OmeTV – Video Chat alternative Mod Apk New Version 2022*


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January 17, 2022
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OmeTV – Video Chat alternative Mod Apk New Version 2022*

Start meeting new people and making buddies in OmeTV video chat. Connect with over 1 million mobile customers and over a hundred,000 website visitors chatting on line day and night time!


● Easy to apply cam to cam chat: swipe and chat with a real individual
● You nevertheless can use text chatting if your smartphone’s camera isn’t working or you’ve got low net velocity
● Free and easy to apply: no club costs, no registration.

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40 comments on "OmeTV – Video Chat alternative Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. Prudence Brenela says:

    —EDIT: From 2 star to 1. I’m glad that you are active here on the reviews however it seems to me that the app is not actually used by the staff or mod team. Like I mentioned before you “CAN’T” report someone after “THEY” or your self have clicked next so makes reporting impossible. A delay or an option to click report last before connecting would be a huge improvement to clean up the content on the service.— For an app that is very strict on what you can and can’t do, I spent only 5 mins using it and I saw just about everything stated in the rules that you’re not allowed. So either it’s not moderated at all, no way to report past connections (as the report button vanishes when they click next) or from the sounds of it over moderated.

  2. Ned Jocelynn says:

    I use the Omegle website all the time, and have used this app only a few times in the past. This time however, I’m not able to hear any audio through my headphones, regardless of how many times I reset them or my phone. I still only give it three stars because of the quality of previous experiences. Maybe this update is a little flawed

  3. Jordon S says:

    Update, now you have to log in with facebook or another account, this will help stop what was happening before, before you didn’t have to log in and there were allot of dudes masterbating on this app, I gave it three starts Because of the system it goes through and still allows some to video into the app via third party video streaming services that don’t require registration, it also allows young people that are not 18+ to join through them third party systems. Getting closer to being 5*.

  4. CKA Hand Car Wash Ltd says:

    The app is really great fun and it’s nice talking to people all over the world. However, there is an issue where once I start the app, my phone thinks I am on a phone call and makes the audio into call audio meaning 1) my voice is very quiet to the person I’m speaking to. 2) my phone is stuck in call audio until I restart my phone. Thats the only issue with this app. I am using an s20 ultra if that helps

  5. Klinteyy M. says:

    The app should have a partner lock, if you understand what I mean. The lock serves to benefit both users on both ends in case that there is a weak network reception on either of the users so that they can manage to reconnect and would not skip to the next person. Thus, not ruining a possible friendship in the making which is the main goal of 🙂

  6. confusion shokoshokoshoko says:

    There should be an option to BAN certain countries. The app obviously uses my location to recommend people who are nearby which is the opposite of what I want. No matter how much I skip they just keep coming. Edit to 1 star: PLEASE add the option to block certain countries, or at least don’t take my location into consideration when finding my matches.

  7. Karthik Reddy says:

    Most of the strangers shown belong to the same country I am from. There is no option to change that. It defeats the purpose when u want to find someone just to learn/improve a language.

  8. Y V says:

    IF ONLY I COULD GIVE 0.5 STARS I WOULD. IF YOU’RE PLANNING TO INSTALL THIS APP TO MEET PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD, DON’T. Simple reason is why would you put an “ALL COUNTRIES” for a person to choose when it only shows the people from your own country, just how it shows when you choose other countries. It’s not the best video chat alternative. I’m going to tell my friends to not use this app anymore.

  9. D L says:

    I was actually enjoying the desktop version of this meeting three new friends from Korea before I go back. Other cool people here and there. Made friends with a dude from Ireland. But things took a dramatic turn for the worse… I unfortunately witnessed a horrible sexual crime on this app involving a young child. Once I realized what was happening and the shock wore off, I didn’t even click the report button. I got out of there ASAP. The worst few seconds of my life. PARENTS BEWARE.

  10. David Wubs says:

    I’ve had mixed experiences with this app. Some good some bad. For thr most part you will be skipped or will be skipping others but there is potential for good conversation if you find the right person.

  11. Немања Богданов says:

    There is like a milion naked dudes jerking off and i get perma banned for showing him a middle finger. Potato AI and company, don’t bother contacting them they don’t even look at mail 😂

  12. shaikh wasim akram says:

    There is a lot of Noise in the background despite of good network and quite environment on both sides. This creates a communication barrier of a kind 3. The App lags quite a bit . And ofc comparitively Huge Data consumption. 4. Could have been better. 1. Recommendation- also give the interest options if feasible

  13. Ralph Vincent De Guzman says:

    Not good matching, always matches you to country where you belong even if you customize to other countries

  14. Yonas Tefera says:

    There is a lot of problem in log in …then i used this up but now it has a log in problem…

  15. Nhell Geroy says:

    It was amazing as I used this app… I gain more friends…and I’m very much thankful for that.

  16. M. Wiguna Saputra says:

    Microphone when using earphone doesn’t work, this is fatal bug and not repaired for a long time.

  17. Dennis “cracky” K. says:

    Has no option to create new profile or login via email, Is asking for almost full access on Facebook or VK ..not trustworthy, looks like data phishing. Danger!

  18. Kawsar Mobarak says:

    My Huawei meta 10, can’t log in with facebook or with VK at all, nothing happen when i click on log in button

  19. M7broXD says:

    remove that app from google play, its useless why i have to meet people from my country, its full of problems that app doesn’t deserve to be here

  20. A_ Gamer says:

    I’ve been banned for doing nothing I was just showing my PC setup it’s a very bad experience it’s my first time trying the application and I just got banned.

  21. Jonathan Bryce says:

    Requires too many permissions. Why does it need access to storage? Or phone calls? Too intrusive. When apps demand unnecessary permissions, then I don’t trust them. Permissions denied and app uninstalled. It should only need access to camera sand microphone, like other similar apps. Further to my review, Ome TV now requires FB or VK login and can access everything in your FB at any time, even when not using the app, including contacts and photos. This is a SPY app to steal personal information

  22. Aman YT says:

    Only Bad Thing … When I Was Connect Any earbuds with my phone audio missing in my earbuds it cames from my phone always.. so can you fix this issue…your app does’t support earbuds..and lot of audio issue when talk with someone i was hear my voice sometime.

  23. Melandrie Van der byl says:

    Great app…Love it…But it suddenly just stopped working saying no internet connection even tho I’m connected to the wifi…Please fix it…Otherwise Amazing app.

  24. zee Lawrence says:

    Band me for following rules by showing my face banned for that and not being in fram , yet folks are allowed to “beat there meat” all day on that app and still mange not to get banned cause you see the same person keep doing it. ..udder trash app and heavily flawed system. Not the best experience.

  25. Bharat Penumutchu says:

    Excellent Idea but poor pairing. I just wanted to talk to someone in my age group. Realized most of are gen z. This young girl thought I was a creep staking for young girls and started recording me. That was my sign for uninstalling it. Wish they could pair people based on age group. When it says talk to strangers I thought I could learn about different main goal was just to talk to someone. Still an excellent idea. I will install if they have some age based pairing.

  26. Keagan East says:

    This is not a good app!!!! I flipped my camera for probably 1 sec if even that long and it banned me for irrelevant pictures???I tried everything but all they want is money payed to unban me. How do i get banned for accidentally flipping my camera for a second?! Fix the app

  27. Thaer Motlaq says:

    The worst 3 minutes I’ve ever waisted in my entire life. The most stupid and dumb app I’ve ever seen. I do not recommend this stupid app at all. Furthermore, if you don’t give this scam a permission to access your phone, then you will never be able to use it. I wish I were penguin lives in the Arctic, I would be the happiest creature instead of watching this app.

  28. Karl vincent Manasan says:

    It’s kinda annoying no active internet connections please fix it for better app thank you

  29. Fazli Elahi says:

    The app is hanging after some time plz fix this issue

  30. Jango Highlander says:

    Hello. I’ve already sent you a few messages on email but you didn’t answer. I have problem with setting my location. I’ve moved to another country but in the app I’m still showing as from the previous country. Why doesn’t the app change my location to the new one?????

  31. Angelina Crystal MIP says:

    Terrible you can’t even screen recording with an app with the sounds included. It’s all muted. VERY DISAPPOINTING I HAD HAD SOME GREAT TALKS WITH STRANGERS BUT CAN’T RECORD ‘EM. Please give this app a 1 star. Down down bad 👎👎👎👎

  32. Anastasia says:

    There are problems with wireless headphones

  33. irshad khan says:

    I have been using this app for tow year but now it is not supported with is the reason please contact me

  34. marathi status says:

    This is my first time using ometv via mobile can anyone tell me why i cant hear audio and i only see blury image or poor quality video of stranger… there any setting for this….btw i have givenall permissions to the app…

  35. Anurag says:

    Why i can’t use my headphone mic to speak in this app on android device? Is that only my problem, or anyone else have the same issue.?

  36. ZAIN PANDA 404 says:

    Its good app but block has not write. Imagine reason for only just kidding but you are ban tha block please this rule is banned but if and Cross tha limit and broken the rule and duration 2 ya 3 days Thanks for writing the msg

  37. Sidra Akhtar says:

    Please block perverts who disgust the healthy environment otherwise the app is great you get the chance to meet with new people.

  38. Raaji Ambikapathy says:

    I can’t even give 1 star bcz I tried many way to sign up but it didn’t work on it in this app, I try to enter my phone num but it shows another country pin and i couldn’t login.

  39. Maurilio BF says:

    This app crash! Everytime.

  40. Dae Seong Jong says:

    Why app exit automatically when i tried to swipe from right to left ?

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