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April 30, 2022
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Prayer Times and Qibla Apk Download

Prayer Times App is for all Muslims who desires to find out correct Prayer timings.

Prayer Times and Qibla mod apk

Main capabilities:
• Shows the times for Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha and optional times like Imsak, Shuruq, Duha, Midnight and Qiyam
• Several strategies of calculation
• Customize reminder notifications settings for each prayer time
• Reminder earlier than entering Times
• Qibla compass
• Islamic Hijri calendar
• Personal reminder at distinct time earlier than/after prayer time
• Shows the nearest Masjid in your area
• Many adhan voices to be had to download
• Automatically change to Do Not Disturb in time of prayer
• Auto update area
• Display prayer times on widgets or Notification Bar
• Change app shade issues
• Support languages: Azerbaijani, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, English, Français, Pусский, العربية, বাংলা
• and so on

Support development by using improve to Pro and free up more functions:
• Play adhan randomly from your collections
• Customize themes

We welcome hints, tips, or in case you want to help us translate the app on your language


40 comments on "Prayer Times and Qibla Apk Download"

  1. Muhammad Ammar says:

    App is very beautiful and very useful. Much better than the apps I used previously. But an unwanted and considerable issue I have faced. When it launches do not disturb, it sometimes doesn’t come back to normal. Sometimes I miss my calls and notifications because of it. If this problem is resolved then 5 stars.

  2. Fatma Abd Elfatah says:

    Like the UI but timing has issues. First it doesn’t match local prayer times though all the location settings are entered correctly and needs manual adjustment every now and then to get it right when days get shorter or longer. And sometimes Adahn starts like 4 min late. Hope all these problems get fixed for this app to be great. Thanks

  3. Sal M says:

    I like the app very simple and neat. Couple things to consider in the next updates text size in the app very small, if you could add an option to resize it. Also I can’t resize the weights I can either keep it the original size or very big. The on app calendar looks kind of old design. However, so far this app prefect for me. Good luck 👍🏻

  4. Kaori says:

    Nice new interface! It looks really good! I’ve been using the app for more than a year now and it’s very useful. I wish the alarm function to have more features like QR code/NFC reading to close the alarm, and to change the stop and snooze button to something more easier and clearer.

  5. Dr. Mir Khazir mohd Kirmani says:

    Overall this is useful but The problem is with DND, If allowed access to it, it causes DND turned off at namaz times but doesn’t switch doesn’t turn it on again which causes issues. It like all other apps such as Alarm clock should give sound/vibrate but not change the settings of DND of phone. It’s improved a lot. Almighty Allah bless the creative team. They need all the support. Allah help them.

  6. Zammi Kahan says:

    After trying many apps, trying to settle with this app due to few reasons. 1. Near precise prayer time. 2. Ability to auto put phone into vibrate mode during prayer. 3. Look and feel – and of course ad-free. Only issue currently I’m facing is, now in UAE Jumaa time is at 1.15 pm. So I’m setting manually. But it is not reflected in main screen or in notification. Appreciate if you could fix it. Thanks.

  7. Adham Hammad says:

    So far so spectacular. The only thing I’m struggling with is the colors of the widget. It seems to be slightly inverting the colors i choose because I’ve set my phone theme dark but i think the widget color should reflect what we select appropriately and disregard the phone’s dark theme. My widget preview is not what i get in my actual widget. I can send pictures if necessary.

  8. Rabi Ahmad says:

    Nice clean app and easy to use! I like the suhoor alarm very much because it will automatically wake me up X minutes before Fajr. No need to set manually. One addition would be to add London Central Mosque timings, similar to Muslim pro. I had to manually adjust it to match but still not 100%. Also very minor bug, the full vertical widget transparency isn’t working when I choose a custom colour. Only works with “system default” which is basically black. Overall definitely worth the purchase.

  9. S B says:

    Amazing app, seamless, beautiful, super customizable. I only wish we could add more than 6 timings to the widgets, but alhamdulillah even like this is so beneficial, may Allah reward everyone involved. 👍🏽 Would rate it higher if I could, and would have paid more for pro than just $1.50.

  10. Nicat says:

    Simple and useful. Only wish we could have more than 6 times in widget. And configurable rows and columns for widget. Thanks a lot!

  11. Shoaib Mumtaz says:

    Ma Sha ALLAH 😊, one of the best applications ever. It solved my problem of namaz timing. I use my phone all day, and knew if I had a time as widget It will push me to pray on time. I tried many apps before and all of them had this feature as paid, but this showed me times for all obligatory prayers. And even if you want to buy pro plan, it’s just a fraction of what others are asking, and don’t ruin every step with ads. Ma Sha ALLAH, thank you so much for making this application.

  12. Ammar Fathin Sabili says:

    For me, the best feat of this app is to set an alarm X minutes from Subuh (really helpful for Qiyam). The app is intuitive yet it has plenty of useful features, just exactly what you are looking for!

  13. Muhammad Haider says:

    This is an amazing app, no doubt. I’ll just suggest 2 necessary things to be added: 1. There should be a toggle button beside Asr time on the home page to switch between Hanafi and Other madhab. Otherwise it is very inconvenient to go to settings and change the Asr method each time to view the Asr time in other madhab. 2. Mid-noon time is to be added like midnight. Because that is one of the non permissible time for salah to be prayed. Please Add these small features to this beautiful app.

  14. Razin Rahim says:

    Love its simple UI and great customisation of widget. My suggestion is to add change font colour and transparency option for notification.

  15. Rashed Latif says:

    The most easy to use, light weight prayer time app I have ever used. It does everything what we need for everyday basis. Very well design. GREAT JOB.

  16. Ibrahim Aljutaili says:

    I bought the app, and I can’t find the full transparency option? The background of the counter for the small widget does not have full transparency

  17. Azman Tamin says:

    Complete with auto silence after azan…very nice features. Though it said it follows the authorities set prayer time here in Malaysia i. e JAKIM, but the prayer time is still not perfect .. Well after the update, prayer time is correct with the download able CSV file . One feature that make this perfect is the auto silence feature. Really helpful when you forgot to silence your phone during solah… Thumbs up developer of this apk

  18. Sara Noor says:

    I’ve never written an app review but I have to sing the praises of this app. It is easy to use, clear & have no ads! The best part of the app for me is how customizable you can make the user interface and widget; from change of colours, info display, ability to add Qiyam time and even transparency! The team behind the app have gone above and beyond to make it a great app. (So much better than Muslim Pro). You’ve made prayer time so accessible for me and I pray Allah rewards you all. Thank you!

  19. Batuulo Buubteey says:

    I would say fours bc it’s hard to download and takes a lot of time for me but everything else is pretty nice the prayer and qibla so far this is the best prayer app I have seen

  20. winterbear says:

    i just purchased a pro version, its nice i can change to dark mode and show shuruq on my widget, but i hope you add more font size less than 14dp (10dp is perfect) bcz its still too big on my widget and doesn’t works in 6 times prayers (the text isn’t full). and there is some issues on alarms when my phone was locked, a full screen notification doesn’t show on my lock screen, yesterday it still works but today the notification were gone idk why, please fix this and i’ll give you 5 stars

  21. Sabik. Rahman says:

    This Is one and only the best prayer times app ever.This app is completely ad-free.It has many awesome features.It also shows the current moon phase.And the prayer times are also accurate.I can even change the app’s interface and widget according to my choice.What is more interesting about this app is that, it has a permanent Pro Subscription option.Which means that I don’t have to pay every month or year.I just wish this app could tell me the Iftaar times.Anyway, I am happy by using this app 😀

  22. Yousef The Battler (Yousef The Battler) says:

    Mashallah, This is one of the best Islamic apps I have ever owned! No ads, smooth interface and super easy to use. It doesn’t have gadgets that you don’t need or annoying advertisements like other apps. I’d even say that this app is better than Muslim pro! Inshallah the future of this app will be great and won’t be like the other apps.

  23. Seddik MOKRANI says:

    Such a very good app, I wish if we could have at least one dark theme option for free tho, I really do appreciate the design and the simplicity, well done.

  24. Usaama Ssenyonjo says:

    Very good app but add iqaamat salat option after adhan so that we can set time between Adhan and Iqaama. . .

  25. Engr. Zakir Malik says:

    overall best app, perfect qibla direction all the times checked n prayer times absolutely good. in short i totally loved this 👌, keep it up. Allah kareem gives u happiness in ur life.🤲

  26. M Shaybra says:

    Really good app. The UI is really nice and very smooth, also i like that you can choose the stream used for athan notifications because i only have alarms on and the rest is silent this is the only app i found that lets you do that. And no ads.

  27. Nafiul Alam Mia says:

    Great app. No ads! Free widgets. Simple to use! Love it!

  28. a y says:

    Best prayer time app. Love that the privacy of users is respected. Very nice widgets that can be customised. Ability to use GPS or a map to find your prayer times is excellent but I couldn’t figure out how to import my own csv file. Apart from that a very very very good app that perfectly does it task. To the person who developed this app; I ask Allah to reward you with jannah, ameen.

  29. Ir. Azhar Md. Suri says:

    Very helpful and accurate. Awesome!

  30. Mohamed Hashem says:

    Unstable Prayer Times App, Skips Prayers Randomly, although I have made all recommended battery settings!!! Also, the Silent mode does not go off, it stays in the Silent Mode until turned off manually!!!

  31. Khader Barnawi (kbarnawi) says:

    Thanks very practical and useful app Simple and working I bought the pro for support. Do you have an app for the watch (android wearable)

  32. A Al-binali says:

    Ever since the last update it has been doubling athan notifications. Pls fix

  33. Romio Helal says:

    Amazing app but can you add features to close the azan voice when press for any button or just turn the device

  34. Ahmed Alhadhramy says:

    I’ve used this app for more than a month, I found it very useful and have met my requirements.

  35. Jewel Elisiana says:

    After a few months of usage, I think it’s a very good app (compared to several other apps) The only thing I could wish for is to have the lower limt of some timing to go down to the lowest unit (e.g., 1 sec, 1 min)

  36. yanuar chen says:

    notification not working in my Vivo V21 5G. it looks like the app won’t work in background.

  37. Jiraya Hatugami says:

    An awesome app i love it But I have problem with importing CSV I have sent you an email hope you see it and help me out

  38. Adam Little says:

    Notifications have been off for a while, was in the beta version. So left that, then it made its way into the main. Sometimes it will notify my of a prayer time multiple times, sometimes early, sometimes late. Have used the app for a while and it never used to have the issue. Paid for version as well. Otherwise the app is really good

  39. Arif Budiman says:

    My late father use this app to remind him of shalat times. Very useful. Thank you.

  40. Ghulam Qureshi says:

    Congratulations to all of you.Because this type of app I have ever seen before , My words are little but you are the great.

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