

    I enjoy the app and the recent updates made nice improvements. I like the 4, 5, 6 letter choices as it stretches my acuity. But 4 letters is not always “easy”, in fact my stats are poorest in 4 letters. Still, the best “Wordle” app out there. And it works even during long periods of non-connectivity, important to me.

  25. Josh Josh Spangler says:

    if you like wordle but don’t like waiting hours and hours to play one game, this game is for you. There are ads but they don’t interrupt the game, or at least that’s my experience so far. Really enjoying playing it.

  26. Daniel Johansson says:

    Fun game, I’ve learned a couple of new words. Just too often weird updates that cause errors or functions I don’t want. For example the vibration every time I hit a key, I didn’t ask for that 😒

  27. Tim Canadien says:

    EDIT JUL 12/22: It’s nice when the developers take the time to respond to messages and work to make things better. The recent changes have made a world of difference. The game loads faster, the graphics look better and game board is great. Thanks for taking the feedback seriously and making improvements. Keep up the good work!

  28. Zach Hull says:

    Fun game, keeps track of how you do and has an endless mode in case you’re bored. It also lets you go back and do previous days so you can miss a few and then catch up.

  29. Trainer Seebus (TrainerSeebus) says:

    Fun game, but it would be nice if it indicates if there are repeat letters in a word. Maybe the letter shows up as half green and half yellow if you don’t have them all. Edit: I like some current changes, but this still needs to happen. 4 letter can be ridiculous because so many 4 letter words have similar structures. It’d be nice to just know if there’s repeat letters.

  30. Hal Greene says:

    It was fine for a while and then it came up with words that were not in any dictionary and would not recognize simple words like bean or ocean. I unistalled because I felt like it got hacked!

  31. Ivan Chao says:

    I love the simple interface. There’s 4/5/6 letter wordles which is awesome. I love how you can do wordles from earlier in the year. I sometimes play with my mobile data turned off because it looks like the ads eat up my mobile data. Because of that it bugged my win streak is frozen at 1, it never updates even when I turn my mobile data back on.

  32. Terry Bennison says:

    great, but annoying having adverts after every game. lose the adverts!

  33. Louis-Alexandre Parent says:

    Love the game enough to have paid to remoce the adds. Down from 5 to 3 stars. Recent update quite intrusive by forcing a keyboard setup AZERTY when playing the FR version. I’ll manage my own keyboard preferences, thanks.

  34. Chris Owens says:

    The game itself is great, but the ads now block the controls at the bottom of my phone screen – I have to restart my phone to exit the app. Please fix.

  35. david jackson says:

    Worked fine until two days ago. Then it started to lock up after nearly every word entry. I’ll enter a guess and have to restart the game to continue.

  36. Marcos Ribeiro says:

    The word choice is horrible, a ton of unknown words, something that the real wordle filtered out.

  37. Mike Turner says:

    I like this better than the ‘other’ word game. Graphics are better, you get 3 games every day : 4 letters, 5 letters and 6 letters. Just as challenging, keeps your stats too.

  38. LJ S says:

    Edit: “LEALTY” – really? Come on. Weird word, but ok. What on earth was today’s word? May 14, 2022. I ran out of guesses, put in a non-word on try 6 and the game said the correct word was another non-word but I missed seeing it. Unfair! I lost a 70 game winning streak!

  39. Alfred McElwain says:

    I love this game. The only problem I have is that it locks up and I have to uninstall, then reinstall. I loose all my data.

  40. Laura B says:

    Fun and challenging. I like the variety of options. I can play much longer than before when there was only one word per day.

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