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3.13.0 (03/05/2022)

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May 3, 2022
3.13.0 (03/05/2022)
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adidas CONFIRMED Apk Download New 2022*

CONFIRMED is your house for the fine of adidas Originals. Be the primary to access curated collections and explore the tales behind the Three Stripes. Get the internal connect to the adidas community.

Offering best a curated selection of different collaborations and new sneakers, CONFIRMED is the destination to shop the quality of adidas. Escape the bots and optimistically search out the maximum top class drops and kicks.

adidas CONFIRMED mod apk

From exceptional interviews with rising tastemakers to retro deep-dives within the archive to news about the following releases — the platform will deliver insider get right of entry to to the innovative vision behind the modern-day exceptional shoes, hype drops and testimonies from the Originals community.

Meet the pals and family in the back of adidas on CONFIRMED. With our companions in song, fashion, artwork and streetwear, that is the location where the verbal exchange happens and the inspiration comes to light.



40 comments on "adidas CONFIRMED Apk Download New 2022*"

  1. Roderic Ponce says:

    Good in theory, poor execution. Entering a queue to be picked randomly is a much better idea than quickest to check out gets the win. However, sitting at a loading screen to see if you actually got in the queue for an hour is ridiculous. I’m not sure if it is actually still doing anything or if the request timed out and the app lacks the error handling to show that. Either way, I don’t want to sit there at the screen for an hour before i can even enter the queue.

  2. allen pak says:

    Payment error all the time! This app is getting worse. Can’t even submit payment for raffles/draw. Everytime I try to participate it gets a payment error or payment refused no matter what card I put in. Worked before and now it doesn’t. Can’t even fix it by calling my bank or credit card company. It’s the stupid app. A lot of other people are having the same issue with no resolution. Billion dollar company and can’t even have an app that takes payment properly. This app has gone down hill.

  3. entropium says:

    Haven’t been selected for any raffle since December 2020 over more than 60 attempts. I think it’s necessary for Adidas to explicitly state the raffle machinism. Regarding the app, it no longer saves credit card information, even if the button says save. Also, there is an address book, but nowhere to change/add payment methods. That is a total app design failure. The same issue sees in the Adidas app.

  4. Terrelle Butcher says:

    I’ve entered several raffles only won the first one, to get you hooked. It doesn’t matter how early you enter, you won’t have a chance. Entered both raffles for recent foam runners days early still no shoes. After days of anxiety constantly checking app. But the pair I did win isn’t listed in my orders, no I didn’t use guest buy. When I go to settings to access chat, the server drops. I can look at shoes all day but as soon as I go to faq or chat the server drops and keep reloading!

  5. Wali Harrison says:

    Used to be my favorite app but the performance has digressed exponentially. Every time I try to enter a drawing, the app says it needs to update to the latest version but there is no update available in google play….this is the latest version!! So now I cant enter drawings the last week or so. Not to mention never getting picked in over a dozen drawings. Wth Adidas?!

  6. Jordan Clancy says:

    App itself is well laid out and easy to navigate, however I had it set to notify me of the release of the LG II SPZL and even though I had notifications turned on etc. It did not notify me until I opened the app myself and I ended up missing out on the drop.

  7. Rico says:

    Haven’t gotten anything in over a year and it takes forever to sign up for draws for anything that is popular. Just error messages, getting stuck loading, and having to retry. After maybe 100 tries the draw entry might go through for what seems like no chance of getting a pair. When I see people hitting, they always are getting everything that’s available. Whatever system they use to choose winners is horrendous. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

  8. Nathan Duterre says:

    This app is horribly optimized, insane battery drain. I almost bought a new phone because this one was draining for weeks. I finally found the problem when deleting this app. Guys, if your battery drains faster than usual then delete this app. There’s a big chance that’ll fix it.

  9. AIN VLOGS says:

    this app is so rigged. I would not recommend this app to anyone. i have bought $1000s dollars worth of shoes but when it comes to draw I never win. I do everything but nothing not a single pair. on the other hand a friend does nothing and wins almost every draw of yeezys. he has not bought anything. this whole draw system is not worth a dime.

  10. MB 343 says:

    This app is incredibly hit or miss, you got people hitting drops like crazy and others getting nothing it’s all random. However it feels really good when you hit a drop you wanted.

  11. Claudia Zepeda says:

    I’ve participated in a few draws with no wins, yet. I gave it a 2 star for now and will update once I’ve had the full experience with a purchase

  12. Jesus Pelayo says:

    This app sucks when I enter a draw on the Nike sneakers app within 10 minutes I know if I won or not however on this app for example I entered a draw at 8 am still haven’t got a message letting me know if I won or not.

  13. Babajide Fadojutimi says:

    Awful service. Received shoes that don’t fit, unable to access support through app and now stuck with them. When I did call, no call back for 3 days. Rude, disengaged staff. Not what you’d expect from a brand like Adidas. The company running the support are just after your cash. Get your shoes elsewhere

  14. Felix Labigalini says:

    Better than snkrs for UI experience on a good day. However, it can be quite inconsistent and uninstalling/reinstalling is a common exercise for this app. I also wish that adidas could release the odds of getting each drop for level 4 members compared to level 3 and below. The constant issues with loading used to be bearable. Now Ive given up on joining drops and retail releases because this along with the adidas app are the most frustrating user experience I’ve ever had.

  15. Tammy Cortez says:

    I love how easy the app is to navigate and if you are just someone wanting to make a purchase or a sneakerhead like me that values primo quality and simple means of purchase. This app is a must

  16. C “The cyclone” K says:

    Waste of time app by Adidas, I don’t anyone wina draws, I am top level Adidas customer who has priority and I get nothing, payment processing is intermittwnt, sometimes my payment succeeds other times it fail (using the same card). Not for me.

  17. George Tokarz says:

    9/2 – fix the damn app. Can’t update credit card and I can’t even enter drawings because it keeps getting an internal error. If you have in house devs, fire them. If you paid a vendor to build this dumpster fire garbage of an app, fire them too.

  18. Elijah H says:

    Amazing, hard to get drops but that’s the game right lol. Adidas makes it so easy to move throught the app, often times it can be laggy if there is a “hype”. Great app good luck getting yourself a pair of shoes. Should also mention they release special limited stuff that isn’t a draw 🙂 I would 100% recommend, safe, easy, simple, and fun!

  19. Forever Mopar says:

    I only got the app to sign up for a CHANCE to BUY Yeezys. I have NEVER hit on any pair I have participated in. Had exclusive access recently which you have a 30 minute window to purchase a pair in your size. Oh wait, they have to have your size first! Not even 3 minutes in there only small sizes left. I dont stay glued to my damn phone in hopes to buy some damn shoes. I work a lot Adidas. Couldnt even buy not one on Yeezy day. Only reason I even gave it a 2 was for the interface. Waste of time!!

  20. Chris Green says:

    Won but then received email 3 days later saying sorry out of stock in regards to nmd S1 ryat drop, how???! and help section of app doesn’t work so can’t report anything….

  21. David Bish says:

    Haven’t won a raffle after using this app. The resellers seem to have no issue though. I see the confirmations on ebay after every raffle.. Used to at least get a few 2 or 3 out of 5. I give up…

  22. Jess Frazier says:

    Most of the time this app won’t load anything. And now I can’t even sign in. I enter my email & password and it says “You’ve been logged out. Log in to continue.” I’m trying to!

  23. David Irvine says:

    I tried to register for the South Park trainers that are going to “drop” this week. This was my first attempt at this and after re-registeting my details, it stopped working despite me confirming my bank details. Several uninstalls and reinstalls, it’s still not working. I’d give this 0 stars if I could! C’mon, Adidas, get this sorted or better still, just stop the “drops” and make enough for people who genuinely want the products to buy them!

  24. Bobby Moniz says:

    The payment process error has been fixed. Now the hottest releases are managed via this app (it’s been a while to be honest) but there is a bit of confusion between this app and the normal Adidas app. However, the personal data are synchronized correctly between the two. The problem is that there are so many entries in every raffle that became almost impossible to score.

  25. RANDOM BRO says:

    Unreliable, won a pair of shoes from yeezy day said they would come the next day. The next day they said it would come in 2 more days. A bit later it says 2 weeks later?? Shoes from china ship faster than this. Also the app is buggy and support is too “busy” to give me an explanation. Edit: The only explanation I can think of now is they get greedy and let a lot of people win the draws even though they dont have the shoes in hand. Then they go make them in China to profit off of more people.

  26. Resto Ele (Restomental) says:

    Haven’t gotten a single push notification for the golden ticket drops even though the article said it would notify. They notified me about some shite yeezy slides tho…fully expecting to not get the shoes I want tomorrow and having to pay way more from resellers.

  27. Francis Collinson Hollinghurst says:

    Great if you don’t care what shoes you buy, complete garbage if you want specific shoes. Their system makes it needlessly difficult as a legit customer. The confirmed app does the exact opposite of what it is supposedly designed to do (stop scalpers) and instead makes scalping significantly easier as they can sign up with multiple addresses and illicitly gain extra entries. Starting to think that they are using the Towelie shoes to push this badly made app and it makes me sick.

  28. Eddy Artiga says:

    The most recent update broke the app and it threw me out of a drop I had registered for. Now it gives me a payment option confirmation error in portuguese everytime and doesn’t let me switch cards.

  29. Brandon says:

    The reminder option is complete trash dosent work properly at all, When it dose give you the reminders its after they completely sell out. I would not recommend this app to anyone it dosen’t work right at all and is a waste of time.

  30. Wes Cresswell says:

    Lag makes purchasing a limited item next to impossible. Was in check out and then payment field showed CREDIT_CARD Invalid format for payment???? Lost out on the item after that, only showed server issues.

  31. Natalie Colon says:

    Just received my pair of Yeezy 700 v3s nnn mmm mmm.. I am in love! The color way is so versatile. To say I llove how they look on is an understatement! Not to mention, I have flat feet and they have this arch inside that’s serving! Confirmed has come has definitely come through on the majority of my orders placed with their app. I feel like I have a connect with confirmed!Thank yooou!!!

  32. Phil Kol says:

    installed to purchase a certain product. cant find a product because there is no “search” option. useless app.

  33. Luke R says:

    Absolutely astounded by how miserable the customer service with Adidas is. To go through all of the hoops just to “earn” the right to purchase a shoe is one thing but to then finally win something you want only to have the package damaged leaving the facility, receive zero communication about it, wait through hours of holds to merely receive a refund with zero concessions…it could be another year before I even win the right to purchase another item and Adidas can’t even offer a guaranteed win

  34. Ivo Almeida says:

    this app is diabolical. I tried to buy a pair of trainers and it wouldn’t let me. after tapping everywhere I found out that there’s a delivery option. I filled out that all the other non obvious fields. buy button still grayed out. no luck. left the app started the whole process again and this time it worked. just bought my trainers. I’ll remove this app as soon as the trainer’s are delivered

  35. Ted Vang says:

    The UI is just terrible, there’s hardly anything worth looking at and way too pricey. And from the looks of it all, they all look like you can buy an unbranded version for half the price that is far more reasonable. Plus they don’t even have what I was looking for which defeats the purpose of why I even bother downloading the app.

  36. Ian McGreish says:

    Shouldn’t be allowed to make artificial demand on products producing low quantities for quick profit. This is what this whole app is about and results in 0 stock and a bunch of resellers selling something for more than double its RRP. Do like Adidas but this puts me off the brand. Why can’t I just buy the pair of shoes I want, when I want without worry?

  37. Jason Anderson says:

    App doesn’t seem to work anymore on Android. Real Bummer! I keep getting an error, I tried unistalling, reinstalling and logging back in and it still doesn’t work.

  38. Anthony Morrow says:

    Trash No longer need to waste my time not getting notifications, waking up for yeezy drops that crash the app, constant crashes from use alone. Now that adidas cut ties with Ye, I believe this app will stop getting downloads and adidas will be forced to come up with a better one 💪

  39. Ross Matson says:

    By dropping Kanye/yeezy your app is useless… Adidas worthless without YE… nothing else sells out so no more worrying about releases.. Most all other products you have are misses or I can pick up at any retail stores. Poor choice to drop the goat 🐐

  40. Kragonz says:

    perfect app layout, never ran into bugs, and i always get notifications for drops.

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