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March 30, 2022
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40 comments on "Clash Royale Apk Download"

  1. Ryan Thompson says:

    It’s fun, it’s free. Even though she people but power ups, is never really effected my ability to have fun and lost lots of matches. There’s a lot to the game that’s a little non intuitive but that just adds to the fun. The game has rts aspects which can be stressful but because the games are short it keeps things fun. I wish there was a give up option sometimes for when I’m losing badly and cannot get back in the game.

  2. Maria “The one” Chavez says:

    Been playing the game for almost 5 years now. It use to be fun and you were able to win and loose fairly with great matchmaking but now it’s like no matter what you do to each deck you make or change it completely you still are going to loose to an uneven match game. Also most of the emotes I had since the beginning of the game had been taken from me and now to get them back I have to re- buy them. This game is starting to loose its appeal and not worth buying the monthly pass at all.

  3. Eric says:

    It’s a fun game when you can have a actual match with someone. Though when it comes to you always getting paired with someone who clearly has a greater advantage on you, it’s not. Like you can be great at the game but still loose because you are paired with someone with higher level cards. I just think the pairing system is messed up.

  4. Ginge chicken (Chicken chick) says:

    Used to be a 5 star but lately it’s been a bit more pay to win. Although it’s still possible to climb ranks for free, level 9 players with level 11 or 12 cards are much more common than before the Battlepass. All the new updates have also introduced components that feel like they’re just there for bling rather than for purpose. The game feels like it’s gearing towards quantity over quality with all the extra features, but I still highly recommend playing.

  5. Guillermo Silva says:

    Gameplay is quite addictive. But it soon resolves into f2p or p2w. It is very easy to get caught in losing streak that result in spending. Got hooked for a bit, not worth it in the end. A better pairing algorithm might work, but playing early levels with players that paid their way up, takes away from any real desire to get into the game. Way to supercell (super sell) the game

  6. Epicgamer25 says:

    Moving down a few stars. I have seen no improvement in matchmaking in the last year. Still very annoying and unfair to go against pay to win maxed out decks when I don’t even have a level 14 card. At the rate it’s going the game is unplayable and there’s no point in trying to compete. Going to delete the game for a while. I wish I could say it was fun while it lasted.

  7. Jordan Chancellor says:

    It’s so aggravating to lose a match because you drop a card and then 2 seconds later you didn’t drop that card. Or the card drops way later than you actually tried to do it. I know it sounds kind of whiny but when you get into the higher parts of ladder that 1 or 2 seconds are MAJOR issues, especially when it comes to timing the drop. You can full counter higher cards with lower cards to give yourself an advantage but only if you have perfect timing. Please fix Drop Glitch SuperCell.

  8. Happy Sunday 20 says:

    It was fun until the update where it’s ridiculously hard to advance through level’s. I’ve been playing it for 3 years and still haven’t made it past one level. Otherwise, it’s an ok game. ***UPDATE*** Also how about making it a tad bit easier to get through some area’s? I’ve been stuck on one area for about three years and just this year was able to pass it. I don’t mind there being tough battles. Don’t make it impossible to achieve something. 🤨

  9. gouda says:

    Clash Royale is a great time killer, and can pretty fun if you invest lots of time into it. However, it can be extremely punishing and offers EXTREMELY lack luster rewards for winning. The silver chest is a great example of this. A couple of hours just for some cards you used a couple months ago, or the trophy set backs. Clash Royale can be an extremely frustrating, repetitive mess and I’m considering taking an extremely long break or deleting the game entirely.

  10. ShottyHottie says:

    The game is a great time killer, but recently it’s begun to fall off in playerbase. It’s almost impossible to get into a fair clan war, either extremely underleveled or overleveled opponents. Otherwise it’s an amazing experience; it’s easy to unlock new characters, progression is fairly linear, and the strategies you can implement are nearly infinite. I highly recommend for anyone competitive and into strategy games.

  11. Christian Berg says:

    Overall, it’s still fun, but with all of the recent pay to win options blocking anyone under a certain level along with the fact that the exact same deck has been dominating anyone above a certain arena without even an attempt to change it, its starting to fall off. There have been more updates recently to change some appearances than those that actually balance the game. I’ve played this game since the beginning, but now that I see nothing but decks, not cards, whole decks, I can name I’ll stop

  12. Shady Abdallah says:

    Amazing game with a lot of cards. If you like competitions then u gonna like this game for sure. But there is a bad side ofc, you have to pay to level up your cards fast. But still you can have patience 😜 and wait for longer time to upgrade your cards for free.

  13. Ethan Jones says:

    Great game love the fast pace 1v1 and how your clan can get together and become the best clan. Graphics are good and so are the amount of cards, not too many to be overbearing but not to little to feel lacking. However there is one tweak I would change, the amount of silver chests. They aren’t that bad but there is too many. Plus 3 hours is far to long to wait to unlock only 24 cards. However, overall this is a little change for me personally the game is amazing and you should try it out.

  14. Md. Badruzzaman Nibir says:

    This used to be one of my favourite mobiles games but I don’t know why I just don’t like it anymore. Maybe because there was a huge time period between 2019-2021 where there was absolutely no new contents at all. Just New Pass Royale every month and old game modes rotating every now and then. Now I don’t feel connected to this game at all no matter how many updates they put on. I still play tho, maybe 1hr per week or less. Best of luck for the future ig.

  15. Eliseo Rodriguez Guzman says:

    I have left the game multiple times and it is for the same reason: Match making, it’s unfair that if you are level 10 you get someone that is level 13 with maxed cards, if it is 1 or 2 times I wouldn’t think it is something but every single match doesn’t make sense also the servers, you guys have enough money to make different servers but you decide to use only one the same with all your games, that’s why people always have connection problems, I know that there’s more people thinking the same.

  16. Kelvin Smith says:

    I love the game as a whole, with masteries, ladder battles, 2v2s, clan wars, challenges, and more. I would have given this a 5-stat rating except that it gets kind of frustrating when you reach the highest rank and the dev team just adds more and more and more. But, other than that, the game 8s very fun-skill based, not pay-to-win-and is one of my favorite games to play!!

  17. Ryan says:

    I have been playing Clash Royale regularly for over 4 years, and enjoyed it for most of that time. However, Clan Wars 2 has taken a lot of the fun out of this game. Supercell now forces clans to “race” every Monday, regardless of whether they want to participate or not. The races start in the middle of the night in North America, putting the teams in the Western Hemisphere at a substantial disadvantage. There is no mechanism to sit out a war, so participation is mandatory. All in all, it was an extremely poorly thought through update that the development team has made little effort to fix in the several months since it was released. Until/unless CW2 is fixed, Clash Royale will feel like more of a chore than an enjoyable experience.

  18. kenny t says:

    We need a mirror match for trophies. I read a bunch of these comments and you have to keep playing to lvl up. I get the pass every month but that’s it. It’s only 5 dollars and getting unlimited tries is worth it in my opinion. I think the worst part of the game Is that everyone goes on the internet for exploits. Find your own deck and make it work. Now it seems like there is an option in-game to find these decks. I can’t be happy about winning using a another players deck. That’s just me.

  19. konathala ashok (L) says:

    Good game with nice graphics and easy to play..A lot of grinding for sure and some items can get by money but without paying also u can play it. Some times can get frustration due to Match making or high lvl cards but it what it is. Challenges are a breeze somewhat and can reset if lose too. Overall 4.8.

  20. brendanblack says:

    Clash Royale is WILD. Many complain that the game is pay to win but I beg to differ. Sure paying in game purchases gives a player an advantage however I as a player who’s played for 4 years to current believe that if you pay due diligence and put the work in to achieve what you want in the game, you’d be most satisfied as a free to play player. Not only is the game fun to play, it also stimulates one’s brain.

  21. Jesus Bernal says:

    I’ll put it to you this way. I give this app/game 6 stars plus. It has been the only app to last 6 years on my phone and I will not uninstall. If you like battling against others in real time then this is the one for you. Brilliant animation, characters, and gameplay where ads will not hinder your experience whatsoever. The gameplay is quite exciting and exhilarating especially when you combine your war efforts with other like minded players within a warring clan. Brilliant features all-round.

  22. C A says:

    BOOOOOO they took out unlimited party mode option. The main game gets boring, the party modes let you try different rules. The tournaments are few and far between, and are too short or too long. Party mode allowed you to pick how much you wanted. If they cycled modes faster that would have been cool. Doesn’t matter now it’s limited. Now you have time when there’s nothing to do in game.

  23. Joe Baker says:

    I have been playing this game on and off for years. Its fun, challenging, frustrating and very moreish. I find having a break once you hit your limit to be an absolute must or you will.end up getting really angry. That’s not the games fault though just how well you deal with racking up losses when you reach your own skill cap.

  24. KNK209 says:

    I have been playing Clash Royale for a few months now and got to 5,000 trophies about a month ago, which was the start of the leagues. However, today, on 10/26/2022, there was a new update adding new arenas and spells. This game is constantly changing and never gets boring. My friends and I are all in a clan and we battle each other all the time. This game is so good that I spend $5 every month on their gamepass. I would reccomend this game to everyone I know over any other game.

  25. Caleb Dujmovic says:

    After the update on Oct 2022 they got rid of what made the game fun which was the 2v2 and random side games they put in. They messed it all up some how. When you have something that works and a lot of people enjoy don’t mess it up. It time for another break from the game till it’s fixed

  26. Sgt. Diesel says:

    Fantastic game, have been playing for a long time. The new update improved the skill based macthmakimg exceptionally, my only problem is the levelgates of the arenas. This causes players to reach a new arena and move through it quickly, only to be stopped then because their king level isn’t high enough for the rest of the arena. For example im kimg level 24 and in arena 13 with 4622 trophies, i now can’t play much as the next arena requires a king level 27.

  27. Mark Webster says:

    Update: Clan wars = Still Boring.After years of playing , this game needs CONTENT besides lame emojis. The games boring , slow paced and no incentive for me to keep playing. Only thing fun is the triple elixir battles. Get rid of the other boring modes, touchdown draft is trash and lame so are the others besides ramp up and 3x or 4x elixir battles. Wars are boring, everything is boring. I guess it’s burnout since I’ve been playing for almost 4 years , but still no excuse for the lack of content.

  28. Jasper Caswell Allan says:

    To start with very addictive and competitive, but the higher trophies you get (Or the more you play) the less fun it gets. It seems like you are making no progress. I would also like to say that on older devices this game is always crashing. When I first started to play this game on my old phone everytime I went into one of the battels, it would just crash and would be very frustrating. The more I seemed to go on the the game, the more it seemed to crash, so it got worse and even unplayable.

  29. Kevin Stark says:

    Yet another update that changes too much stuff. 2v2 has been removed from the main screen and now takes more steps to get to from the side menu. Unbalanced match making. Lack of forfeit option we desperately need.

  30. Alex Vuong says:

    This new update is terrible. It placed me back to arena 1 despite my efforts to climb up the arenas without leveling up. Doesn’t make sense as to why they would hinder the level 1 players’ gameplay experience. You can still earn trophies but your arena won’t progress until you level up. 1 star rating until they revert this.

  31. Delan Gilliom says:

    The matchmaking is good and bad and here is what I mean. It’s good bcuz the algorithm that they use to do match making can read your account so perfectly. It is bad for the same reason. If you win then the algorithm reads your deck and sets you up against someone who completely counters your deck. I don’t like to play with other decks fr bcuz I’m a casual player. Moral of the story is that their matchmaking algorithm is so good that it makes the game unfun.

  32. Adam Hart says:

    Was 5 star, update ruined the game. Played for years and spent money. It was fun competitively but that got broken a while back. Then it was fun casually and we got some cosmetics. Now the focus seems to be competitive again, which is more toxic and un balanced than ever. But even older players have to do it for new content, even older content, to be unlocked. Thanks for taking this away and forcing horrible game play, I’m out.

  33. Kelvin Kariuki says:

    It’s a good game to pass time but I’ll give a negative review unless something changes. The matchmaking is wanting. After a few wins, you’ll get paired with overpowered cards and the losing streak will begin. At times, you also get paired with cards you totally can’t counter. Very frustrating.

  34. Mr Lee says:

    My experience with this game has been garbage. I’ve seen the game make me lose on purpose because of some “connection” the game reversed the entire sequence and took my win away from me. This game will slow down your elixir build for logistics. The top players need to stay on top for monetary purposes… So we’ll group people to trophy’s and try to keep them there by HARD COUNTERING their deck.

  35. John White says:

    New update made it so I cannot progress any further until I level up. Leveling up requires a couple months. There is no value to me playing the game anymore. I was pretty frustrated by the format – either getting stomped on by someone a level above, or crushing anyone the same level. It hasn’t been very fun. Reading about the game I see now that it is a dying game, hence the time-gating offering the illusion of a playable game.

  36. Hannah Sophia says:

    Too many updates. It was fun until slash royale, where players spent all their gold because everything was so cheap. Then the creators announced there was going to be a level 14, which is a huge cashgrab because everyone already spent everything. The most recent update topped the last one in being confusing. There are too many options now and I miss how it used to be. Feel like uninstalling the game. Now I know why the ratings went from 4.6 to 4.4 and going lower.

  37. Pran Sarmah says:

    Disheartened… been stuck with supercell from COC days, but this new update in CR, has disappointed me, and many more i guess… I played CR, to have fun with my friends (party modes), but the new update has shifted the party menu to some pop down. Which in a way, reduced my eagerness to open CR and play. Earlier it was more feasible, but not now.. So, time to say goodbye i Guess

  38. Taylor Morgan says:

    Wow new update is super unfare. There have been multiple times where I have been convientily countered and with specifically barbarian towers during the pheonix match with 3 barbs then just two after another match . I may be wrong but there seems to be a loop….long time player love the game. Please tell me I’m wrong..

  39. Eric Wright says:

    The game is fun at first, but the matchmaking with other players is horrendous as it is designed to force you into pay-to-win scenarios. Once you reach the mid-level tiers of the game, you will frequently be paired with players that have maxed-out card decks, making it impossible to win any matches. It seems that the game is designed to force you into a pay-to-win mindset at this point, because otherwise you have absolutely no ability to compete. Update 10/26 the matchmaking is now even worse!

  40. Tony L says:

    Update: I’ve been pretty harsh on this game in the past. But over the years it has gotten easier to level up your cards. There’s challenges you can complete with your cards to earn more gold. I cant deny that i always loved the gameplay when it was fair but back then, it felt more unfair. These days the matchmaking feels more fair and it’s more easier to get gold and level up your cards. So for that I’m bumping up the rating to 4 stars.

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