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Apr 4, 2022
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Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 Apk Download

Played over one hundred Million Times around the Globe and a winner of 5 Webby Awards, DRAW A STICKMAN is back and greater EPIC than ever before!

Your creativity can be maximized within the all-new Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3! Embark upon an exciting new adventure to defeat the Corruption: clear up a laugh puzzles, outsmart cunning monsters, and discover an all-new international! So take hold of your freshly penciled Hero—it’s time to be EPIC!

**Try the demo for free before shopping for the full enjoy.**

Use the brand new, tricky drawing gear to layout the right Hero! Be as creative as you want—your Hero may be anything you could draw!

Store unlimited drawings of Heroes and Tools to your new Sketchbook! Swap between those at any time to boost your gameplay with all of your favourite characters!

Venture around the new Hub World and meet other characters in the Stickman universe! See what they have to mention and what they want you to do!

Adventure via new levels packed with secrets and techniques, collectibles, and hidden pathways!

Lots of new monsters to outwit! Be on the lookout for Oozes, Trolls, Bully Goats, and—perhaps the maximum fearsome of them all—an Evil Hamster!

Find the misplaced Color Buddies to feature rich, new colours to your drawings!

Use your nifty new pencils to bamboozle bosses and bring to life the arena around you!

Unlock new hidden areas as you find coloring guides, device blueprints, and pencils! Can you earn 3 Stars on each degree?

You’ll see plenty of recent characters and a few highly acquainted faces in this new journey! Who are they? It’s a mystery! Are you geared up for an EPIC new adventure?


40 comments on "Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 Apk Download"

  1. Franklen Cayleigh says:

    I have played all the draw a stickman epic Games and I loved all of them, but epic 3 just doesn’t feel right for me, the controls are very buggy and I think that is because the wanted to fix the glitches in epic 2 but the only thing the did was making the controls uncomfortable. No offense Hitcents. Edit: I have judged to soon and was expecting to much

  2. Reactindave (David) says:

    5 STARS FOR THE GAME! This is so cool that I liked it oh and there are some easter eggs like the corruption pencil I saw at the end of the game but one thing is for sure that when I get an achievement, it didn’t count on my play games even when it said “you played stickman epic 3” so can you please fix that I rated 5 stars UWU. edit: thanks for feedbacking me but I forgot to mention that every time I swap tools (not pencils) theres a bug so can you fix that too pls

  3. Void Butter says:

    The graphics and gameplay are good but 1. Why do i need to pay for the full game? Its only 25 levels if there are only 5 chapters each only having three levels in which case if not trying to 100% the game may take under an hour to finish 2. Why doesn’t my Samsung note 9 stylus not work with the game properly but a cheap one off amazon does, as when i use my note 9 stylus i can’t draw or walk the way i want to 3. Why not make a free version with ads and a paid one with no adds and bonuses?

  4. Jesse Layne says:

    I’ve been a fan of Hitcents’ work in the past with the previous two games. Draw a Stickman 1 and 2 were personal favorites of mine. The reasons for my 2 star rating are simple. The first star, because this game feels like a half-hearted reiteration of the previous two. The second, because the gameplay itself churns and leaps on even a recent phone. The third, because I refuse to pay several sums just to continue the storyline. I just didn’t feel motivated to buy the rest after the short trial.

  5. JJ White says:

    GLITCHES! I loved the og draw a stickman epic games. This one looked great to! I paid for the full version and am verry disapointed. There are bugs everywhere. It should not have been released with this many bugs. Just when im actualy starting to enjoy the gameplay, a glitch pops up and i either have restart the level, or restart the app! Its rediculas how many glitches there are. And dont get me started about the lag. Anytime you equip a tool, it lags like crazy. I don’t recommend this game.

  6. Xyron Marquez says:

    Alright Hitcents,you guys made a sequel!! There is a 3rd now?? Woah that is just awesome looking forward to it! I havent tried it yet but im sure it will be decent! Thank you for making a sequel! 😄(^.^) Edit: I also have a few suggestions, is it possible for an option the player can Animate the walk? Like If i wanted to walk to the right i can draw every single frames to do that so it looks a bit more smooth (2) when unequiping the pickaxe its fine.. But when equiping it, it lags Pls fix 😁😁

  7. RubixDude10 says:

    I loved the game. I made a good choice buying the rest in my opinion it was pretty fun. There was a lot for me to collect, treasure chests, golden ink, drawings, drawing guides, tools and pencils. I like the new pencils and how you can mix them together to make something, like wind + water = electricity. The boss was kinda hard for me. I have 3 questions, 1. Is the second color buddy in level 1 just a glitch or is it possible to find? 2. What’s the pink bubbly pencil? 3. Book 2? Good game.

  8. Bardwing says:

    The graphics and puzzles are great but I feel that the story was really rushed with the bad guy only existing for a few levels. DaS 1 was simple and didn’t need much of a story. DaS 2 was great with multiple endings, a DLC and an actual storyline but this game while looking fancy was really lacking

  9. Chris Roe says:

    The first 2 were amazing, probably some of the best games I’ve ever played… this is a cash grab. The controls are specific and slow, the story is sloppily thrown together, and you can’t skip text or cutscenes, making the game feel slow and boring. This is a major dumpster fire compared to the previous two games and I hope that the creators decide to not make another cash grab, but make a game similar to the first two.

  10. Riki says:

    I used to love Epic 1 and 2, but I feel they have ruined the franchise with Epic 3. Firstly, the game requires a constant internet connection to run. This is an issue in itself, but now I’m constantly getting a connection problem warning and won’t let me continue. I literally cannot even play the game right now. Also, the NPCs talk way too slowly and there is no option to skip it. I just want to play the game without sitting through minutes of unnecessary dialogue.

  11. Malachi McEnroe says:

    Looks cooler than the seccond but the drawing canvas is way to small, and the brush size thing is annoying because you can’t get the exact size you had before after changing it. Also you can’t skip the intro which is annoying. I understand that this game is new, but atleast make it good because so far it’s bad.

  12. Eleanor Toole (MaroonPie) says:

    It is an awesome game…but, me, not have digital money, I can’t get more than the first 2 levels… Which is really sad for me because I liked the first 2 also, but again deleted the same day for not being entirely free.☹ Also, I would like a fill option when making a character. It would make my characters so much cleaner and less sloppy. I hope you take this in to account, for I am deleting the app. I am sorry to but have no choice.😭😭😭😖

  13. Angela Jeffery says:

    Fun game with lots of replay. I’ve played the same level several times to make sure I find all the colour buddies, chests, and other achievements. I enjoy seeing how creative I can be with my character. I like that you don’t have to pay to accomplish all the tasks. I’m also glad to buy the game to play more levels right away. It’s not like it’s expensive; especially since it was on sale.

  14. Alinea Kathlene says:

    I would’ve rated it a 5 star but I didn’t, 1 the controls are hard because sometimes it glitches and doesn’t let me move, and 2 it’s very hard for me to find the items your supposed to find for the level so the game just isn’t my type 😅 but the best thing about the game is the stickman themselves I love the way you can draw anything and you can be very artistic with your ideas so I would recommend this game try it! It’s a awsome game but I like competitive games goodluck game creators!

  15. Alexandros Mavrogenis says:

    I was excited about the game before but now im not because I couldn’t get 3 stars on the first level. The part with the bucket was torturing for me because the bucket was so small and I couldn’t put the water in and get it to the other side (where I had to use the water pencil) and keep pushing it in front of the fence where I can’t get it out. Well I did finish level one but with “ONE STAR!!!” And the controls are stiff. One little move and your character runs to a blob. Worst game 3/5.

  16. S. E. Baht Israel says:

    You know what? It’s really good. But i prefer the 2nd one was better. No offense, its just that 1, 3, are not that much good as the sequel. The 2nd was the best to me. Dependable Request. Please make a 4th and please make that BETTER than all. Like make a main story [following 2nd] and a new drawn below. But I want to know what happens to your friend when it falls in the puzzle. Please make the new drawn below connect to what happens to your friend whwn it falls in the puzzle. Thank you 😉

  17. Anabelle Adams says:

    I do like you have the third one, I also like the derpy animals and slime creatures. But, the huge problem is, it’s laggy, also it is not creative like the second one. I didn’t like you put stars there too. I wish you just stick with the second one then make a third one with the same story book. With the same people characters.

  18. Marina Cerron says:

    Would rate higher if it would stop glitching as much. There are gameplay problems, like when you are fighting enemies, you are unable to hit them sometimes. While it is more interesting than the 2nd and 1st ones, the 2nd did combat did much better. Also tends to glitch out a lot.

  19. Alien #7 says:

    I Love this game but I do have some complaints about it first off, where is the pink pencil? Or the bubble pencil I have completed all the levels and there is no pink pencil I can see it at the town area but I can’t get it! Second problem on the first chapter it is almost impossible to get 3 starts! Are you kidding me I have searched all over and still no sight.. And for my last problem I HAVE COLLECTED ALL 10 PAGES AND I CANT GET THE SPECIAL BUNDLE. I hope you can fix some of these problems.

  20. bruhmoment says:

    I really liked this games series and the whole story itself. Everything feature was fine but one thing, a CONTROL STICK. Touch controls are good but don’t act well enough. I want to control with a stick to go smoothly and also maybe a Use Button for things on the map.

  21. OrangeLeaf36 says:

    I remember discovering the “Draw a Stickman” Series because of one of the Samsung Stores’ phones having “Draw a stickman: EPIC” and i would go to that place just to play it. Now that i own a tablet, i would play these games instead of going to a Samsung store. It’s like the previous games. Though i have problems with this game. Such as the voice acting (the player getting hurt), the lag, and the drawing system. So please fix it and i will rate better.

  22. Violet Wachter (WolvieChan) says:

    This game is great! The graphics are amazing and I find it so fun that you’re able to create your own characters! But while this game is great and all, you only get to play two or three levels without spending money, an extended amount of non-payment levels would be greatly appreciated! I also think that a bucket tool would be great, too. It gets really hard and frustrating trying to color in your characters and weapons.

  23. TT C says:

    No way to Exit game, back tab doesnt work & i dont see any way but force closing. Yes, drawing the items is still too dificult. Thinner pencils maybe, idk… Also dislike the info banner at the top, too big & in the way of gameplay, need a minimize/remove option. Always a fan of Draw a Stickman games, played them all. So far Epic 3 is ok, hoping i can really dive in and enjoy it like the others but hasnt been the case yet. Always keeping an eye out for new games from ya Hitcents 😜

  24. Kash Cervantes says:

    AWSOME. most people have one little problem and give this a bad review but not me! One little problem though. In 1:2 the torches with the pots puzzle doesn’t work. I can fill and grow vines from the pots, but no matter how much I tried the torches wouldn’t light. The rest of the game though is EPIC. I love the bosses and level design though! Anyways, love the game, please fix the glitch. Bye!!! Rigertta, Ortalpay!

  25. Keely Vickers says:

    Good premise and storyline. The main problem is the lag/delay time. You have to go through 3 loading screens to open the game: 1)opening app, initial load to title screen 2)”continue to game” adds a loading bar pop up 3) once that hits 100%, screen with color buddy who loads some more. The next lag issue is choosing a level. I have to hit the level 2-4 times to select it, then have to hit “continue” 3-6 times to start the level. And then the oh so slow load to start or end a level.ugh

  26. Doug B says:

    I tried Stickman Epic 1 because I loved Drawn to Life on the Nintendo DS. I was looking for a price and found SE2&3, and read Stockman Epic 3 can be unlocked by playing the game! Stickman Epic 3: good level design, art is clear and intuitive, challenging puzzles and rewards which keep me playing and watching occasional ads while giving me the ability to unlock the game just by playing. I love this business model.

  27. Kushi Pui says:

    The plot/app is good and all however,I encountered a lot of bugs/errors in the game. The app is also laggy so it’s really hard to play the game. Though I like your works I have to uninstall for it is unstable , it’s getting really annoying. Might install this again if you fixed the glitches and movement response

  28. SLENDER 490 says:

    I thought this was going to be a great game, but didn’t live up to the expectations of the second game. I don’t know how they screwed up but it lags alot, the story is wayyy too short for the amount you pay for. Oh, and there’s a pencil that you don’t even get to use that’s displayed in the game, it’s like they couldn’t be bothered to finish developing the game!!! Also the movement controls need some work as I’ve died to being forced of the edge a few times, annoying and needs to be fixed.

  29. Savannah Cecala says:

    This is horrible! Epic 2 is way better, and it has more colors, and has so much more and it’s better, I got to level 2 and I already hated this. Make this maybe more of a part two then something completely different. you actually get a good free trial then just the first level which is short, in epic 2 you actually see how the game will be and the art is better. So all I need to give it a five star is make it a part two of epic two or try to change my mind.

  30. Valerie Bruce says:

    Loved the first two games, so I paid for the full version of this right away. Why am I still getting offers for “premium” features? The controls are finicky. I kept falling off the tracks because the cursor was so hard to place. Visibility was poor. Cliffs got in the way obscuring the action. The “draw water” banner took up too much space and made coloring frustrating. I wish I’d waited to see if it was worth purchasing. I played for 30 min and have no interest in continuing. Uninstalled.

  31. Señor Snout says:

    This game is absolutely broken. Performance is laggy, controls are jittery and unresponsive, sound design is irritating especially in regard to “dialogue”, boss battles are messy, busy, and expect you to juggle frustrating enemies as well as the boss’ mechanics themselves. The second boss especially, which requires you to use the wind pencil to blow the boss’ legs off the platform, is unresponsive and unintuitive. And if you die on a boss stage, no checkpoint, you have to go back to the hub.

  32. Dogs And Cats adventures says:

    Too many bugs and glitches the first few games are good but not this one I played for about 4 hours even made a video on it but I’m stuck on the second boss because of the glitches

  33. Claudia Gutierrez says:

    This game is the best I love this game because you can create your own characters and weapons and because it’s really hard to battle in this game 😃❤️

  34. Ashley Johnson says:

    There’s a bug, it will kick me out. (I don’t have premium version yet.) Edit: I liked epic 2, I haven’t finished epic 1. Make an epic 4 pls.

  35. Yamen Mohamed says:

    I love it but I hate ads I will not buy a premium but if you can make a premium game of this game like the other of your game I will buy it soo pls make a draw a “stickman:EPIC 3 premium” I’ll buy it on I I also buy are other premium games like stickman 2 and stickman epic

  36. Fino Sambeth says:

    I love it it’s a great game and u have to fix some of it it’s laggy😤 and the enemy keeps going off the boundaries🤨 and it’s kinda glitchy😡 buuuuuuut, it’s good 👍

  37. Visor SquidKid says:

    I was hoping this game wouldn’t be what I thought it was at first and I was wrong the game is so different from 1 and 2 it looks like they tryied to make it more kid friendly which I get but it now looks more like a game mainly for kids under the age of 10 to keep their attention with the bright colors and side quests? which I dislike as a epic 1 an 2 player this was very disappointing but considering the time of release it was expected, definitely not getting epic 4 If it stays like this..

  38. SoniVids says:

    I haven’t played this game in years but the only thing I could ask is for you to bring this to Nintendo Switch, I bought the second one on switch and it was super super fun, I never completed the game the first time playing but the ending was great this time.

  39. Alexismv says:

    I have two main problems with the game, it doesn’t even look anything like the first two games, anything can be used as a weapon, so that make easier since you don’t need a sword, the sound effects are not the same, it basically seems like you were trying to make it more kid friendly and the full game costs more than epic 1 and epic 2 combined, there’s also no dlc . My second problem is that it has too many glitches. I didn’t want to do this but the games not the same

  40. B05 Charles Kalel Dianzon says:

    I downloaded the game and not much ads which is good and please add joystick mode so we can move around easier and not just tap on the screen also it loads slowly and it’s laggy even though it’s single player so please fix the problems and also can the creators make the game like pause while doing the things that you do with like the water and life pencils and others because it’s just not fair, and I also make misclicks cause it’s on the bottom and it kind of restarts your progress

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