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May 16, 2022
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Snapchat Apk Download

Snapchat is a fast and amusing manner to share the moment with your buddies and family

• Snapchat opens proper to the Camera — simply tap to take a picture, or press and preserve for video.
• Express yourself with Lenses, Filters, Bitmoji and more!
• Try out new Lenses every day created by means of the Snapchat community!

• Stay in contact with friends thru live messaging, or percentage your day with Group Stories.
• Video Chat with as much as sixteen pals straight away — you may even use Lenses and Filters whilst chatting!
• Express yourself with Friendmojis — one of a kind Bitmoji made just for you and a pal.

• Watch pals Stories to see their day unfold.
• See Stories from the Snapchat network which are based to your interests.
• Discover breaking information and extraordinary Original Shows.

• Spotlight showcases the best of Snapchat!
• Submit your very own Snaps or sit down back, loosen up, and watch.
• Pick your favorites and percentage them with pals.

• Share your area with your satisfactory pals or go off the grid with Ghost Mode.

Snapchat Apk

• Explore live Stories from the network nearby or across the world!

• Save limitless snap shots and motion pictures of all of your preferred moments.
• Edit and ship old moments to buddies or save them for your Camera Roll.
• Create Stories out of your favored Memories to proportion with friends and family.

• Every friendship has its own special profile to peer the moments you’ve saved together.
• Discover new matters you have got in commonplace with Charms — see how long you’ve been friends, your astrological compatibility, your Bitmoji style sense, and greater!
• Friendship Profiles are simply among you and a pal, so you can bond over what makes your friendship unique.

Happy Snapping!

• • •

Please be aware: Snapchatters can constantly seize or store your messages by way of taking a screenshot, using a digital camera, or otherwise. Be conscious of what you Snap!

For a complete description of our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Center.


40 comments on "Snapchat Apk Download"

  1. Adjoa Addo says:

    Snapchat is really fun and I love it. However, lately, whenever someone sends multiple pictures and I try to save it to my camera role, only a few will save and then when I try to go back and save again, the pictures won’t load and/or the buttons to go to the chats when you open the app won’t appear. I don’t know why this is happening all of a sudden but please fix these bugs.

  2. Joseph Callon says:

    I’ve gone back and forth on my rating of this app. I had some problems with it, but it seemed like they were resolved, and now the issues are back with a few more. Firstly, when I’m trying to add captions to a snap, sometimes they dont load. Next, when I try to respond to a snap after editing it, I have to tap add friends and unselect and reselect the person again because it won’t send. Additionally, when I try to respond to a snap, sometimes the camera stays black, causing me to lose the app.

  3. Konner says:

    Not too long ago, maybe within the past 2 to 3 months, everything with snap was fine. Ever since then it has progressively gotten worse and worse with each update. I can’t text emojis on snap while in my regular sms I can. It’s completely off of my keyboard on snap and that just started within the past week or so. Whenever someone sends me a snap and I go to double tap to send one back it automatically puts there filter on me. Which is annoying because I don’t use filters. There is more issues.

  4. Gaelin says:

    Snapchat is pretty much my main method of communication with my friends. However the discover section is extremely irritating. There should be an option to disable it. I do not want to be constantly recommended garbage that gets automatically downloaded and wastes data. Additionally it would be nice for the filters to be less intrusive. I dont like them and I dont want them. Additionally spotlight section should just be removed completely. I hate it and it keeps opening.

  5. Alexis Lee says:

    Love the app, but please for the love of God remove the 3d bitmojis. I’ve heard many complaints from other people as well, no one seems to enjoy them. I loved the original bitmojis, so if you could refrain from replacing them that would be lovely. There are a few glitches in the app, and randomly when I’m texting the app will freeze and I’ll miss many texts. Other than that this is an amazing app and I do reccomsnd it to anyone who doesn’t have it. Thank you!

  6. Casey Holmes says:

    Had this app since 2014 but it’s almost become unusable now with all the bugs. It’s impossible to get through any stories of friends or just the feed without them randomly restarting or skipping back to random spots, all without you touching the screen. This has been going on for months now and I’ll likely be deleting snap if it isn’t fixed soon.

  7. Mariah Saechao says:

    With each new update it seems that things get progressively worse when trying to text or open things sent to you. If I am actively texting someone if the text me it will not automatically go down to where I can read it anymoreand I’ll miss whatever is said. And then when I try to scroll down it’ll come up with the camera and I’ll have to back out of it and sometimes close the app entirely. I’m trying to get past them but it makes texting my friends incredibly hard.

  8. Jayce Gutierrez says:

    I really love the app! it’s the best app I’ve used for contacting friends in the most unhinged way possible. the bitmojis are hilarious! my only problem is when you try to send videos it doesn’t sort out like folders in your camera roll. you need to scroll down to find a specific video or photo. I find this very irritating considering it doesn’t work like that in other social media apps. I would enjoy it much more if it was like that! thank you for your time!

  9. joseph jones says:

    The sheer amount of commercials makes the stories unwatchable. When a commercial comes up it resets the entire story and starts A new commercial @ the same spot as previous. This causes you to get stuck in a loop where you never progress in the actual story but you see the same commercial 50 times. It’s beyond annoying and and quite frankly, it’s a shameless attempt at drawing people to look at Whatever new product is being promoted. The fact that no one is talking about this perplexes me.

  10. Matthew Merry says:

    Hate the format and layout. I hate that just scrolling activates the camera in chat. also how the astrology feature and info you can’t turn off. The quick add friends feature is cool and all but I hate that it’s out in the open making it easy to misclick and add someone accidentally. A lot of the app just is creepy like the location tracking and the deleting of messages and pictures. To the push of the app to take a picture for every reply. Plus it has bugs. Overall it sucks and is creepy

  11. Mallorie Davis says:

    I have loved this app since it came out… However, lately there have been issues with the camera screen so bad that I’ve had to delete the app multiple times a day and reinstall before getting it to work again. There have also been so many new additions that get in the way of typing text or getting rid of text that it has made it very aggrivating to simply send a snap. If these problems get fixed, I would definitely rate 5/5! Update: down to one star. Uninstalling and reinstalling on a regular

  12. Courtney Steinorth says:

    Whatever update they rolled out or didn’t roll out (I’m on an android so that’s probably why it hasn’t been fixed already) has caused the stories to mess up. I’m often watching a public story and when it comes to an ad break, it will “reset” me back to the beginning of the story. Then I have to annoyingly click all the way back thru the snaps I’ve already seen just to get to the ad. At first I was hoping it was some kind of bug that would be quickly resolved, however, that has not been the case

  13. Dimitri Martiny says:

    They have the right idea to have mini videos, college badges, quick add, and their interface is nice and simple. I love the filters too. HOWEVER, my feed is usually outdated and repeats, repetitive, videos reset EVERY time I get an ad, my quick add used to be filled with people I know, but not anymore, and I also notice issues with public profiles showing content. Snapchat needs to slow down, and focus on quality issues, not adding more to the fire.

  14. Cody King says:

    Pretty neat. Don’t use the whole delete after opening thiñg. whomever made that had some serious issues. lol. But to each their own. It’s all about the snaps baby. The whole time limitation feels a bit short, but maybe that’s selfish. Outside of that and the occasional bug and/or crash it’s pretty solid. Both in function and a fairly clever interface to boot. Only issue is how they split and send snaps gets very annoying. I’m not sure why they do it but whatever the reason isn’t working

  15. Ang says:

    Can’t watch a story because it keeps repeating and when you try to tap to get back where it was an ad starts. Ad ends and story repeats back to beginning, you never get to watch the whole story. I hate this, followed a few but can’t watch them because of this bug. It’s been like this for almost a year. I downloaded tictok, no ads and no repeating until story is actually over.

  16. Amber H says:

    Can you please make it so we can save more than 5 photos at a time from a Snapchat conversation without it only saving a couple of photos and then freezing up? Or let us save photos individually rather than having to press and hold to save the entire selection and then only saving the same 3 out of 10 photos each time it’s attempted, then having to restart the app. This has been like this for years and nobody has done a bug fix.

  17. Chris Olson says:

    This app has become super unstable since the Android 13 update. The app constantly freezes leaving me with no choice but to force close it. Occasionally it will lock up my phone entirely so I have to lock/unlock the screen for touch to be responsive again. This isn’t just a random occurrence either, a freeze happens more than half the time I open the app – regardless if I open the app from the home screen or from a notification

  18. lilac says:

    This is a very cute and fun app! I seem to have one problem tho, I believe that there needs to be more lip/lip shape options in the bitmoji editor, because I found out that none of the 3 lip options seem to match mine! I would appreciate you taking care of my problem and would find this amazing to finally have more (lip)options for the editor so we can make our bitmojis look more like ourselves. Thank you!

  19. Isabelle says:

    I really like Snapchat, but my biggest complaint is that when I switched from an iphone to Samsung late last month, I’ve noticed a huge deficit in quality. The biggest difference is that I’ve had a huge issue with the cameos feature, as it hasn’t let me favorite any sticker despite my trying so repeatedly. I’ve cleared my cache, changed my cameo selfie many times, & redownloaded the app many times. Despite all of this, the app won’t save any of the stickers I’ve favorited.

  20. Horimoto GP says:

    I dropped the app a long time ago and came back a few months ago. Its ten times better than i remembered. My only complaints are privacy (like always) and the Discover videos. So many ads, you’re better off finding the channels on YouTube and calling it a day. Otherwise phenomenal app.

  21. Jeremy E. says:

    Snap continues to bug me. Was just randomly going through snap one time and I get some message on my screen about terms and service update. When I press okay on that it takes me to the main screen (the one with camera), in the top right it says I have 82 friend requests and/or people who added back. But thats besides the point because I can’t press to go to that screen, let alone any screen; messages, stories, memories, etc. I redownloaded and it worked normal for a moment, but it happened again

  22. Josh says:

    It is generally a good app that works well, easy to communicate with friends and look at memories. There are only minor bugs like sometimes I can’t look at the next storie because it just sits there and repeats. The only thing that really grinds my gears and pisses me off is the fact I can’t change my eyes only password without resetting everything in it, forcing me to guess the password over and over till I happen to get it right. It’s getting extreamly infuriating

  23. Renada Hubbard says:

    I love snapchat. I use it every day faithfully. I’m glad they fixed the videos repeating back to the beginning when trying to watch and also they’ve added more songs. The only thing I wish it’s if we could pick the part of the song that we want to play in a video or something instead of it choosing a small portion for us before cutting it off…

  24. Abby Wetzel says:

    At this moment, I am getting ready to delete this app. During the newest update, I am now receiving notifications about stories being posted by my friends. If I dismiss the notification, I will receive it 2-3 more times within the same day. I had to turn off my notifications for the app due to this issue. It is a very annoying feature and I have spoken with others who feel the same way.

  25. Andrea Slicker says:

    For two weeks now the app has not been working..cannot take a photo. It keeps flashing/flickering and skipping on the sound IF I’m able to open up a video from someone else. Can’t get into the settings. Can’t click on much of anything. I’ve loved this app for years and after doing all of the basic troubleshooting, including uninstalling it completely, I’m unable to use it and can’t find any help.

  26. Katlyn Watts says:

    Its pretty good the only problem is that it’ll freeze up occasionally and I’ll have to uninstall it and reinstall it. And have to log in again. Plus this week Its logged me out 6 times a day and it’s getting pretty annoying,it’s Friday rn so like 30 times this week ig, it’s super frustrating but apart from that it’s pretty good for texting, snapping photos of friends and selfies, and posting on stories, private stories, and shared stories. Please fix this bug though. Thank you😁🙌

  27. Amanda M. says:

    Update 10/16/22: The app is still malfunctioning. I tried using the email listed in the Play store to contact the developer. I received an email back telling me to visit the Snapchat website because the developer email is not monitored. I go to the Snapchat website, still nothing! Original Review:I’m not sure what happened. Out of nowhere the app started malfunctioning for the past 24 hours. It keeps freezing and if I try to make a snap video The screen just flashes off and on.

  28. RedXDevil Blade says:

    Snapchat is a really great app to chat with friends! It’s just that once I made my character I can’t change it again, I’ve uninstalled the app and got it again but nothing changed it keeps saying “Something went wrong. Please try again!” Yet, I keep trying and nothing works. I’m not sure If it’s just me but it’s so annoying and I’m stuck with a undesign character- I’ve been stuck for like a few months now😭😭

  29. James Davis says:

    Whatever music scanning software they use sucks. I’m not sure if it’s Shazam anymore, but it used to work well. Now it hardly works even when holding your phone up to a speaker, don’t even try if you’re in a restaurant or bar with background noise. That was all I really used the app for lately. Discover and Spotlight consistently promote nothing interesting usually. Just use Instagram, they poached all Snapchats good features years ago.

  30. Diana says:

    This is my third time using Snapchat and I don’t seem to find it to be very user friendly, as when trying to add someone (my grandchildren ) for instance. I am just not a fan of how it works it needs to be safer and more child friendly. I love the filters and graphics on this that is great fix the rest and I will give a five star!

  31. Caitlyn Lontoc says:

    The last week I have not been able to use the app. Everytime I open it my camera is flickering with a black screen and won’t allow me to take any photos or video. Opening snaps and navigating through the app has the same issue and it is lagging and glitching. I have tried everything to get it to work and even sent about 3 emails and 2 bug inquiries through the app. Edit: after 1 week of sending emails, my Snapchat is miraculously back to normal. Still never got a response from support though.

  32. Everything Matt says:

    Recent, constant bug is killing this app for me… Your’s or anyone else’s story will sometime loop. Ex : You upload a 30 second long story. It will ONLY show you the first 10 sec of that 30 sec clip, over and over til the length the story. Please fix its been this way for a couple months. This bug appears often, not always but quite frequently. (I am using Android)

  33. Average Redditor says:

    App has gone downhill for Android. The biggest issue is the fact that most times it takes up to a full minute to send a simple text message, no matter the strength or speed of your data/wifi connection. There’s been multiple updates and they haven’t seemed to even address this at all. Seriously considering switching to discord or something if this simple issue can’t be fixed

  34. Janita Newswanger says:

    Overall It’s a great app, haven’t had any major issues, one thing is that the map doesn’t always have very accurate locations, but not that big of a problem. Spotlight is a really cool feature too. Filters are good, and there is often new things being added in the bitmoji wardrobe.

  35. Austen jones says:

    During compiled reels ads are placed in the middle of clips and these ads are entirely replacing clips after you’ve already seen the clip once and go back to watch it again. It’s a bug, but it needs fixed. Regardless of that, the placing of ads right before the most exciting part of the clip is intentional on their part. All other aspects of the app are great!

  36. P G says:

    Everything about the app is glitchy with the updates. Stories restart from the beginning, i can’t ignore the annoying friend recommendations, and buttons/functions don’t always respond. Remove friend suggestions from home screen. I don’t care to add them and its incredibly annoying for that to show up underneath my friend’s stories. I already turned off notifications for Friend Suggestions in settings, but I havent found any other way to block this. Starting to hate this app.

  37. Chef Cara says:

    It skips a lot for some reason. But the first time it happened but I have to keep closing out of the app and my connection is fine my wifi works and when I’m not on wifi I have 5 bars. There are way too many ads than ever before. It would be a better app if there wasn’t an ad popping up every 10-15 seconds. I can’t even watch my subscriptions without ads popping up. There should be a way for us to permanently delete them like pay a fee or something because this is beyond ridiculous.

  38. Trouble .91 says:

    I dont understand why on iPhone, you’ll see toggles for ‘Regular’ and ‘Ring’ that you can switch between. But On Android, the ring light shows up by default with flash color buttons and a brightness slider. Why. I hate the ring light it’s not bright enough at nighttime.. why cant android have both options as well. We used to have the regular light until you changed it. Help me please

  39. Đřəå says:

    I love snapchat! It’s a good app for me to talk to my irl and online friends! But lately I’ve been experiencing something weird, I can’t seem to change my hair, and i cant change my face accessories, I can only completely scroll to hats. I djt know what happened, but it would be really nice if you could fix this. *By the way, it doesn’t need an update*

  40. Rob Adams says:

    The interface was once so simple, now I accidentally send emojis on stories all the time. Certainly is fun when you do it to an ex. And that window for undoing the sent message is way to short. If I wanted something like Instagram stories, I would use Instagram. This is just one more social platform that meta (facebook) has destroyed. Also the amount of promoted of stars is wayyyy to high.

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