Khada Online – 3D Viewer for LOL Apk Download New 2022*

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May 16, 2022
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Khada Online – 3D Viewer for LOL Apk Download New 2022*

With Khada Online, you can see the three-D fashions of each League of Legends champion and skin to your Android!


• CHAMPIONS AND SKINS: See any champion and pores and skin from any perspective you want to get better cosplay or drawing reference.
• CHROMAS: We have introduced each chroma % from the game!
• ANIMATIONS: Now, every animation from the game is to be had! Including dances, taunt, comic story, assault, keep in mind amp; a great deal more!
• VARIATIONS: Different kinds of skins and champions (i.E. Elementalist Lux, Kayn, Udyr, Nidalee, etc.).
• NEWS: See the state-of-the-art skins released in the remaining 5 updates.

Khada Online – 3D Viewer for LOL Apk Mod 2022

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35 comments on "Khada Online – 3D Viewer for LOL Apk Download New 2022*"

  1. Lee says:

    Add champion voice 🥺 please

  2. Juan Miguel Maricaban says:

    Add Kayle evelition

  3. Stephen Amit says:

    I think u ppl need to add Kayn’s Darkin and Shadow form along with the chromas transformations to each form

  4. Silentt says:

    I wish there was an option for removing assets

  5. Glenn Mark Montañez says:

    Its working well now

  6. Mel says:

    Just found this wonderful app! I like to view Lol’s 3D model in details! However one thing bother me is that when you zoom in some character which are not in centre (sett dance emote completely stick to ground example) the character would out of frame and hard to view Update: i just found that you can adjust the camera view by sliding with you fingers on, so my problem solved lmao 5star

  7. Neon Droid says:

    I think you need to make for wild rift too

  8. Colminero, Joshua B. says:

    Update pwease.

  9. atlopes says:

    Really good app but when is it gonna update?

  10. Kevin Amolar says:

    When will the update come? I’m desperately waiting for weeks for real lol🙁 but dw, take your time y’all, rly love this app it helps me especially when I wanna sketch champs 💕

  11. say sum in says:

    Will you add the basic attack of Akali in future updates?

  12. Daniel Ortiz says:

    Where is the old offline version? I used to love that app, but when I searched for the that one I only found this, please add the offline mode again, please.

  13. Vrba says:

    All the models are translucent, animations dont work, overall disfunctional for me even though i have tried it many times

  14. Ian Hernandez says:

    please update more

  15. Alias F says:

    Your Spirit Blossom Ahri still doesn’t work (Animations). There are a couple of other skins that don’t work either. Otherwise, pretty good app. EDIT: These guys actually fixed their app. The animations work now. Giving back the 5 stars.

  16. Prince Akhiro Naval says:

    Please Put it in a transformation like Kayn and Shyvana

  17. Adam Ciemiński (Adamek99214) says:

    Half of veigar skins don’t work. Didn’t knew were to write feedback, so I wrote it there.

  18. ItsKYRO13 says:

    If you have original app, download this!

  19. Riley says:

    update the other one for offline mode

  20. George Michele says:

    Great app but fix high noon irelia pls

  21. JHOJHIN WR says:

    Can i have a request😅,can you fix the Dark cosmic jhin While using his ult, Thanks☺️❤️🔥👌

  22. Yanni Mallari says:

    Best app for viewing 3d models. I know its not perfect but at least its usable.

  23. Nani? Kore? says:


  24. Bruh momento Isn't diamond says:

    Really good for finding references of champs for art, and 95% of the time is always online vs some of the desktop ones Hoping wild rift models one day

  25. Dream says:

    love This App So So Much! :3

  26. Mohammed Abbas says:

  27. Samantha “Talay” Samantha says:

    I like this app it helps me to draw every detail in the champion

  28. Soldier 69 says:

    Good app. There’s a bug on Mundo’s model, the things on his shoulders are not the right textures.

  29. Mark Joseph Bardilas says:

    nice app

  30. Mark Paul Chavez says:

    too much ads

  31. レオンハート says:

    I love this app 5 star, but can you please fix galaxy slayer zed bug it has no blades in it, i already tried to restart the app its still the same <3

  32. Ahsia Hargrove says:

    Way better than anything on PC. Absolutely perfect, clear and works amazingly!

  33. Uzumaki Nagato says:

    Thanks for this app, helps me alot, one problem is I can’t access kayn’s form is that a bug or what?

  34. Valclaries Kaiyr says:

    The animations are a great addition but removing some of the extra models, like kayn’s transformation and spirit blossom ahri’s ult. Hope these can added in soon.

  35. JESTER CARLISLE “Lexu Vius” MADLAO says:

    The app is pretty outdated, It’s still in patch 12.17, please update. The app is great though.

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