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Apr 15, 2022
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DroneVR FPV for DJI Drones Apk Download New 2022*

With DroneVR you could take a seat in your DJI drone and fly like a chicken. DroneVR connects for your DJI drone and renders the stay video circulate in stereo with lens distortion correction so that it could be regarded with a digital reality headset for your telephone.

Note: DroneVR helps the DJI Mavic Mini / 2, Mavic Pro / 2, Mavic Air / 2 / 2s, Spark, Phantom 4 / Advanced / Pro, Phantom 3 Standard / Advanced / Pro, Inspire 1 and Ryze Tello.

Important: The Mavic three is NOT supported because DJI does no longer provide a developer package so far. We will add help in case DJI releases a developer kit. Kindly asking you to now not down-rate the app because we can’t manipulate this problem.

The Phantom three SE is NOT supported because it does not assist third birthday celebration apps. Support for the Tello is unfastened, for unlimited use of the opposite drones the support to be unlocked thru an In-App purchase. In addition, DroneVR gives a time restrained trial mode so you can check the way it works with your drone and phone. Support for the Phantom 2 Vision is available as a separate app DroneVR – Phantom 2 Vision at no cost.

DroneVRs features:
* Beautiful and configurable head-up display to reveal telemetry information such heading, velocity, top, pitch and battery reputation combined into the stay digicam view.
* Head-tracking permits you to controls the orientation of your camera in realtime by using transferring your head ! For DJI Phantom Series head tracking is supported for digicam pitch.

DroneVR FPV for DJI Drones mod apk

* Advanced lens distortion correction algorithms make sure maximum exceptional and coffee latency video rendering.
* Hardware extended video decoding offers exceptional image fine and coffee battery intake.
* High definition video exceptional of 720p and 30 frames / 2d with Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 and even 1080p with Mavic Pro / 2.
* Spectator mode to connect a second phone to fly with a chum.
* Picture length and position and be adjustable to work with almost any virtual fact headset.

Important notes:
* To use DroneVR you need one of the above indexed DJI drones.
* To use DroneVR in stereo mode you want a digital fact headset in which you may mount your cellphone (e.G. FreeFly VR, Zeiss VR One or a Google Cardboard). A smartphone with a high decision display and a display length of at least 4.7 is suggested.


40 comments on "DroneVR FPV for DJI Drones Apk Download New 2022*"

  1. Clemmie Daisie says:

    Hi, I really like this app and it worked well with my Mavic pro however, it lacks a map or an indication on the hud as to which way is home ( take off point ) . If it had this feature I would definitely purchase.

  2. Ellen Tomlin says:

    Hi, who do you set up the return home on the app? or do you have to set up the return home from the DJI app and then lunch DroneVR+?? Also if that’s the case, if the Dji app its closed in order to use the DroneVR+ app, would the updated return home still work? Using a S9 with Mavic AIr

  3. Frayn Edsel says:

    Connected to the drone but it immediately took off and couldn’t control it with the controller. And then wasn’t able to land it until battery drained. Also no other app could take control

  4. Eres Jake says:

    When using the trial the picture seemed way less laggy and choppy. I’m using an s7 that can utilize litchi without lag, I only purchased it cause it worked well in the trial mode better than litchi.

  5. Anwir Twins says:

    Works great!! I overlooked detail in app directions. My mistake. I’m so used too disappointing apps that I jumped to conclusion on first try. Once I figured out my mistake I was very pleased!!

  6. Raydon Brick says:

    I love this. Why? I modded a Samsung VR Oculus and installed DroneVR+. I have a DJI Spark and Xframe Racers so I am used to flying FPV. Installing this with the headset, I have full HD quality crystal clear video with a great cockpit overlay. I use it with the OTG cable connected to the controller and have had ZERO issues. Using it with Wifi taxes the lower capable phones and causes issues. So use it with an OTG cable. With the OTG it is like being in the cockpit of a Fighter with no latency. I just wish I could get it into US Imperial instead of meters, but that is my issue. LOL.

  7. Vallen Ronson says:

    Mavic Air Only 2 flights in on trial mode. Overall fairly impressed, its working with a $2 headset and decent quality. However I can’t tell if I have gps or vision and it’s very concerning and the only reason I’m hesitant to purchase. Am I able to open dji set home point close dji and I’m safe??

  8. Emalyne Dania says:

    Cool concept. It wouldnt let me take off in the app for some reason. I tried to work out all the kinks with the “5” free trials that it was supposed to give me but I only got 3 trials and there are still some things I want to test before I purchase so now I’m not sure if I should buy or not.

  9. Bemeere Abigale says:

    Love this app for my Mavic Air! The head tracking allows me to compose great cinematic shots more intuitively. It would be great if all axis control was possible with head tracking. I also love the spectator mode! When will you provide support for the new Mavic Mini?

  10. Arnelle Wilbur says:

    Please help I have multiple Google account on my phone and even if I go to play store and download using profile I wish to use it on n then go to app and it tries to use a different profile this is extremely frustrating how can I fix this bug is really frustrating why won’t it log in on whatever Google profile I’m currently on like every other app dose

  11. Audre Arth says:

    It let’s you try it out 5times without paying. I used 2 trying to see something. All I was able to see through the dji mavic air was the lights. Everything else was dark. Contacted them via email with no response.

  12. Christmas Genista says:

    VR mode works great with the Tello and Samsung Gear VR! You can freely change the interpupillary distance (IPD) to get a clear image without seeing double. The controls also work well, and it is straightforward to remap any button on any kind of controller to the appropriate action. The permissions required are kind of worrisome but apparently it is needed if you are using DJI’s developer SDK.

  13. Chris Norman says:

    Nice try but it’s got a long way to go. You guys need a User Experience expert to help. I wouldn’t pay for it the way it is now. Too many issues. The biggest to name a few are the inability to adjust image scale and position while inserted in goggles, no Samsung VR support which has a frigging remote control. No menu access while using it, the list goes on. If you could get it working perfectly with Gear VR I’d like $50 because I fly my drone all the time.

  14. Cory Healey says:

    Kept getting “unknown error during registration” when trying to use trial registrations for my DJI Spark. Each one of these chewed up one of the 5 trials. Having only 5 trials is completely rediculous given all of the issues encountered. It should be time-based. You could have had a paying customer because I wanted to use and like it, but now you don’t I’m afraid.

  15. Marc K says:

    Awesome thanks! 2nd update – sdk for mini is out. How long do you think before this will be available? Update – This is 5 start rating for a quick response from the developer, not the app itself as the developer says no 3rd party for mini and I can’t actually use the app. Thx for the info!

  16. Diego Castares says:

    Would I totally buy it if I had a chance to test it working properly. 5 minutes to try it starting when drone is connected is NOT ENOUGH TIME. And even if you are really fast, you have only 5 chances before you have to buy or delete the app. Only make it once through the connect-put in cardboard-take off process before it run out of time, and the camera viewer never got to work. Bummer.

  17. EffinChet “FPV” says:

    Well, this could be a very nice little app but i dont have enough time (with such a short trial period) to test it out properly. Maybe change it to two or three full flight (most flights don’t go more than 8 minutes or so any way) then end the trial, Otherwise I like it and would like to rate it better BUUUTTTT!!!

  18. Siddharth Haobijam says:

    the idea seems really good n m even thinking of buying thr full version for spark dji but there seems to b no audio alarm n other audios like those of dji go app . n the menu seems a bit glitchy with many buttom saying unexplained error or something ,m using spark dji , pliz fine tune this app , really want to buy it for spark n in future other dji drones

  19. Leo Gansberg says:

    Pretty stoked with this app. Once I figured out how the menu system works (and that there was one). Set up a second viewer so my fiancé could watch in fvp too.

  20. Miles Hudson says:

    Flaky and not fit for purpose. Connects once, second time video feed is broken up, third time thinks it’s a different drone. Guys, if anyone tries this out and flies with it folk are going to get hurt and drones damaged. How do I select the take off and RTH functions? What about all the other stuff that’s needed to fly safely?

  21. Heinz Dziurowitz says:

    Just bought the app. my USB cable for my mini is too short so I was just going to connect my second phone and use the spectator option. It says via wifi, but mini uses USB cable. I must be missing something. App looks like fun, exactly what I was searching for. Just need to know how to properly use it. Thanks

  22. Cloud Xetixen says:

    Sdk reg failed. Could not run trial. Must be easy and flawless trial or No Sale. Update: I bought a tablet with 64 bit os and your app worked fine. I tried again on my LG Journey 32 bit os and it continues to fail. Obviously I have a network connection since I am able to download the app. Thought you would like this info in case you’d like to buy a $30 Journey and test it yourself.

  23. Jiří Jiskra says:

    It works with my Mavic Air and Samsung Galaxy S10 after the first attempt with the OTG cable. Trial mode didn’t show the video from the drone properly so I risked it and payed to unlock my drone and video started working nicely. This is after my first flight with this app so far no problems hopefully it will keep it that way. And now after some time of using this app I never had any problem with it.

  24. Patrick Stark says:

    This app works well with my DJI mavic mini drone. I take multiple videos and snapshots while flying. I use the 3D FPV function and an extension cable for my phone. The pitch adjusts as I tilt my head. I’m still getting used to the yaw sensitivity of the drone to smooth out the videos, bit it’s a great experience.

  25. Arman Gevorkyan says:

    I have downloaded the application. Activated and paied for activation however it did not worked. I did it twice in order to have access to sw. I was charged twice. After complain the extra charge was refunded, however the application required to pay again even though I have paid for that. They not refunded for that. Very frustrating to see when tried to use the application it requested for extra charge. Bottom line was charged twice, only one charge refunded and the app is not working.

  26. JAMES FISHER says:

    Finally an app that works. Mavic Air 2, and Mavic mini works with no issues. Just wish the app could have battery timer that let’s you know how much time is left.

  27. Krx Hrvoje says:

    I have mavic 2 pro drone and I when I enable left and right gimball movement in the app, gimball allways moves fully to the left which makes it unusable. Only up/down and tilt option works. I tried all settings and gimball calibration but nothing. Recenter gimball option doesnt work. Also there is few sec lag when taking a photo. Also app should have follow left and right movement default to off. I used S10+ phone. How can I get refund?

  28. Tanner Smith says:

    Purchased for the mavic pro on my s20 note ultra, first use is great, a lot of good features, but thats where it stops. After the first use every time I load into the drone again the video is garbled and you can’t see anything. I tried adjusting all the settings and the only thing that seems to work is uninstalling the app completely, then reinstall and it’ll work great, once, then rinse and repeat. Requested a refund.

  29. Greg Yurko says:

    Wants access to location and even worse, phone calls! Once you get past that, you are presented with a screen to purchase. No thanks.

  30. Dr.DR3D D0NG says:

    If you don’t know how to use it I would understand why you wouldn’t like this app. I have a Mavic mini and a $10 pair of VR goggles from Walmart for being able to move my head and it moves the gimbal and having the ability to resize the field of view I am very happy with it. It’s almost like analog for digital so it seems pretty similar to an FPV drone for just a $10 add-on. Only complaint is my 5 min trail was like 1 minute of flight. Regardless if you know what you’re expecting it’s worth $10

  31. O Nik says:

    This app does not work with my mavic mini. Video feed is grainy and I have no controls to fly the damn aircraft, requesting full refund, bad bad experience.

  32. Pax Vera says:

    Well, I am Android user and I’m really disappointed with this app. Half or more options and configurations are NOT available for Android users. It is VERY BASIC app. If one really wants powerful app to control drones one should get Litchi. It cost $20 but offers full control, including VR support for most of the drones for NO additional cost. I have Litchi and this app, and I really regret buying Dronevr. My advice is: DO NOT SPEND $10 it’s worth $3 or less. It is NOT REALLY for Android ph.

  33. Christopher Hardin (Chris) says:

    I couldn’t properly test because my headset is an fpv drone kind that has it’s own screen rather than the kind that require you to place your phone inside of. At least unless some “genius” out there has a way to cast my [phone] screen to my headset screen. My headset does have 1/4″ inputs for video. And a separate 1/4″ input for audio. So I would need something I can connect to my phone to output it’s video and maybe then, with an adapter even, I could connect that to my headset. Idk…

  34. Jonathan B says:

    Ok, I’m giving it a 4 star cause it actually works with my Mini 2, meaning that I can see the video through it. However, guys, pls do add more features/options to it, if you do, I will come back and give you a 5 stars!! Thank you.

  35. Donald M says:

    very immersive one thing I would like to see with this app are audible call-outs like DJI fly warnings I’d like to see roll and yaw on the camera with the mavic mini it is possible as rainbow and litchi uses this feature I would like to see a better user interface when bringing up the head up menu with more functionality for switching into different modes and it would be nice to see some of the track features available but over all very happy with the app

  36. T L Coleman says:

    I could not get it to work. I used up the 5 trials trying to see if I could get it to connect to the drone but it would not. They shouldn’t count it until it’s actually working. I will not continue to try to get it to work if I’ve got to pay for it because that means it probably won’t never work.

  37. Beeba says:

    Terrible virtual performance. A video or cartoon of a worm crawling on the ground would have been more entertaining. I WOULDN’T buy their drone if this is an example of their performance.

  38. Baza Baza says:

    Just purchased – Overall not bad on my Mini SE! Two things that immediately stand out as needing improvement: * Yaw mode is not permitted in the gimbal settings. This should be available (by yawing the whole aircraft not the gimbal) this feature already works in Litchi. * In non-split mode (i.e. full screen) we should be able to scale the view in both the X and Y axis to allow best fit to the screen. At the moment the aspect ratio is unfortunately locked.

  39. Miha B. says:

    So far no experience s it is not working with dji 3 mini pro. The developer explained that it is not his/hers fault for not supporting my drone.

  40. Doug A says:

    Why can’t I get this app to work?? I can connect to my dji mini 2 perfectly until I use this app. I then get a message saying “connection to drone failed. Check if your phone is correctly connected to the remote controller via USB cable”….. which it is. If it’s user error, can you please advise procedure for connection between my Mini 2 and Huawei mobile, as I’ve been looking forward to VR flight. If it’s an app issue, please advise how I obtain a refund. Thank you

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