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PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk New Version 2022*

Celebrate the 4th anniversary of PUBG MOBILE by using experiencing the new anniversary game mode and upgraded Classic Mode maps and gameplay!

【Epic war royale masterpiece】
Lots of occasions as a way to discover.Climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE and hearth at will. PUBG MOBILE is an unique struggle royale cellular sport and one of the fine cell taking pictures video games.

【Extreme battles in 10-minute suits】
Prepare your firearms, reply to the call for warfare in PUBG MOBILE, and fire at will.

【Lots of maps and battles】
PUBG MOBILE has many maps and gameplay mechanics that provide you with a thrilling survival enjoy. Find your pals and play the brand new modes together! Play however you like and fire at will!

【Made especially for cellular phones】
Features customizable controls, schooling mode, and voice chat with pals. Experience the smoothest control enjoy and the maximum practical firearms on your smartphone.

【Play whenever, anywhere】
Relax and play PUBG MOBILE in your hearts content! Enjoy the smoothest gunplay for an unheard of gameplay revel in.

【A solid network connection is needed to play the game】
PUBG MOBILEs advocated system necessities: Android five.1.1 or more moderen with as a minimum 2GB of RAM. If your device doesnt meet the requirements, you may try PUBG MOBILE LITE.

PUBG MOBILE has the highest constancy gadgets and gameplay experience. PUBG MOBILE can fulfill any desire you might have. Choose from infinite firearms and test your marksmanship. New gadgets, maps, and modes are constantly brought to the sport.
PUBG MOBILE offers the most severe multiplayer battles in your cellular cellphone.

PUBG MOBILE Apk Mod 2022

Survive in epic 100-player battles in Classic Mode, Payload, rapid-paced 4v4 Arena battles, and Infection Mode. Survival is all that matters. Be the final one status. Accept missions and hearth at will!

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40 comments on "PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. Hamilton Champagne says:

    Hi developers. Every single time I play domination mode it sends me to matches that have already started or that are about to end. U guys really need to fix this because it’s getting very annoying because it happens multiple times and it happens literally every time I play the game. I am still able to play matches that haven’t already started sometimes but the problem happens very often and has been happening for a long time. It’s been laggy for 4 years! Fix your game!!

  2. RedTony117 says:

    Pretty fun game, used to play it a lot until I decided to uninstall it, but I reinstalled it and it runs pretty good, I haven’t had any contraction issues so far but the biggest problem for me is the waiting times to actually get into a match, it’ll say that it’ll take like 4 minutes then I’d be waiting for 6 and still I’d be in my lobby room waiting for a match to start which gets annoying very fast, if you guys fix that then I’ll change my review to a 5

  3. Jacob Hjort says:

    Need to fix Royale arena mode. It’s a good concept and I understand you want the play space to be small but it’s a bit ridiculous when everytime I spawn and try to move an inch I get shot in the back, get spawned on top of, etc.. I also shouldn’t have to shoot someone over 30 times to kill them, riddling them in the body and the head just for them to be unphased, turn and kill me in what seems like a fraction of a second.

  4. Amit Ramgobin says:

    The game is impressive , been playing since season 7. I know every game has it’s own bugs and glitches that the developers need to fix but my only issue so far is that the odds of getting good stuff from the crates or items from lucky spins are very low. I have to spend thousands of dollars just to get the items I want.

  5. kamisha baijnauth says:

    I usually play arena games and for the most parts it’s good. It’s just that sometimes I would be shotting a player multiple times only for that player to shoot me 2 times and I’M the one that dies. Another thing is that I’ll be waiting for a game to start and it never does. Even after it finds the required amount of players. I have tried to fix this issue by updating and reinstalling but it nothing seems to work.

  6. TaRonza Ware says:

    This game is fun and the graphics are amazing. I only have 2 issues. 1 is the waiting time for a match takes forever and 2 is the connection. I have all the bars for a connection but it still kicks me out the game. It does that at least 3 times before it let me play one or two games.

  7. Salina Gamboa says:

    Love playing this game I will play for hours. Great gameplay and there are many personalization options for everyone. However there is way too much lag and bugs in Cheer Park. Those really need to be fixed as soon as possible. There is only some lag in normal game play and thats good. Only other complaint is the amount of bullets my opponent uses to kill me vs the amount it take me to get the kill. It seems like it takes twice to three times more bullets for me than my opponent. Plz fix that!!!!

  8. I I says:

    This is a great game but it still needs some optimization. One problem I struggle with is that I can land at a hotdrop and there are no weapons that spawn in until a minute later or there are no weapons at all. It gives me a huge disadvantage, especially to a rank pusher. There is a teleport glitch that happens often when I use either a shotgun or specifically the uzi. And the last problem is that I have ping problems.Used to run 20 to 40ms but now spikes up to 250ms. Would appreciate if you fix

  9. Aleksandr Ziatkov says:

    It’s supposed to be a cool game but I stop playing like a year ago. Because you change it so much. You add so many things, it feels like complite different game which I’m not really like. Also you made main menu so complicated. It was so beautifull and simple before. You try to make it look modern and cool but the early version was just perfect. You cant do perfect better, only screw it up.

  10. Will Williams (Will) says:

    Pretty good game and you don’t have to really spend $ to be competitive. There are a good amount of cheaters and when you report it not much happens even with screenshots. I’ve been playing 4 years and it’s still pretty fun because they come up with new battlegrounds etc. pretty frequently. Matches if you’re good take about 35 minutes but that’s ok because you have to stay alert to make the top 5. Overall it’s fun and cheap to play. No matter what rank you are competing is all on your skill

  11. Logan Brown says:

    Lowering my stars, because it seems that if you want to be competitive or at the very least, competent, you need an expensive device on a flawless connection in order to play against much of the player base. It’s frustrating when you hit someone 12 or more times and get 18 reported damage, or whenever I get near more than one other player, frame rates lag. There’s no smoothness to it at all anymore

  12. Ike R. says:

    Recently has become very laggy, especially when teammates are using voice chat. Then the game will freeze(not my phone) and take you to your phones home screen. When I check the app it shows that I’m still in the game but when clicked restarts. A glitch in Unranked Aftermath where your shield won’t show unless you are either knocked or find that rare vehicle then jump in and get out. Also enemy footsteps not being heard can get frustrating at times. 1 star unplayable.

  13. Amjad Ebr says:

    Hackers everywhere.the cheating do not stop and it does not seem that you want to stop them. All my friends left the game because of cheating. Out of ten games always more than 6 there are cheating. And Each update is worse than the one before it, especially the last one. Why change menu shapes? Its shape is annoying. the voice doesn’t work as good as it was!

  14. Sharla Aurelli says:

    I like this game but now this game is getting less and less feasible to play on some smartphones, especially because of the current update. You are too forced to give excessive graphic updates, making players who use low graphics unable to see enemies from a distance. Not only enemies that are not clearly visible due to distance, in certain maps the players who are quite close are not visible due to the battlefield conditions where the colors are mixed. Please fix it soon.

  15. Anas Ali says:

    I have played this game for a long period of time and I never encountered any lag in my device while playing it but In new update I have encountered some of the major lags. While landing from airplane I got some lags even while playing on balanced with ultra. I request you, Please fix all the bugs that is compromising the performance and make this game next level. Thank you so much for reading.

  16. LooK Itachi says:

    The best battle royal game in my opinion, it strikes a perfect balance between realistic physics and cartoonish graphics and cosmetics, I love that this game is not pay to win, however you can indeed purchase in-game currency to go after those really good looking cosmetics. The only issue I have is the match making system, 6/10 times I start a tdm and my opponents would be lvl 75+ while I’m just at lvl 64 and my teammates would be lvl 50 and below which is a bit unfair to me as a player.

  17. min suga says:

    Idk know what happened. But after the new update, I downloaded the map. But my game started crashing. Request timed out is frequent. I cannot hear my teammates voice not do they. And lastly the most annoying thing is, I already reached ACE tire this season but when I join my friends it shows bronze and doesn’t let me play ranked. I seriously uninstalled and installed this game 5 times Give access to everything. Reconnected WiFi 100 times and restart my phone 2000 times. Still no change.

  18. Star Wars Freak says:

    It is a nice game to play with your friends but all this bloody glitches in the game that never gets fixed like makes some game impossible to play for example; Unable to change weapon in a heated fight, 6x scope unable to adjust sometimes, Parachute also still glitches out in some games, bullets sometimes doesn’t register when shooting someone and ect. Im leaving not satisfied with the game at all.

  19. Alonzo Drake says:

    I have been having an ongoing issue. If I scope in and fire I am no longer able to adjust my scope at all. and trying for well over a month to get the problem fixed, keep getting the same “solutions” they don’t work. It’s bacome a circular conversation with these people. They (pubg) Keep wanting me to download the game over and over and over again. I’ve done it twice, no help.

  20. James King says:

    1st/2nd best mobile MOBA. Me likey a lot: Great gameplay, customizable controls, plenty of different modes, cool in game social media feature, rewards and achievements galore. Me no likey at all: hard to hop on for a quick match because you’re immediately bombarded with ten ‘please touch me’ game ads for promotion. You need 15 GB storage free and 3 GB RAM free or it’ll kick you at any phase of your match. Half the time you can drop back in unless you were downed. Mobile data destroyed.

  21. Jordy Engels says:

    I would like to see the Deston map on mobile, PLEASE! It is a type of map we don’t yet have with skycraper cities, police cars, etc. I also would like to see more weapons (including C4, Mortars, Tac. Packs, BZ nades, Drones, etc.) overall on PUBG to make each game more diverse. We should also be able to sell clothes we don’t like for silvers. Add different weather conditions on every map like on PC. It would be good to have the option to recruit enemies when teammates are dead as a second chance

  22. kaleem ullah says:

    What a shame they can’t fix one single bug. the game lags literally all the time and gets you killed as a result. I only play arena matches, 4 out of 5 times I get knocked because the whole screen becomes non-responsive when I come across an opponent and after 3 seconds I respawn. I have a stable network connection (20ms-50ms) and on (sd865), so don’t tell me the problem is on my side, first make the thing stable then add more maps/features or whatever you do with the useless updates.

  23. Norman Flor says:

    had a game where an enemy i’ve been monitoring for the past few minutes suddenly somehow shoots me in a very unlikely place, and then popping all of a sudden on my face and killing me. idk if it’s a cheater, or a glitch, most likely the latter. i’m also more of on the low end device, and the newer updates are making my game sloppier than usual, and yes i suck and don’t play 24/7 but this game had been my pass time for the past several months. i hope you fix this.

  24. David Calibayan says:

    I’m highly disappointed in this game cause of your unresponsive servers, I frequently get kicked out of the game after matching. although my network is very good but it says something about a server issue, and to top it all off i get minus points for a match i couldn’t even play, how is that even fair? This is the sixth time this happened today and it’s kinda demotivating to play a match i couldn’t even enter and get minus points. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you

  25. Thomas van O says:

    This game used to be good. I play on the royal pass in game purchase system. I cannot even enter a match, without crippling lag and choppiness. I parachute in, and as I’m 100m above, I get launched back up to 1100m above?? And then, when picking up a weapon upon landing, I must stand around waiting for the lag to catch up so I can interact with the game? All the while there are walls and objects still randomly buffer loading DURING GAMEPLAY. Less stupid special powers, more smooth gameplay!!!!

  26. Muhammad Sadiq says:

    Well,there were many issues but I focus on my favorite mod, Arcade. There were many bug and glitchers and the most disturbing thing is sometimes when I respawns, it’s view me as teammates and I can’t play because there were no control buttons and I need to restart it. There were also time when button go missing

  27. Soham Bawa says:

    A few problems I have with the game. 1) Livik Beta was much better than the final version. 2) I’ve payed loads of money on this game to buy crates. Never have I gotten something good. There should be some sort of guaranteed cool reward for buying a certain amount of crates. But the game is addictive so I keep on spending. Might have to delete the game soon lol. Good game guys.

  28. Kenzo Pahlevy Aditama says:

    The game is good so far, the gameplay, the outfit, royale pass, etc. But one thing, fix the laser sight please, in tpp the bullet do not go right where the laser goes, it’s not good when hip firing, i must go to tpp to make it precise. And for the outfit/skin pls add more military skin like the night vision just for fun, and can equip 2 scope (2x + Holo / 6x with red dot on the top of it). That’s all bout it. Thanks

  29. W01fg4m3ing says:

    The game in general is great and fun and so are some of it’s game modes. But I think Metro royal needs a lot of changes like duo’s instead of there being only solo/squads available; better anitcheat, you’ll occasionally see hackers/exploiters every couple of games; fix bugs/glitches, lots of players are speed glitching and vaulting out of spawn which ruins the fun of the game; Last of all, variety, like a new map and exclusive weapons like the tikhar rifle when this mode was first released.

  30. VGooD mhn says:

    I am really sorry for the pubg mobile team. I give 1 star to the game because I have been playing for almost 4 years, I have finished 23 seasons in a row. I played several thousand classic boxes even with uc, but m416 glacier did not give me. Box wish came to level 5, I made more than 300 boxes, all in vain! Their actions make people become more frustrated with the game every day and regret spending time; There is no chance in the game normally. Too bad for Pubg. I am waiting for the solution

  31. Anyanwu Somto says:

    The most annoying thing in this game is how somebody could just die with a single gunshot with no chance of even turning to know where the shot is coming from…it’s really annoying…..the game now gets boring cuz Ur only option is to find cover and stay there because you know you’ll probably die once you move out. Hackers everywhere…#levelinfinite should really fix the damage level of this gameplay

  32. roche soebdhn says:

    The game is improved, the only problem I have now is the team death match mode, where enemies keep sliding continuesly and it made the game play real anoying and unrealistic. Please remove the slide option. Further the payload mode takes to long to start a match with or without automatching. I can’t wait 6 minutes to start a game. For the rest all of my problems are solved

  33. Daniel Hebron says:

    Playing in Aftermath is impossible because my character can’t even walk or run I just force myself to move but it’s very slow since both let’s are still. The notifications don’t appear properly for example if my car runs out of fuel it says “picked up a respawn card” instead of “not enough fuel” please fix this. You can contact me if need be.

  34. jughead John says:

    Love the game but one thing that I do not agree with is this is a Mobile game. Should only be played with cell phone or tablet… tryin to rank up is a joke at times when your goin up against players on a pc who’s buttons never get mixed up. Most days gotta go back in to configure controls as they always seem to move by themselves so big dis advantage using a mobile device vs keyboard. PC players should be playin the pc version Just my 2 cents

  35. Edson Bandao says:

    Worst game ever. everytime I land with enemy whole squad I don’t have gun to pick while the enemy is lucky to pick. I’m always reporting the case ingame but they just don’t care. Ranking system is also trash, it’s a camper friendly ranking system. You don’t need to kill to rank up. Just snake, camp till the last zones. Hot dropper or killers can’t rank up on this game. There is no survival to kill multiplier. Should be survival time multiplied by kills. So campers won’t rank up.

  36. Kamal Giri says:

    I love this game so much as compared to others. Including a very nice graphics and beautiful scenery 👌. But as we are androids user it’s quite disappointing for us. Only ios user can feel this gane the way it should. Fix some bugs, and make smooth on androids phone also.

  37. Russell Easters says:

    UPDATE: I have repeatedly reported the issue through the app feedback including computer information at the time and I’ve not received any response. the problem could be on my end but some communications would help! this has to be the most unstable game on the market! it’s continuously crashing. I want to make purchases but I’m afraid of loosing them. apparently the developers don’t care.

  38. N Skib A09 says:

    Overall the game is really fun. Of course that’s the famous Battle Royale we are talking about. But one thing which is annoying is that this game is completely for pay 2 win users. You won’t get anything without UC. There’s nothing like farm parts to achieve type thing. Also UC methods are Totally BS. Like even you got UC, you have to gamble to get it. Example: lucky spin thing. At least the old Lucky crate system was better than this. Totally disappointing game

  39. Christopher Miklahook says:

    This game is seriously getting worse every season!!! Lag longer and more, harder to team up with friends now, every drop is lag, die right away because or lag landings, and when we rush,the loading shows up right when we try shoot, or gets real glitchy! Just another money draining money, and when match has ended shows up, we can’t even press the back button right away anymore, gata wait 10 seconds. Plz fix this! Want to see recordings? Prove u maker’s wrong? Unbelievable lag every 10 seconds

  40. Nathan Drawbridge says:

    Inquiry: why have the premium boxes all of a sudden disappeared? Thats odd. I’m still getting tokens for them to use. Review: obviously an amazingly deep game that’s well done that is free, and close to the original on console. But I think you guys include way too much background that slows the game down, especially on the outskirts of the map. Also there is a massive amount of cheating coming out of your country of origin, that has to be fixed. The season tier point system sucks too.

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