Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… Mod Apk New Version 2022*

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Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… Mod Apk New Version 2022*

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls™ is a free app for clever gadgets to preserve you engaged with your familys gaming sports on Nintendo Switch.
◆ A Nintendo Switch console with the contemporary to be had gadget model is required to use this app.

This is suggested for people involved approximately matters including:
1. Is my infant spending an excessive amount of time playing video games?
2. What kind of games is my infant gambling?
three. Are the games my baby is playing age-suitable?

Below are three special capabilities of the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app:
1. Monitor play time on your console.
Set a play-time limit and the console will notify users that the time restriction has been reached.
Parents and guardians can check the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app to look if the time restrict has been observed.
It is also possible to suspend gameplay robotically whilst the play-time restriction is reached.

2. Check up in your consoles gameplay.
The summary feature allows you to easily see what games were performed at the console these days and what sort of time changed into spent gambling each day.
View daily reviews and monthly summaries of play activity.

Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… apk mod new

Its an easy way to see what type of games your circle of relatives is interested in.

3. Restrict console capabilities.
Nintendo Switch functions can be restricted to save you the console from playing video games above a certain age rating.

◆ An Internet connection is required to apply this app. Cellular facts can be used. A Nintendo Account (for ages 18 and up) is also required.
◆ Restrictions to Nintendo eShop purchases can be set from Nintendo Account settings.
◆ Your use of this app is issue to the Nintendo Account User Agreement available at guide.Nintendo.Com.
◆ In order to utilize all the functions and settings available in the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app, all registered Nintendo Switch consoles need to be using the trendy device model.


40 comments on "Nintendo Switch Parental Cont… Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. Carlissa Franklyn says:

    The app is great because I am notified when my daughter plays her console or what she downloads. The one issue I have is with signing in. It appears that some keyboard apps want to enter the email with a capitol letter in the beginning. I am told that this shouldn’t matter but I can’t seem to sign in with a capitol letter at the beginning of my email. I always have to change it to lower case. I use swipe keyboard. Does anyone else have this issue.

  2. Coralia Waylen says:

    A good app but there are things that could be improved. It would be better if the parental controls were tied to a profile & not the whole switch. For example, I do not like that I have to disable it everytime I want to play. I also would like to approve games for me to play but restrict them for my children. It’s a design flaw that causes some issues & inconvenience for me as a parent.

  3. Jenifer Ealhdun says:

    Easy to use until there is an issue. Parental controls are intuitive and useful against my 8 year old son. The ability to block games and set time allowances is great. Fingerprint unlock for the app is great to keep my nosey kid out. Biggest complaint was when my battery locked up, and we had to send it in for repair, the returned device was wiped clean and restoration instructions were poor at best. If the restoration process had gone better. would have been a 5 star.

  4. Garey Culver says:

    Limited functionality. No way to set a password to the system or games. No way to set time limits for profiles. You can set a bedtime restriction, but not a “wake up” (i.e., no way to set only 1 hour of play and must be between 1 – 7pm). Yes, this app does make my job as a parent easier, but only slightly. Given the complexity of the Switch more robust parental controls would be helpful. My basic thermostat has more security and scheduling options and I didn’t even upgrade to the Nest.

  5. Beorhthramm Shawn says:

    I’m able to monitor total usage time ( daily or monthly ) at the touch of a button on the app as well as make time limit adjustments quickly. I can easily set any time limit I desire. I like the alarm that sounds on the video screen, as the game is being played, that warns of the impending time limit. I haven’t explored all the bells and whistles of the app, but pleased with it so far.

  6. Saxon Albie says:

    Severely lacking in options. As others have said, you can have a bedtime shut-off but not a similar option for preventing play before a set “wake-up” time. In the event you do unlock the switch (say, if you’re allowing an extended play session) , you lose visibility within the app of what activity has taken place.

  7. Birkit Lange says:

    Great! My only recommendation is that Nintendo create an option to force a pin to login to the child’s profile. You can do it by setting the individual time limits to 0, however, you have to be aware of time played, versus relying on limits previously set. If you could have preset limits as well as the pin, that would be perfect.

  8. Wildon Johnni says:

    The app itself is fairly easy to navigate/set up, but I believe there should really be an option for setting individual restrictions based on the profiles on the Switch itself. Having blanket restrictions is a little much when you may only have one profile of 4 or 5 that needs the restrictions. Or if you have a varrying array of restrictions needed. Also, while a “reminder” for when time is up is nice and deffinitely useful without being TOO intrusive, maybe have remote power down?

  9. Taliesin Willy says:

    it’s amazing because I can set the time limit and bed time, but nothing beats being able to turn it off or add more time to his account from work or wherever. Actually this ability has been used more to add time than turn it off because they know what they need to do and will be held accountable. lastly if its left on the homescreen on accident it doesn’t calculate that as time played but it does use up the time limit which then can be adjusted.

  10. Wynne Ramm says:

    Iv had this app for about 8 months. I have to supervise my 10 yr old boy. I had no problems for a long while now. it shows me how long time was spent. gave me notifications. but the past month now it has changed. I don’t get notifications anymore. I have to go in the app to see. than it says it hasn’t sync in days. I went to try to sync it on the switch but says some kind of error. I have deleted and re installed. still some errors. idk what’s going on. this has never happened before.

  11. Areia Dekel says:

    Downloaded this app for my son’s switch, it has a lot of really helpful features. It’s good in theory, would be really helpful if the switch didnt use the all his allotted time while he isn’t even playing it. The app never shows the same usage as the switch. I’m forced to put in the code and remove the restrictions because he ends up with only 30 minutes to play. I might as well not even have this app, so frustrating.

  12. Aviana Eallard says:

    This app is amazing, it tells you everything you need to know about how long someone is playing, if something got downloaded, if someone tried putting in your password and failed, etc. If you have a switch, it is crucial to have this with it, it helps me out a ton, especially that it is easy to work and use, simple tabs make this is app great. All you need is common sense and you will be off to see what people are doing on your switch. 10/10, I love it.

  13. Sharene Alexandrina says:

    The app is mostly pretty good, but I think it’s missing some very simple features that seem like common sense. I would like to set a beginning time so my kid doesn’t wake up at 5:30 am so he can start playing. I want the ability to shut the Switch down whenever i want to. I would also like the ability to to add some time instead of just disabling alarms for the whole day. Please add these features!

  14. Helena Elwyn says:

    Works very well for the most part, although some aspects could be improved, such as the method of whitelisting apps. Also, some apps contain multiple titles, such as the NES and SNES classic library apps, and it is not possible to whitelist the interior games in examples like these. Otherwise, it’s very useful and well designed.

  15. Peggy Bordin says:

    This app works good with my 5 year old. It allows me to see which games he plays and which he doesn’t. I’d like it if some areas had more functionality. Instead of setting a time sometimes I’d like to just turn it off rather than setting a time. My 5 year old is aware that I am able to see what he does & if behavior isn’t good then I can turn it off & so it does help in that area. Some apps it shows him as playing when he wasn’t actually & the screen was just on. Will reevaluate if app updates.

  16. Jayne Orton says:

    Not very user friendly. I found a link to control parental settings within my account but now that’s gone. My child had trouble getting the device to work after i installed my parent app. I did get a notification that the parental control password had been attempted / failed access. That was good. But the app has a lot of work to be truly functional.

  17. Kamber Angelquea says:

    App is ok but missing a feature: a STOP option. I would love the option to stop/lock the device with one button at will. In order for me to stop the switch before the alloted time is up, I have to go into the individual day and toggle to 0min and update it then whwn I want to turn ir back onb go have and add the original allotted time (which starts the time over) and update it again.

  18. Heolstor Rawls says:

    Limited but useful parental controls. I am used to more flexibility and immediacy in changing time and restricting access. This app does that, but lags behind other similar apps in being able to make small temporary bumps in screen time or immediately locking or unlocking access from the app. It’s a good start, and I appreciate the option of having it. Though I would like to see it fine tuned a bit more.

  19. Max Tarkington says:

    Overall, the app is very useful. I can set daily limits based on when I generally put my 9yo to bed. It’s different on school nights vs a Friday vs Saturday (church the next day). The main fix I would recommend is making it to where I can grant an extension in 15 min increments rather than just shutting it off. On the Screen Time app I have on the tablets, I can do that and it’s done. I don’t have to shut it off again.

  20. Corey B says:

    App is very straightforward. Extremely simple to set up. In case you’re wondering, yes you can use your nintendo account that’s not on the switch itself. You can link multiple switches to your nintendo account. And it tracks playtime of all games played every day the switch(es) are played in real time. Easy to set up time and game constraints. Easy to understand data displayed in a pleasing way. Overall a fantastic app!

  21. Aaron says:

    This app is very useful, but also has a lot of room for improvement. I would like to be able to set time limits specifically for each user and for each game as well as have the ability to restrict playtime before school. Just like there is a bedtime option there should be a wake-up/start time option. These controls would benefit from being more similar to the XBOX parental controls, which are amazing.

  22. Stephanie Patuleia says:

    The app and idea is great. The timers are good. Only giving it 3 stars because once the timer goes off, you can still play the games. The timer goes off and on for a little bit, but eventually stops altogether. Would love to give this 5 stars if once the timer went off, it locked the game system or something so you actually can’t play passed the time set

  23. Sean Ross says:

    I just got my four and a half year old a Nintendo switch. At first I was thinking maybe it was a bad idea. But after him watching him interact with it I know it was definitely a good call. I wouldn’t suggest letting a child that age use the mobile version often. Maybe just on long car rides or places where I know he won’t accidentally drop it. However, using it as a home console for my son is perfect. Being able to keep track on my phone when he’s using it and how long he’s using. Is perfect.

  24. Adam Paradis says:

    I’ve had a Switch since launch but only used the local parental controls. I found this app recently and I wish I had it sooner. It really makes managing parental controls and monitoring activity extremely easy. I can even change the settings on the fly when a game is running and the new settings will be pushed to the console. Highly recommended.

  25. Steven Jenkins says:

    I don’t have kids. I use this app to make it a little harder for someone to us my Nintendo Switch without permission. So I set every days time limit to be zero which makes parental controls need to be overridden whenever the device is turned on. The app does everything it says it does. A suggestion I have is to be able to set an amount of time to remain unlocked after the pin code is entered so turning the screen off doesn’t immediately result in a locked device.

  26. Jessica “Jes-ka” Henninger says:

    It’s definitely helpful, but the settings are for the entire console and not customizable per person (which makes sense since you don’t log in and stay logged in). I like that it will hide news articles based on age rating. I don’t know how it handles purchases yet. I like that there is a pin for the adults to use to unlock things, and that you can lock the app on your phone.

  27. Alicia Wilson-Eaton says:

    Great app, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of five is I wish there was more options. To elaborate on it, it only has 1-6 hours to lock. Could have customization options like for each user and customized timing so if a child earns more screen time you can add it without having to just override the parental controls. Otherwise it’s great to have the app.

  28. Marc Fineman says:

    The app is simple and works well. It would be 5 stars if the app was to let you extend the active screen time on the fly. Like a “bonus time” for good behavior or for special circumstances. Once the limit is reached, the only option you have, if you want to award more time, is to turn Parental Controls off. Then you have to remember to turn it back on. A simple over-time option with 30 minute increments would be perfect, and amazing. Pretty much the same thing a lot of the other reviews said.

  29. Justin Gross says:

    Love this app but there are definitely some improvements they can make. I use it control how much time my son has each day. If I want to add time (which happens all the time) that is easy but then that will persist for the next week if I forget to change it back. It would be nice to either have it add time each day but not change the default amount per day or each week reset the timers for each day back to where they were.

  30. Joshua Ware says:

    It’s a really useful app. I have 3 kids and I can control all 3 of there from here. The information they provide like what game they are playing and what ages are recommended. But instead of a timer you have a play limit. The play limit is cool but it really needs a separate, “Timer” feature. If it gad that this app would have had a perfect score. If they add ill change it. Lol 😆

  31. Jamie Boggs says:

    This is great! I bought my kids switches for christmas, but we’ve never done electronics before so I was looking for a way to limit the time they spend on it. It works great for my 6 year Olds switch and times out after an hour. My 9 year old though, isnt timing out. Other than that this app let’s me know when they are on it, when they get off, and what games they played.

  32. Car Co says:

    This app is ok. I think it could use some upgrades. The main one being lock console immediately. If you lose the system or if it dinner time, bed time, you should be able to lock the gaming system. It could also use a Bluetooth connection options for when unit is not connected to a network you can connect through Bluetooth to make changes to parent settings. Finally, if it had a find my device feature it would be the greatest app ever! But the first issue is why I only gave it 3 stars.

  33. Tad Shingledecker says:

    Great for general parental controls. I agree with others it needs way more functionality. Especially when not connected to internet. Need the ability to instant lock by button instead of having to take the time limit down for the day. It’s a hassle. Need the ability to communicate or message the console for various purposes. Send reminders to it, etc.

  34. Rachel Thomas says:

    Better than nothing. I like that I can set a limit and pick what ratings are allowed. Wish I could see what games they are playing and for how long. Also reward time would be nice. I can change the time for a day, but then need to change it back. Being able to simply reward them with extra time would be great. Over all its simple and works, but needs more features.

  35. Morgan McRory says:

    Total game changer in our household. I’d love it to allow minute changes instead of 15 min increments. That cannot be that hard of a code change…so pretty please make it happen. I’d also love to see a feature to set limits per player and a kill switch. Besides a desire to see a bigger feature set, I really do love this app and feature that it DOES offer.

  36. Adrian Jelley says:

    Great overall, but I wish it had a few more features. I use this app on 2 different switches and I love the ability to set time limits, and game ratings. I also enjoy the monthly summary of what was played. That said, I wish the app had a “lock now” feature, or a way to extend play time without having to change the daily schedule. It would also be fantastic if it had a “find my switch” option, where it would cause the switch to play a sound when activated.

  37. Elliot McIntosh (RonTheCat) says:

    I don’t like it. At all. For ACNH, I got very far into the game, and I time traveled a lot. Parental controls only made it so people have to do a code for everything. When I turned it off, I discover I lost all my progress on ACNH because of the change of dates. Not happy about it. And also, the parental controls didn’t really help when people using the switch only stayed on 30 min, it was not worth the disappointment at all.

  38. Glenn n Rozen Lorenzo says:

    Great start but seems pretty limited. Personally, it could use a feature to set time limits for each account on the Switch. Not everyone has one console per kid or is that just me? The ability to instantly interrupt gameplay could also be useful though I haven’t had the need. I will have to explore the lock function when time expires though apparently it may prevent the game from saving properly. Maybe a better end result would have been “pin unlock” rather than the forboding aviso.

  39. Hamzah Mughal says:

    Great, but needs to be individualized by account. The app enables you to control the WHOLE switch. It counts the time the console was active, not a given account. I want my daughters time on the console on her account to be tracked and limited. not mine. Unfortunately, there’s no way to discriminate between us (unless I clearly missed it). Otherwise this is an awesome app.

  40. Geoff Hunt says:

    Great app with easy controls and reports. I just wish three things: 1. That the timer DIDN’T decrease while in the main Switch screen. No reason for it to decrease on a screen where a game isn’t being played. 2. I wish the timer was per profile, not just for the system. 3. Would be nice if the system “stopped” once the time was up.

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