NecroBox Ghost Box Apk Download New 2022*

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Jun 14, 2022
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NecroBox Ghost Box Apk Download New 2022*

Spain Paranormals NecroBox. This ghost field includes darkish audio reversed speech banks in a frequency that we suppose allow spirit communication. Warning It appears to draw dark entities so be warning and stay safe while using this app.
Dark Music button plays history tune as trigger, composed via Mattia Cupelli – http://www.Mattiacupelli.Com
It has a guide mode that goes from 25 to 1000 ms velocity, and an car mode that goes from 25 to 500ms on every occasion it trigger audio.

NecroBox Ghost Box apk mod new

Enter with slider). Recommended bluetooth speaker.
New trigger slider, at bottom of screen, let you adjust the amount of instances the ghost field test sounds.
Disclaimer: Nobody can assure spirit communication with any ITC device. This app is based totally in our personal theories and research of the magical area. This app isn’t always a toy, therefore we aren’t answerable for the misuse of this app


40 comments on "NecroBox Ghost Box Apk Download New 2022*"

  1. Kaley Wyne says:

    It works like most Spain apps. If you have a connection and actually know what youre doing, you can get a great session out of NecroBox. These neg. reviews come from people that dont know a spirit box from a shoe box. If it has a fault: not the clearest audio Javier ever put into a bank and the aesthetic is a bit melodramatic. Didnt stop me from getting some A+ contact with it, however. Make a new one Javier.

  2. Alissa Kersta says:

    Constantly sweeps. Cant get any results if it doesnt stay on one channel. Useless.

  3. Jonty Helea says:

    Definitely fake! It’s just a noise on loop over and over again, it’s fake and stupid!

  4. Brick Caralie says:

    Absolute trash. Just recorded random noise patterns. U just get a headache looking at the screen. Really…. Why do people put apps like this out???

  5. Wittatun Ashton says:

    Your app works at a incredible scale it has a really high sensitivity to detect evil spirits i do recomend you here the high pitch noise which is sync with the flashing light it will provoke the lesser beings withing the intention to comunnicate with you as they are based on nemonic rituals you might have or know about. Thanks again for the delightful encounter with my demons

  6. Raychell Ardelia says:

    Did not get any of my regular guides.come through although i did get a random voice chime in for a while..have better apps

  7. Janaya Octavian says:

    Giving this app a try. Not much of anything yet. Heard a man’s voice once. I know it takes time, but l was hoping my mom would come through. Never used an app before. Does anyone have any knowledge as how to work it.

  8. B C says:

    Um what? Lots of obviously pre recorded voices, it’s a just for fun type thing. Would have been better to start with no sound.

  9. Joshua Litterio says:

    I use auto see most common number range and dial in from there. Sounds like old scrambled radio waves tht are distorted. Has anyone recorded on this app and played in reverse yet?

  10. Julie Downton says:

    Tried it and it didn’t work as i exspected it to. No communication with Spirits just a noise in the background.

  11. Thilak Kaarthik says:

    This app is waste. Please don’t install this app. We can hear some noisy sounds. But that’s fake. It’s a waste of time. I downloaded this app by seeing all the one’s reviews. But it’s fake. Pls don’t install this app.

  12. Bronwyn Tilley says:

    Great fun, still working out everything this app has to offer even for the non experienced ghost hunters, this app is worth a go!

  13. Bleach Bleach says:

    Ok i have used it 3 4 times already first time when i use it after 5min the app went crazy and made some strange noises so i closed it. When i used it today as the 4th time something really unusual and strange happened i managed to get a stronger connection after 10min of sension and i don’t know if i asked something wrong or spirit try to pass thru my phone but it went all crazy sounds again and i closed it but the sound keeped going even when the app closed so i had to restart my phone. Wow

  14. KazumaK1R1 says:

    This app does work if you set a connection and intention to speak with a spirit. There’s a difference between believing something exists, and knowing with your third eye that it does for certain exist because of universal clarity and truths. This app is dangerous if used incorrectly so make sure to not invite in any demons or poltergeist. Purge all negative energy from your connection and manifestation. Amazing app! Best one on this app store for sure!

  15. Hh Girl says:

    Is definitely fake. I’ve been hearing the same sound pattern since I started using it. No responses whatsoever.

  16. Brown Shugga82 says:

    This app is the most boring app in my life i was listening for just over 1 hour and then im sorry i had to turn it off just everything about it waste of my life also it drained my battery even though i had it on charge and no it was not ghosts draining

  17. S A Fahn Heinrich says:

    It in itself is a good app but all a bit hoakey and fake. The algorithm / word bank is set to scare with no substance or meaningful purpose.

  18. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Wouldn’t work on my phone, kept saying it was for older phones. Update this and I’ll reinstall it.

  19. Jami Mcelvoy says:

    Imma be frank. I don’t know how to use the app,and I could barely hear what they said. Everytime I asked what I assume is a “hers” name, I hear “my name is-” and then it makes a bunch of random noises, each time beginning with “shae”. Then I asked when they died. I think they said 1985. I then asked “I have to go now. can u say goodbye?” And a bunch of different voices sounded like they were tripping over each other to say’s actually quite interesting and has peaked my interest.nvrag

  20. Zz Ii says:

    Its a good app. Legit ! Its working , i heard my name 4 times but i have to say sometimes its unclear what it say , cant understand sometimes when u ask something other than yes or no question. Either way im gonna look out for other apps tho

  21. Janna aban says:

    I just want to say this app is so freaking cool and after i use this app i also heard a knocked on the door or something like its keep goin in 1-5min and im lil bit scared 😌 but ill rate thid 5/5 this is like a Necroponic but the orig Necroponic need to pay like yeah K that’s all and i rlly like thid app im glad thst its free!

  22. Danny Mack says:

    Such a stupid app I don’t know why everybody is giving it a good rating you can’t hear anything at all it just sounds like fuzzing noise it’s stupid and completely ridiculous wasted my time downloading it thank God it’s free.

  23. Kawasakiblu says:

    This is a joke right???? This is the most annoying app ever. I would compare it to that pushy popper thing you’d buy a 1 year old. There are WAY better apps to choose from than this one, I’ve got both of the necrophonics and I have used them for over a year, 🙄 there’s no way to understand anything that comes out of this app, the sound bank is just over the top juvenile. I work with 23 different paranormal tools so I know good from bad and this one is probably the worst ever. 👋deleting now.

  24. vini boy says:

    I have tried lots of these apps but have never had a single positive response. Until that is, last night. Whilst using necrobox. My wife sadly passed away in February 2021. Last night I asked…..”what’s your name” that’s when, with no doubts at all, she replied “Ra-chel”. Which is her name. I was in a state if shock. I never imagined that I would get a response. This is not a wind up or promotional entry. It’s up front and true. I hardly beleive it myself. It actually works. 100%. WOW!

  25. chessmassacre chessmassacre says:

    2 stars for the effort, but i hear nothing but random choppy radio noises and a few growls but never heard a word. Interface is interesting artsy, probably the only thing cool about this one. Not sure whats going on with this app.

  26. Michael Stone says:

    Lame . Sound is very poor. I rather listen to a radio sweep. They should start fresh.

  27. under construction says:

    I added the radio scanner app ontop and it seemed to make the words clear idk why but try running the HackShack x8 over top cause I hear huge difference maybe it’s just me ???

  28. Shirley and Tammy says:

    Used it multiple times and got absolutely nothing but static. Even sat it next to an urn. The person in the urn always said if there’s an afterlife I’ll let you know, 3hrs later still nothing. Useless

  29. Riley Ryan says:

    So I didn’t mean to download this app but the time I was going to close it it was downloaded so I didn’t think it was real so I opened the app and i think it was fine and made up so I let it access my microphone and I talked as soon as I click it i felt heavy energy and deep breathing I thought I could talk to my grandmother but instead I heard that for kids I really recommend not to download this stay safe

  30. PELICAN EEL TV says:

    let me make this clear, if this was a legitimate ghost box it wouldn’t be free, i have been a paranormal investigator for 25 years and only 1 app on google or ios actually really works and has been tested by me on location is the paranormal puk 2 with the puk purchased separately, the other apps are just playing on people’s vulnerable state of mind especially if they have lost a loved one

  31. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    It’s okay……. But the background voice disturbing to listening actual reply…… And noice sound higher of then spirit voice…… Fix it plz otherwise it’s completely perfect application 👌

  32. Stephanie Bice says:

    I love this app!! I’ve tried many apps but this is by far my favorite!! I will not even try to find another one cause this does everything I hoped it would do and I get something everytime…thank you for making this app ….I love it and will continue using it forever!!!

  33. Sarvjit Kadam says:

    STOP GUYS!!!!!!! Dont use this app, Because the app is fake. I am giving you Proof- Friends Just install the app and Open apk extractor And extract the installed apk, Then install Zarchiever And open the extracted apk file in Zarchiever then open assets folder and you will find all recording’s that we hear in apk. So dont download then app if you have any doubts on my Proof then Try it yourself And Find truth. REMEMBER THAT- YOU WILL BE FOOLED 😵😵😵😵😵

  34. K T says:

    Basic radio scanner is so much better. This app make no sense. Acts like a very cheap scanner with no words recognized

  35. Skylar Summers (Sky) says:

    I had no clue how to use it at first but i sopose its for dark spirits? Anyway its juat a bunch of random distorted deep sounds for me but over all the app is ok

  36. Joanne Smith says:

    Can’t get to the app because ads are blocking. Complete rubbish.

  37. Vinay Kumar says:

    It’s just returns noice. No voice.

  38. Julian John says:

    Doesn’t work settings not labelled clearly and shows ads…. wouldn’t mind the ads if the app actually did something

  39. Joanne Urwin says:

    How can this even work . Well I got nothing I get more when I do my cards etc. You can use the radio in-between stations .

  40. Rebecca Brown says:

    It has stopped working for me. It won’t go any further than the load screen.

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