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April 12, 2022
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Instagram Mod Apk New Version 2022*

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40 comments on "Instagram Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. Kea Sai says:

    9/28 – I can’t access my full picture library. Like someone else said, it’s only showing a small select amount of photos, specifically *only* from the “Instagram” folder (which is photos I’ve already posted.) Incredibly frustrating!! I haven’t been posting lately because I need to do a roundabout way of getting to my photos and even then I cannot access videos at all. This has been going over a week. I can’t post!!

  2. Joanna Wideman says:

    Reels is beyond clunky. Drafts don’t save the song I have selected. There’s no way to edit something once I save it as a draft. The bar for choosing the part of the song I want is bigger than the section of the song I want so I can’t dial it in perfectly. I had everything dialed in to perfection when I saved it as a draft. Now I have to start all over. Some people spend a lot of time working on their reels and if they’re going to push for us to use them, they need to work right.

  3. Daniel Sullivan says:

    The app is broken. It has issues uploading posts. It bugs out a lot. The devs can’t seem to make up their mind on how the UI should look and will sometimes change it more than once within a day. It’s also filled with 30yr old women who peaked in high school trying to get attention by lip syncing audio clips and providing nothing of value. All of my friends have become jaded with the app and are leaving one by one. The algorithms don’t show anything that I would actually enjoy seeing.

  4. crossingseason says:

    The app just perpetually loads, never truly ever making any post, reel, story, etc. visible. It’s been happening for at least a month, making the app essentially useless. The only thing I can do is text people. Even the photos I send or post don’t always load. Magically, when I report the issue, the problem is resolved temporarily. But eventually, it goes back to not properly loading content. It’s the only app on my phone with this problem.

  5. Clay McHugh says:

    After years of no issues, Instagram decided to disconnect my Facebook account because it wasn’t updated. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times, only to get the same message. Thanks for making things way more complicated than they need to be. With absolutely no way to contact them with an issue and get any kind of resolution, this is the only way.

  6. Georgette says:

    I’ve been on this app for 9 years, and haven’t had too many issues until now. I last posted 8 days ago, and ever since then every time I try to post, it says “Unable to load image.” I have restarted my phone, cleared the cache, force stopped the app, etc., and still can’t post ANYTHING. I can see and select gallery images, but it won’t actually load the pictures and it won’t let me post them. I’m on a Galaxy Note 9, which I haven’t had issues posting from before. Resolution would be appreciated.

  7. XDX PRESHY says:

    As an artist on Instagram, I enjoy the app. However, its algorithm is a bit rough sometimes. I think they’re planning to fix it, but as of right now it’s a little wack. However, in my experience it is the only app I’ve grown on and found my people in! Oh, and image quality drops a sad amount here in Instagram but I somewhat understand why. Still sucks that it happens though. So, yeah. 4/5 ☆ from me.

  8. First Time Production says:

    Been using this app since I can remember. Well, I got hacked and been trying to get that resolved by reaching out to the Support team and all they do is send an email to their website that has no way of getting this resolved and keep running into dead ends. It has a way of resetting the password but can’t reset if the email on my file is not correct. Told them that information and been getting ignored and now I’m losing everything on file that I’ve had since early 2000.

  9. Jesser McCree says:

    Every week, if not every 3 days, the layout of reels shifts. I go to bed, finally used to the new layout, wake up, go to save something or send something to the homies, and I see that godforsaken “We’re moving things around!” notice. If you’re going to keep switching between these two specific layouts, just have an option in settings which lets users flick a switch, and it will swap between the two, rather than putting all of us through this limbo. Get it together, Mosseri, it’s not funny.

  10. Crystal says:

    It doesn’t load. I’ve updated, Uninstalled, to reinstall, yet it don’t load at all. I can’t see anyone’s posts on the feed. It used to be a wonderful app. Now it just sucks and is becoming trash because you can’t use it. None of my notifications show, I can’t see messages I received because they don’t load. It’s not even worth the time and effort to keep fighting this app in order to use it. And to this day months later it’s still has the same bug as before

  11. Andrew Thomas says:

    Hopefully one of these days the app will go back to being usable. Majority of the time I open the app no media loads. And for an app that is all about sharing media, it makes useless. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it several times over the past month because that’s the only solution. However it’s temporary. Not even a full five minutes into reinstalling it went right back to the same problem again.

  12. China Doll says:

    I recently had issues with adding music to my posts. Music had become integral to my creative process. I corrected the problem by uninstalling then reinstalling the app. Make sure to note your account name and password. Instagram is constantly evolving.Some changes are good while others are not. Good:reels upped my visibility and engagement; being able to like stories. Instagram has given me a creative outlet allowing me to post photos and videos. Also great for messaging and sending photos.

  13. Juliana Hall says:

    Love the app, but it’s so glitchy. 1, when I read replies on a comment, the same reply thread appears on ANOTHER comment. 2, somehow the upload and DM icons disappear after awhile. 3, during a call, if my finger hovers over my front camera lens, it makes my screen turn black. I hope this gets fixed because it’s frustrating and having to “live with it” or “ignore it” is not ideal.

  14. Nia Jimenez says:

    The app works perfectly fine on my phone, I sometimes use the website version but that’s only when my phone isn’t available to me. I only started using this app this year and the only bad thing is it uses up a lot of storage space, I’m sure it uses a lot of data when I’m not in a place with working Wi-Fi. Also, i hate that when I’m posting videos on my stories, it cuts the video in half or less. I like the background options it has for messaging and the reels are entertaining.

  15. I C H R I S I 88 says:

    Fox your app. Stop adding useless changes. Fix the photo and video quality. It isn’t hard. Ive been using this app for 5 years and never had any problems till the past year or two. Constantly uodating the app but nothing fixes the issues. Focus on the problems. Moving the like button to the bottom of the screen and then back up in each update doesn’t fix anything.

  16. April Elizabeth says:

    It’s pathetic that Instagram promotes Reels over everything else but making a reel in the Instagram app is impossible. The moment you crop something the audio no longer lines up with your video. Add more than 3 videos and it freezes and crashes. Or, everything looks fine but the text is completely stretched or is a totally different color. Honestly it’s embarrassing!

  17. Cammi Schoenherr says:

    The video chat feature just got obliterated in the most recent update, if both cameras turn off it turns down the audio volume so low there’s no way to hear it. It even does this when connected to headphones, and if you try to turn it onto speaker to be able to hear it will disconnect from headphones and go back to using the phone speaker, and still be too quiet to hear. Just revert it! Also, they swapped where you and the other person are (you used to be the top and now you’re on bottom) Why?!

  18. Jet Clark says:

    Newest update constantly and repeatedly force closes, making app unusable. When it does work, prepare to be buried in ads & videos from people you don’t follow and couldn’t care less about. Good luck with uploads. App CONSTANTLY quits during edit, replaces your filter with a different one, deletes or doubles your images, won’t upload at all, eats messages, etc. People I follow are always getting locked out of their accounts for no apparent reason. This is one of the worst apps out there.

  19. Ginger Kelly says:

    I am having trouble posting reels. Now the reel sharing is share but the option to post reels still remains. It’s a frustrating mystery. I also absolutely hate the adds for stupid casino games and half naked lady pictures for other adds I find objectionable. Instagram can do much better, I’m sure. It’s not a place for children and the pure in heart, that’s for sure.

  20. Mr Avocadoman says:

    I’ve noticed an issue with checking my notifications. I receive notifications just fine, but when I enter the app, I cannot see what I got, especially messages. I go to my messages and I have to refresh everytime just to finally receive the message. You’d think it’s an internet issue but it happens with or without wifi.

  21. Rachael Langley says:

    Used to love this app… now it’s half ads and I miss a lot of folks that I follow. Also, every time I’m editing a post lately the app suddenly refreshes and brings up “Stories” or goes back to the main feed (this will happen 2 or 3 times before I finish editing and post, if I don’t just give up first). Beyond frustrating!!! And I don’t get the push for videos over photos? Just let us decide which we prefer!

  22. C W says:

    Best features: dm’s get stuck on three random ones from the past – reels can no longer be shared to story without “Couldn’t upload. Try again” – chat themes and reactions disappeared and can’t be used or viewed anymore – videos no longer play, not even in posts nor dm’s – reels freeze when interacting with anything else, but the audio continues – the app randomly crashes every once in a while, clearing your notifications before you can read them. Great, right? 💀

  23. alan mendoza says:

    Everytime I’m on this app and I go to another app then come back to it, it refreshes my progress and starts a new page. I get frustrated sometimes so I go use another app, come back to it and it refreshes. Now I up to date and can’t see all the post I missed. Really stupid should be easy fix even if it’s not a bug. It’s a dumb mechanic. Maybe there should be an option to turn on and off auto refresh. Simple…

  24. Bri U says:

    Constantly deleting clips in reels, drafts disappearing, whole reels saying they can’t be posted and you have to start from scratch – absolutely horrible. At my wits end and decided to leave a negative review today after consistently having issues with the app. Today I created a reel where I dressed up and did my makeup for the transition with an event I’m attending. It decided not to save these clips after moving them and there is absolutely nowhere to reclaim these lost videos. 1 star.

  25. Brad Alston says:

    Increasingly Instagram has been forcing me to see sponsored content and randomized inane content from strangers I don’t want to see. It recently removed the ability to mute this content. It is almost entirely ads and has started prioritizing videos so heavily that it’s hard to get views for photographs. As a visual artist I depended on it to connect with others and showcase my work, but the app has become so hellbent on becoming Tik Tok that it is almost unusable.

  26. Cody Mallonee says:

    Its constantly throwing content I don’t want to see into my feed, and clicking one picture seems to mean you always want to see that category for the rest of your life. They’re also constantly moving settings so that you can’t find settings from one version to the next and online help is rendered useless come next update. The UI/X for deleting searches is terrible and results in me searching again for the entry I’m trying to delete.

  27. Mittens4Kittens says:

    Instagram recently added a feature that lets you search for messages in conversation history. It works, but it’s kind of inconvenient to use. Sometimes it won’t display all the messages, and the search mechanic is very glitchy. When you go to view a message you can only see a section of the conversation. If it would load more messages then it would be a lot more useful.

  28. Tiff Real says:

    I really like this app. It has more filters which are very nice. It gives you more options so you are able to do all types of cool things. When adding a story or to simply posting a picture. Your able to do so much more. Saving songs from different places you find even more & They are the best selection that I’ve came across so far. As far to having the type of music I like. Also the app seems to attract a more mature crowd. Which is also a huge bonus.

  29. Vernai says:

    It’s a pretty useful and good app. But I have had a problem for a couple years where upon switching apps/going to home screen, when I tab back into it certain parts of it are white and this gets annoying because it makes text impossible to read along with making the app difficult to use. I need to close the app completely to for it to go back to normal and this can cause problems. This happens every single time I tab out and tab back in the app. Great app, just wish this was fixed.

  30. Kitty E says:

    I’ve had this app for a long time. Recently, almost every 10 minutes, a popup will occur saying “Instagram is not responding, would you like to close the app?” Or something. I dont even have Insta open. Ive tried restarting my phone, uninstalling, and clearing the cache. Fix your app. The reels suck, theres so many gliches. I’m tired of it.

  31. M Tobon says:

    TERRIBLE user experience. I upgraded to a new phone and cannot access my Instagram account. Resetting the password does not work. Authenticating with moving your head in a video doesn’t work. I am totally blocked out of my account. No customer service number. Cannot get in touch with anyone to help. I will have to switch to other social media apps.

  32. Grej Birch says:

    I don’t normally write reviews but this app has ran so poorly over the past two months I needed to say something. It sometimes takes DAYS to load. Tried everything. Restarting my phone. Checking the wifi emptying the cache and still freezes. The only option that works is to uninstall and reinstall. I’ve used Instagram since 2012 and I’m shocked by how poorly it runs now.

  33. Pumpkin Mite says:

    App has been having a ton of issues as of lately. A lot of crashes that are absolutely random, sometimes the app won’t even start up, and when i look back through old photos and videos in messages the majority aren’t even in there as if they just disappeared and it’s in all of my messages that I share.

  34. Khoi fish says:

    This app has been terrible to me for the past few months. It would refuse to open, glitch out, get rid of my text box in dms, and shut down whenever I’m in the middle of a call. This is only to name a few of my awful experiences with the app. I’ve had Instagram for a couple of years now and nothing like this happened before. It takes a lot to tick me off but this takes the cake. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!

  35. Jeanette “Juicy Juice” C says:

    There’s a new glitch happening. If I go to a profile’s reels and play a video, all the other reel posts on that profile will play the original video I watched. Also, editing reels takes up a lot of memory. If you don’t have a really good phone, it just takes absolutely forever to make a reel. Really sucks that reels are so heavily favored in the algorithm, but they are so incredibly time consuming to make without top of the line hardware. Will update when this glitch is fixed.

  36. allison says:

    One of my most used apps now, but since the shift to entertainment vs images the user experience features seem to be lacking. For example IGTV videos had the ability to be added to something called “series” but this does not apply for reels. It makes it difficult to have all of your content on one account and results in people having different accounts for different interest groups. For a regular person (not a business), it’s too much work to maintain several accounts just for this.

  37. Kelsey Allen says:

    Glitches GaLOR! Infuriating garbage app. The constant glitches during creating posts, reels, stories any of it is so common there is no point to even using the app anymore. You spend hours trying to edit and the app just crashes or the audio won’t play or it freezes. Constanlty loosi g everything you created. It’s not a internet service issue this is internal with the app. Been going on for months.

  38. Jenn Penate says:

    Uhhh idk what’s been going on the past couple of months but my DMs responses would disappear after I write it. Now stories zip by in milliseconds and I can’t go back to them because it registers it as a split second video and moves on to the next. Whenever I click a link and go back to Instagram, the screen looks like it goes halfway to dark mode but then I can’t read any of the info because the text is also black.

  39. MoeArts says:

    Ever since Facebook took over, this all has become exponentially more buggy as time goes on. An ongoing issue I’ve been putting up with is the light/dark themes glitching and putting the light grey dark theme text over the white light theme background essentially unreadable. That was fine, but now Instagram stories skip to the next one immediately as soon as I tap it. Almost like the timer was set to zero. This means that stories are unusable now.

  40. Noah Lepek says:

    Overall, the app is very easy to use, and it is a great way to communicate with others. I do believe it is the best social media platform. The only grievance I have is the search feature. I wish there was a way to turn off search recommendations (the posts, stories, and reels that appear when navigating to the search bar). Really don’t need recommendations; definitely keep the feature but have the ability to hide them.

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