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Rosetta Stone Learn, Practice Speak Languages Mod Apk New Version 2022*

Why the Rosetta Stone app?
Because the high-quality manner to research a brand new language is to surround yourself with it, and our language getting to know app does just that. Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion® technique uses interactive and contextual language classes mixed with Extended Learning features. Everything you want is actually at your fingertips–any time, everywhere, any tool; online or off and absolutely advert-unfastened.

• 2019 PCMag Editors’ Choice
• 2019 Tabby Awards Winner
• 2019 Best Mobile App Awards: Best Designed App and Best Overall App

For the first time, we’re providing every considered one of our languages below one subscription. Flip between languages as often as you’d like and revel in the freedom to get severely curious. To get admission to all languages, simply choose Unlimited Languages whilst you subscribe.

Practice and analyze to speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Filipino, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Persian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, and greater!

Rosetta Stone allows you communicate hopefully.
With a variety of speakme-centered training and features, immediate pronunciation comments with TruAccent, a tune report of getting human beings talking any language confidently and a near-five superstar score in the app keep, the award-triumphing Rosetta Stone mobile app is the fine way to study and speak new languages.

What you want to analyze, first.
Let us know why youre studying a brand new language and nicely create a recreation plan with curated content and beneficial lesson reminders to help you live on track in your studying adventure**.

Fits any schedule.
Take a 10-minute lesson everywhere, look at online or off.

Never leaves your side.
Practice languages here, there, and anywhere. Learn to talk English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any language you need.

Don’t get lost in translation.

Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice


40 comments on "Rosetta Stone Learn, Practice Speak Languages Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. Cally Celtic says:

    So far, I’ve only tried the first, free, 30 minute intro but it was great. I read a lot of the reviews and complaints before installing and noticed that they actually fixed and addressed a lot of people’s concerns and criticisms (ability to make pictures larger, ability to show translations, settings to adjust how you want to learn, just to name a few). I will likely purchase more from this app.

  2. Gilda Dereke says:

    Overall, this is a good app. I have been using it to learn Japanese for about a week and a half now. Other than the really tiny buttons that others, including myself, have complained about, my only big issue is the speech recognition is super buggy. There are times when it absolutely REFUSES to acknowledge what I’m saying. Even when I am pronouncing and enunciating things perfectly. I would like to see this fixed asap, because it’s discouraging my use of the app.

  3. Shannyn Pansy says:

    Decent software with lots of audio to learn from. Pictures are sometimes kinda difficult to make out on a small screen. There’s cheaper options out there that are just as effective or better for many of these languages, but the Unlimited subscriptions are a decent value if you want to be able to switch between multiple languages freely, including some that not many other apps have good resources for yet.

  4. xKanekisxGhoulx says:

    App can be a bit too touchy, when you click on the play button to hear the sentence/phrase again, if you’re off by a decimeter from the blue button, it thinks that’s your answer. Also, when recording answers you need to wait about 2 seconds after the little tone to record your answer properly, otherwise it won’t record the first half of the answer and say you did it wrong. But still a really good and helpful tool to have on the go for learning new languages.

  5. K80 says:

    I’ve been trying to learn vietnamese. I’m dyslexic and adhd, so I’m use to having extra challenges learning new things. That’s really not the case here. Rosetta stone seems to cover everything I need to learn, like pictures, different voices (great to get tones down correctly), you can repeat the lessons you’ve unlocked as many times as you want and you can’t go ahead. If you have learning disabilities or not, I’d give it a try. The free version is awesome and went far above my expectations.

  6. Nyte Fox says:

    Rosetta has improved greatly and this app pairs great. It still does not lead to fluency, but close to it. It keeps many original features, which many similar apps don’t utilize. It adds study materials that are highly useful. It doesn’t lead to fluency, but close to it. One problem is the inability to replay the pronunciations at the checks. It plays once and turns on the mic, canceling out the play button. It’s essential for me to hear the voice multiple times so I can study each sound.

  7. Sacha Sade says:

    Really difficult to use. I can’t read the script of the language I am learning and there is no introduction to letters or reading -you just get dumped in the deep end. It’s really difficult to learn this way because the ‘play’ buttons within the options are really small and they are impossible to reliably click on without accidentally selecting the option so when try to click ‘play’ to hear the choice before I select it, the app accepts it as my choice so I keep failing. It’s really frustrating!

  8. Adam Hiler says:

    The good: 1) Learn without the limitation of translating in your head from your native language, it’s greatest strength. 2) Basic structure is pretty good. The bad: 1) Images are often hard to see on a phone and detail is necessary to choose the correct answer. There is no way to zoom the images on android. 2) Buggy. It does not seem to know what should be included in the 1st lesson of a section and sometimes gives you a session with EVERY QUESTION in it for the entire section. You could get a section with over 100 questions in it. 3) Speech recognition is sometimes a mazing and often awful. I have tried various microphones on my Android phone and on my computer including high quality gaming headsets with good mics and noise cancellation. There are better paid (and cheaper) options including the #1 paid language app and some excellent free ones.

  9. Aliya Rosario says:

    Ive been searching for a program that teaches from a conversational point. I have yet to find one with voice recognition. 😕 this program is fun however i don’t think it’s completely retainable. Based on your method as well because it’s not taught in a conversational way and is mainly just guessing with pictures though I’m good at it, the cost is way to high. Also why charge someone a lump sum instead of a monthly amount where if someone wants to cancel they can. I’ll have to unsubsribe.

  10. Izzy says:

    I love the way they take on recognizing what’s being said, but on the app, everytime I complete a small portion of a lesson, it breaks and dosent let me advance what so ever. If I pause and try to go over to the next portion, my progress isn’t saved for the previous portion. For right now, the website is fine, but it would be really nice to be able to use the app while I’m out and trying to kill time or get some learning in. If this wasn’t an issue. 5 stars easily.

  11. Tina says:

    I’m not sure if it’s my mic or something else, but the speech recognition on my mobile was terrible. I thought it was just me, but when I tried the app on my computer instead it recognized what I was saying. Another thing is I wish the app started at the very basic first – starting with alphabets, writing, learning basic words, and then forming sentences and grammar.

  12. Casey Rochester says:

    Does not work half the time. Features randomly stop working. Same for all my devices and even the web version. Waste of money because I can’t use it regularly enough to benefit. The audio never catches my voice, it just keeps listening for about a minute, v then says it’s wrong. Completely impossible to complete the pronunciation exercises. Very upset with the first, since I’m praying a premium for a useless app.

  13. 1 A.M. says:

    Mixed Learning Style… I like the hear and repeat but Rosetta Stone fails to remind you what exactly you are saying. It only shows pictures and has a mini translate button in the corner. Also on the reading material, it would be helpful if there was a translate button and if the stories actually correspond with the lesson. The first story I looked at has only 2 words from course 1 and everything else needs to be translated for a beginner.

  14. Peter Rippe says:

    Edit: Edit: **2 years** later still no UI fixes; UI is awkward and buggy and really makes the experience difficult. The play buttons are too small to even register a touch most of the time. Also forces you to hold phone landscape; this seems like it was designed for tablets. Contacted support and left feedback multiple times

  15. JDupree3 says:

    So far, so good. I’m learning Tagalog right now. The lessons are engaging, and the speech recognition is a really cool feature. I wish the first lesson was greetings. I tried to skip ahead to that section, but the lessons build on top of each other, containing too many unknown words without enough context to effectively learn. I wish there was a supplemental English/Tagalog dictionary for reference. I’ll update this review after a few weeks of use.

  16. Judy Pirnia says:

    It is easy to make Rosetta Stone a routine when it is on my phone, which is always with me. A microphone is helpful, and the one attached to my earbuds works fine. After a few sessions, I noticed my Spanish improving! Regular practice is definitely more effective, so the app is great to take with you wherever you go!

  17. Google User says:

    actually a decent way to learn a language unlike every other app out there. the visual approach to learning is good. my biggest annoyance is that I have to hold the phone sideways. it causes pain in my wrist. so I actually don’t use the app more than a minute or so unless I’m laying on my stomach in bed. this is a huge issue. another problem is that they keep doing a question until all the multiple choice answers are used and then they go to another set of answers. this has multiple problems. they need to randomize it more so you see alternating sets of answers in between setting the same one. this will force you to think more about the entire thing rather than just hearing one word and crossing the last item off the list

  18. Crystal R says:

    The app itself seems great. It helps with pronunciation, recognition, and its a good way yo learn. The problem I had is that it only give you a few lessons before requiring you to pay, it doesn’t offer to view videos as payment, and is more costly than other apps. So despite my fondness for the program I’m switching back to another learning app.

  19. Hell Burd says:

    App is fine, Was looking for a more hands off approach, So i could learn while working or driving, this is not that, The audio files say (For example) Spanish words but if you arent focused on your phone, it wont make any sense, Because they arnt translated in the audio file. i think there are free apps that do most of what this does, I definitely shouldnt have payed $200 but since i did, Might as well learn a few languages. App itself isnt bad, though i just started using it so..

  20. Ryan “Wolf” Ferguson says:

    The total emersion technique they use is the best I’ve found for retention as well as teaching me to think in that language. When I see something, I don’t think of it first in my language and then have to remember what it is called in my newly learned language. I simply think in the newly learned language and recognize it as that. It has also helped with my pronunciation, I’ve been told many times that they didn’t realize I was not a native speaker because I exhibited no accent. 👍🏼

  21. Bryan McMillin says:

    It’s been a week, but so far so good. I’m enjoying the method, as they will give you pictures of the main words, but some words you are forced to figure out on your own based on what’s going on. I also enjoy that you have to speak the words and sentences too. Pronunciation is something most online courses are missing. One feature I do wish the had is a way to slow down the audio to listen to the pronunciation more carefully. There are times you wonder if, for example, they are saying wo or oh.

  22. Mahendra Rao says:

    The UI design is great aesthetically but the UX is lacking in the sense that it doesn’t exactly hand-hold the user through the first few lessons. A few practice exercises or a summary slide at the end would be nice. Once I got through the first 3 days worth of lessons of figuring it out(took 1 hour IRL), I started getting into it. The learning experience and the course content has been top notch and worth the extra few bucks you’d pay over most other learning tools.

  23. Calenlass says:

    10/2020: Can’t create a new account, even after updating the app, so I’ve never been able to use it. 7/2022: Technical issues from previous versions are resolved. The free version is great! It seems to move a little faster than the desktop version, but it is almost exactly the same content, just with shorter lessons. Extremely pleased.

  24. RN Diva says:

    I am doing well but mostly repeating the phrases and matching pictures to the proper Spanish phrase. I feel I would learn and retain the language better if I could also see the English translation of the phrase at the same time that I’m verbally repeating the recorded phrase. Just my opinion; I’m doing this to better understand the needs of spanish speaking patients at work. Thanks for the service.

  25. dpluethj says:

    I had high hopes, but this is basically just a vocabulary builder app. It’s good for recognizing basic words and some simple grammar, but if you’re expecting to really LEARN a language, you will be disappointed. The method they attempt to use (just showing examples in different combinations and hoping you can tease out what’s going on) is fine for simple things, but as soon as there is anything beyond basic, this method is beyond useless and frankly very frustrating. I started with German.

  26. Youkai Introvert says:

    It seemed a bit odd at first that they don’t separate learning to read/recognize the characters (Japanese) from pronunciation and basic sentences, but I’ve found it to be very effective. While I’m still learning of and will probably run through the entire course again before I try to have actual conversations in it, I am confident that I will at the very least manage to navigate day-to-day conversations and have a good starting point to learn the more complex discussions!

  27. Anthony Rivera says:

    The app can be a nightmare past the beginning stuff. Click the play button to hear and it acts like you selected it, then get an answer wrong because of that. You cant even get them to play on some. Which takes you out of the learning experience due to the app being a nightmare on those parts. Use the desktop version instead so you actually spend your time leaning instead of fighting with this app. Unless they actually fix it which I doubt.

  28. Theresa Stark says:

    The activities are not well designed for mobile. The pictures are tiny for some of them making it very difficult to complete the task. Also there just aren’t many languages included. I expected more language options. And you don’t have access to a translation dictionary. Just phrase books. And honestly the phrase books are pretty poorly designed as well. You will need 1 license per user. The app isn’t set up to allow multiple users per account.

  29. Rosemary Fermin says:

    Love the whole program! The app makes lessons so accessible. The lesson audio is super helpful when i want to review but can’t interact with my phone. I just play it and do my tasks. I absolutely recommend for anyone who wants to take that first step in learning a new language

  30. James Kilmury says:

    When choosing what images go with what words, the choices are a little small to make out correctly. Please readjust the scale on that. Correcting mistakes in the Review tasks makes you do the entire task over as opposed to just the mistakes made, which really isn’t fair and wastes time. The translation option has disappeared. Please bring that back. It made reasoning out sentences and learning new words much more helpful.

  31. Courtney H says:

    I like the app so far but I can’t complete lessons that have a microphone icon because it just skips through them after reading them to me, and does not ask me to speak. It then tells me I didn’t complete the lesson or my score is not high enough to pass, I got a 0% on a pronunciation lesson of course. I’m not sure if it’s just for Mandarin Chinese as it had worked previously for other languages such as Russian or Japanese. I see nowhere within the app to send a message so I can request help.

  32. J L says:

    Sound listening issues ruin the software. Not certain why it doesn’t always work however, it’s frustration at the least and agitating! Especially, when comparing other free softwares that don’t have this annoying hiccup to learning. Just randomly sits there not registering, as if your not talking. I’ve used multiple devices from various 🎤 to 📱 or tablet. Feeware, shouldn’t still have this issue especially after you can see other users complain of the exceedingly apparent problem.

  33. Rich B. says:

    One Word: Painful! The program sucks and is the worst I’ve come across so far. The speech recognition doesn’t recognize a darn thing (tried on desktop and mobile). It’ll take someone forever to learn Spanish like this. I’m really surprised that this is the Top Choice or #1 choice in the language learning market.

  34. Gabs Alot says:

    I’m thrilled with the way this works! I like that it moves fast and makes you think! It’s like a brain workout. The way it works is like learning from a child’s perspective, you have to figure out what it means by pictures and pick out the grammatical structure. I was doing this with Korean and it moves you through very fast, but can go slower if you need. You can communicate to others a lot faster than some other language apps. The voices sound more authentic than other apps I’ve tried.

  35. Ruben Vlad says:

    App is easy and fun to use and turns what would be a boring task into a fun and quick activity in my personal experience. The only reason I’m giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it doesn’t start you off with the alphabet and various pronunciations of certain languages, which basically means you have to try and sort of what different individual letters sound like , but overall it is the best app I’ve had to quickly learn a new language, and overall a very good experience.

  36. Carly Burgess says:

    I really like this app. It’s engaging and the pictures really help to learn the languages. My only complaint (4/5) is that it puts things out of order from what you’d expect. You have to guess what a word means based on a set of images and it usually tells you on the next lesson what the world actually means. You’d expect it to be the other way around. I already knew a little bit of Portuguese but it makes it more difficult if you are starting off with no prior knowledge.

  37. Joel Cleaver says:

    I have discovered that doing the training on your current language gives you an idea of what they are expecting in the pictures. Granted, it may seem simple, but when you dive into languages that are so unfamiliar, it is helpful to understand what exactly they are expecting when they show a picture. The one thing that lacks in Rosetta Stone is actual written word breakdown. Because of this you can tend to feel a bit lost as you dive in deeper. Good luck!

  38. Oh No says:

    Heard about it for years, couldn’t afford it, but treated myself for my birthday one year – well worth it! I love the supplemental stories, and the exploitation of patten recognition in the brain. Some don’t like that the same images are used across each language but I think it’s perfect because if you’re not quite sure what the phrase is saying but you know what a picture was used to showcase in another language, then you can infer what the unfamiliar words might mean. Healthy habit for me!

  39. Abdulah Mahayni says:

    I downloaded the full version and it’s very user friendly and for the number of languages you get it is worth the $200. It goes at a good pace and even learning a completely foreign language like Japanese is progressing smoothly. They teach with pictures and sounds and words. They also teach you how to pronounce and that works 90% of the time but 10% it just doesn’t work. The pictures are very clear. There is an option to pause and see the English translation or pause and listen again. 97/100!!!

  40. Amanda Wills says:

    The lessons work exactly the same as the website. So, it isn’t too difficult to navigate. The pictures are very small in some of the multiple choice vocabulary lessons, requiring you to zoom in. So, it might not be great for everyone to use on their phone. It’s working for me, though. It’s a nice option for when I don’t feel like sitting in front of the computer.

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