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Garena Free Fire Heroes Arise Mod Apk New Version 2022*

Free Fire is the final survival shooter sport to be had on mobile. Each 10-minute sport locations you on a far off island where you are pit against forty nine other gamers, all searching for survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to live within the safe sector for so long as viable. Drive motors to discover the good sized map, conceal within the wild, or become invisible with the aid of proning under grass or rifts. Ambush, snipe, live to tell the tale, there is best one aim: to survive and answer the call of responsibility.

Free Fire, Battle In Style!

[Survival shooter in its original form]
Search for guns, stay in the play quarter, loot your enemies and come to be the closing man status. Along the way, pass for mythical airdrops even as averting airstrikes to benefit that little part against other players.

Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise Apk Mod 2022

Will you pass past the call of obligation and be the only underneath the shining lite?

[4-man squad, with in-game voice chat]
Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication along with your squad at the first actual moment. Answer the call of duty and lead your buddies to victory and be the ultimate group status on the apex.

[Clash Squad]
Fast paced 4v4 recreation mode is now open 24/7! Manage your economic system, purchase guns, and defeat the enemy squad!

[Realistic and smooth graphics]
Easy to apply controls and smooth snap shots guarantees the excellent survival experience you may discover on cellular that will help you immortalize your name a few of the legends.

[Contact us]
Customer Service: https://ffsupport.Garena.Com/hc/en-us



40 comments on "Garena Free Fire Heroes Arise Mod Apk New Version 2022*"

  1. indigopeace G says:

    I really like this game a lot and runs smoothly on my phone most of the time as long as my service is decent. The only thing I think I would add is a free mode in craftland where you can even maybe go into all the maps offline and just wander around and explore them for the sake of learning them a little better, and maybe with the option to add a couple friend to the room. Also the option to delete and/or sort the clothes would be nice and be able to delete old event items. Edit*cannot join matc

  2. Carl Robert says:

    TOO MANY HACKERS!!! People walking through walls, I shoot them in the head several times and they shoot me 1 time and I DIE!! It’s frustrating as hell!! The game is great until you hit level 7-8, then it goes down hill!! When you get to a certain point, you start playing people that are 20-30 levels above you, like that’s fair!!! They should keep better control of the game

  3. Krish Datt says:

    I have been playing this game for a long time and there’s few things wrong with it. One is that when you put gloo wall on a rushing enemy they glitch through it. Then there’s people who do 1 tap kills on you all the time. It’s very annoying to get killed by players who use this trick to give you a headshot all the time. I have spent a lot of money on this game but now it seems like a total waste due to some toxic players and abnormal headshot. 1 tap mechanism should be removed from the game.

  4. Kelvin Munene says:

    Game is really great, the bugs am sure you will fix them( the shirts and jackets being on top instead of trouser belts popping in the back of the jacket ) just that can you add some features like in the vault section where you can redeem tokens for the items that you don’t need. Really would appreciate and make the game more colorful, some of us are more about looking good while fighting. Thank you.

  5. Akinlatun Emmanuel says:

    It’s a very fantastic and mind-blowing game.. I mean it’s awesome, the graphics, characters, modes, etc they are all very very good except for the detectation of enemies from the mini map.. The map should be able to show enemies that are close to you or far away for at least 50m… But it doesn’t really show your enemy even if they are close by until you are being eliminated.. So I really hope you guys will work on the maps but it’s a great game actually, at least I never regretted installing it

  6. Sincere Heart says:

    Come on Freefire! The game is awesome, I been playing for 3 to 4 years now. and this is my first comment and complaint. why does the music have to be that bad? all the music in the past have been great , but now it’s getting worse. Also can you remove the curse words from the songs. I was glad the last song with the f word was being changed, but now it’s more of it. please, get back to the great soundtracks. thanks. Freefire lover

  7. Prince Stargazer says:

    I honestly don’t like the new patch. The game keeps resetting my controls to default controls everytime I leave the game. I tried uploading to cloud but it still resets. Please fix it because I’m honestly getting tired of changing to my preferable preset every time I enter—on top of that it is really hard to remember where each button goes and how it’s supposed to be—so this really does affect my gameplay and enjoyment of the game

  8. Mohamed FADLI says:

    I won’t give 5 starts untill you fix the joystick pace. the player is super slow when u touch the joystick i mean we must be able to control the player in high speed only with the joystick just like all other games. That’s number 1 . Two .the scope also must be be adjusted. It would be great if we have scope on hold I mean as long as you are pressing the scope button it should be opened and closed once you move ur finger on it that will bring a lot of fun to the game in my opinion. Ur feedback?

  9. Ubongabasi Anwankwo says:

    Well the app has its throw backs but generally…it’s a great game…the graphics are good and the gameplay is realistic ..but there are things that you must be ready to face network issues if your phone is not good enough but if it is you will enjoy the game … though il like the producers to make the gun sounds to sound exactly like the real one and the voice chat as well though it has been corrected can still manage some improvements as well .. Good job so far ..😌

  10. rileyy says:

    dear Garena Free Fire, Feedback: getting here is actually good for the big update, but please help to fix lag and crashes while playing. cellphone memory is not full, cellphone is not hot. It’s fixed immediately, please, because it’s annoying, especially if you push the rank suddenly, the frame is broken, please fix it. Thanks.

  11. Msizi Zuma says:

    Yourl haven’t fixed my problem after 2 months so i have changed my rating to 1. My problem is that every time i download something:(maps,modes,clothes,events,and everything else!) in game the very next day that thing is gone and i have to redownload it again and again!. If you do not fix this i am deleting freefire because it has wasted too much of my data!! (That i pay for!!) I am not changing my review until you fix my problem.

  12. Ishaq Bashir says:

    The game is now worser than before. The bugs are too much. After finishing a round in Clash Squad Ranked, I’ll be left on the location of the earlier played round then I’ll be eliminated, then, at the end of the match, they’ll term it AFK. Worse experience ever.

  13. Abul Al Arabi says:

    Everytime I open the game it accesses my clipboard and shows a toast “Free Fire pasted from your clipboard “. This is very alarming. I might have copied any sensitive data and FF seems to copy it without any prior confirmation. Please clarify why FF collects data from my clipboard? Where these data are stored? And why it isn’t a violation of privacy. This is very very serious and I expect full explanation. My device is S21 Ultra and I have my clipboard access alert enabled.

  14. Ade Precious says:

    I love this game .. it’s really fun to play, but I have an issue about matchmaking in the game especially in BR rank matches. I always get matched up against players that are five ranks or even more ranks ahead which makes it hard to progress and I also notice that sometimes I’ll shoot a player up to 15 times but the players shoots me once and I’m dead .. and there are very few varieties of guns compared to other games which makes playing boring sometimes. Because it’s the same weapons.

  15. Daniel Dike says:

    Free fire, it’s a great game, but here’s my list of things I don’t like in it; 1. Excess animation in lobby 2. Background music in lobby 3. Ads 4. Excess extension packs 5. Excess modes 6. Force closing. I believe all these things reduce the performance of the game.A lighter free fire would really help a lot of low end gamers out there. Please consider my dislikes in this game and make adjustments in your next update. Thank you. DCDanny234 – FF

  16. Bryan Andrews says:

    This would be a great game if everyone was equally equipped, but when they allow hackers to play, it messes it up for other players. Don’t waist your time or money on this game Too many others out there that are fair for everyone. And the wait time to start a match is normally longer than the match. Waist of time! I really like when you select duo and they put you in by yourself against several teams. They could do better!

  17. TridentX BetterWorld says:

    Still one if the best game there is. I’d been playing this game for almost 9 seasons, still, it never fails to excite me everytime i dive in a Battle Royal match. Yes, there are bugs sometimes, its quite challenging for me, it adds to the thrill, but the customer service was always there just give them the info that they need. They’ll surely will help you as much as they could. FIVE STAR FF. Keep it up.

  18. Mahadi raj Jabir says:

    This game is quite entertaining but I think that it need some upgrade 1.The map should be extended 2.Number of enemy shoud be increased to 100 3.Graphics can be more realistic. Overall I like the game most I’ve been playing it for 2years and it have been a fun experience.

  19. Ituma Godwin says:

    I would have given it 5 stars , but the problem is that it’s feels kinda boring and repetitive for old players , if the br ranked and CS ranked could take place in a new map , it would feel a little bit new , and if 100 players br could be added , it’ll be totally awesome, if like 12 v 12 players ranked mode could also be added, it’ll feel a little bit new for old users ..and button customization will make the game even better , and if choppers and plane could be added in d new update.

  20. Promise Obue says:

    Nice graphics, better than most games I know, cool characters and weapons…but…on the downside, it is terribly faulty. I mean.. what’s with all the update?, no kidding but you guys have to work on it. It consumes loads of data and takes up unmeasurable amounts of space!!. Is paying the only way to get diamonds?…then what’s the FF coins for!!!… please work on it!

  21. Jayden Nelson says:

    Love the skins of almost everything. Just fix the damn ping issues and also hackers. Also if y’all can make it so that when u scope in it scopes on the body and doesn’t just get stuck there, like u can move the scope up in order to get a headshot… idk of its just me but it gets stuck on the enemies body even tho im pushing up to get a headshot so in order to get headshots i gotta be dead accurate…oh and balance the character skills…this game was pay2win but its just getting worse…

  22. Royal Springr says:

    Hi GARENA I like this gameI have been playing this game for a long time continuously and I have no problem playing it but since few months when I play the games cs ranked match I see the whole map is all black in my mobile phone. I have also not downloaded the expansion pack but still the graphics are broken in my game. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. I shall be very thankful to you.

  23. Alex Nwankwo says:

    I can’t give this game 5 star because nothing in de world is perfect. Please company or stakeholders, the server is really given issues for the past weeks and is really annoying please do work on the server. I have a very strong network but ur server is poor. i like the game it gives many choices to select both in characters and weapon. In conclusion please work on it. Free fire is the 4th Best game I like. Thank u and also regard my message. I Love 💕 free fire.

  24. Jibran Ali says:

    The game was awesome but not anymore , I’m playing on a very good gaming device with 8gb of ram and it used to run the game so smooth but after every update the game starts to crash, I’m playing the match, if I Die or win the game says you have been returned to main menu as you have been disconnected for too long. Also the game stops responding to touch for 2 times after 5-10 minutes like I’m rushing or landing or whatever and the touch stops working, please fix this issue

  25. Asibonge Ndlovu says:

    Truly amazing, but they do need to fix bugs here and there. And my connection isn’t bad, so when I get in the match half way through I get confused. I also sometimes can’t top up because the can’t find ‘a payment window.’

  26. DOYEETA The karate kid says:

    I’ve been a veteran of Free Fire since pre-release. I have not played it since 2020. After I downloaded the game, there were some drastic changes. 1) It became PTW 2) Revival point 3) No chance of winning anything 4) Hackers and network problem 5) PTW players destroying non PTW and veteran players . Please Return the old map layout and chances of winning for other customers instead of your own profits😭😭😭😭

  27. Benjamin Adeoye says:

    The game is good, but I think there are some features that are missing, 1) when a charater is knocked down or not fully dead, I think character should be able to use pistol to still give him or her the chance to defend 2) character should be able to use kick 🦵 as well. 3) bazooka should be included, but can be made rare to find. 4) BR and CS( RNK) players shouldn’t face opponent that’s more powerful than them, player in Gold 1 should face player in Gold 1 so that it’ll be a fare battle.

  28. Kenechukwu Okpala says:

    Making us download maps that we don’t get to use is hilarious. CS ranked is ALWAYS Bermuda while casual is ALWAYS nextterra. I want to play in other maps like before and now if you try to set a location the game wouldn’t even load. What kind of update is this? Y’all would get bored easily if it is always a particular location wouldn’t you?. Damn!

  29. Mahmoud Slama says:

    It’s the best battle royale I’ve played and I’ve been experienced with it for years, but when I changed my device, the game came with the characters in black and then came out. I hope for a solution quickly because this causes me problems in not collecting wonderful events

  30. Khushbu Kunwar says:

    This is the badest game ever that I have played it has so many glitches and bugs. It has killed me several even if I eliminate the players and it also has killed me many times by bugs and glitches. This new update is worse than the old one. They have added a new thing that is honor score. If your honor score is below 90. You can’t play cs rank and that’s my favorite mode than the other ones. So, in my opinion this game is really bad.

  31. Akhtar Zeb (AK) says:

    This is a very beautiful game, but we’re experiencing a glitch of mic which is a very painful issue for players. In-game we turn off and turn on our mic several times coz our teammates can’t hear our voice properly which ruin our gaming experience. This problem is coming from several ob’s . I hope you’ll resolve this issue very soon. Thanks

  32. Ardha Yunandita says:

    I loved how it’s very lagged so sudden (999+), then i tried to close the game and check any apps that use mobile data and my internet is fully stable. Then i came back to Free Fire, everything works again but i got warned due to AFK. It’s really good punishment, i guess. Also loved how controls worked. The joystick or run butten paused when i try to move the camera to another side. As well as the ranked system, esp. battle royale. Please fix the rank, meet higher rank isn’t fair for lower. Thx!

  33. ovie omene says:

    If i could give it zero stars trust me i would, you get so high then all pf a sudden you get paired with people that surprisingly can’t play, i saw players walk through gloo walls, players appearing out of thin air, you shoot and still doesn’t damage the player one bit, the game is just designed to keep you playing so once you get to a particular level they’d make you lose on purpose to drop a few levels down, totally shambolic and disgraceful, its a game that has no proze at the end

  34. S_A GAMING says:

    Still one if the best game there is. I’d been playing this game for almost 9 seasons, still, it never fails to excite me everytime i dive in a Battle Royal match. Yes, there are bugs sometimes, its quite challenging for me, it adds to the thrill, but the customer service was always there just give them the info that they need. They’ll surely will help you as much as they could. FIVE STAR FF. Keep it up

  35. Jonny Deth says:

    It sure took Garena a few years until the game was actually playable, but now that it is, I will keep it installed. I won a match and it was a legit challenge. I was expecting to uninstall it but gave it another try and they finally got it together. I can get weapons and a vehicle right away.

  36. Robert Serrano says:

    This was my favorite game but here lately it has become a pain. Here are the reasons. 1, since it updated it does not work on wifi. 2, I buy some guns, ( well famas) to be exact and I don’t receive them. I’ve tried 4 times and 4 times I don’t receive no guns. That makes me not to spend any money any more. If you can fix this, I’ll give it a 5 star. Feedback please.

  37. Ripon Khan says:

    This game used to be the best game for me to play and pass my time. I have been playing it for almost 2 years. But the reason why I have given it 3 stars out of 5 is that i have encountered a big problem. The problem is that it is showing me the “No network connection” error where I have full network. It’s not even a problem of the router/my device since all the other online games are working smoothly. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.

  38. 3.4 Josiah Ottley says:

    I really love this game its the best ive been playing for a long time now and its very exciting but i would love to see another designing to the scope its been the same for a whoile now and also probably a system where u can accept missions from characters in the battle royale game mode form event characters….maybe u can also bring back certain items from the past like gliders skate boards etc from in the br- gamemode as well i will really love to see that😄

  39. Victor Umeh says:

    The game is great and I’d love to give it a 5 star cos if it’s graphics and fun game experience but I have a major problem, the damages sustained by a gun shot seems futile cos just two punches can kill an opponent but five gun shot wouldn’t….that doesn’t make sense….they should try to reduce the damage punches deliver cos in reality a gin shot is more fatal than a punch

  40. Michael says:

    I love the game so much everything in the game works so well and the art is very impressive I really enjoy but I’m giving it four star cause I think it’ll be better if a player or the teammate will be able to shoot while the other is driving cause when I’m in that position using a vehicle is pretty much not useful I will greatly appreciate it if you could do just that

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